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Please Help me in finding the right flight school.

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Please Help me in finding the right flight school.

Old 26th Apr 2015, 14:55
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Please Help me in finding the right flight school.

Hello everyone. I am finishing my high school this month and want to ask you all to advise me or suggest me a good flight training school which is cost effective. My budget is 55,000 us dollars. I am a bahraini national and would want to work in the GCC itself. So sugges such a school that would land me a job easily. Thank you.
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Old 26th Apr 2015, 17:24
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These jobs do not come easily habibi. You need to put in a lot of effort , hard work and lots of money. If you are willing to do that, the right job will come at the right time.
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Old 26th Apr 2015, 17:25
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...and if a requirement is that you "land a job easily", you are looking at the wrong industry!!

On that budget, you really might have to think about doing some kind of modular course and saving for latter stages- start with CPL, then do ATP, IR etc at some latter time after you've saved some more money.
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Old 27th Apr 2015, 02:35
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I would suggest tripling your budget for a start. And forgetting the...land me a job easily....part.
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Old 27th Apr 2015, 05:57
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Happy to help, the best ones are called law school and medical school. Also, go to college first.
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Old 27th Apr 2015, 10:06
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Harvard Law...
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Old 28th Apr 2015, 15:54
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Don't let me put you off mate (but I'm going to try my hardest). Realistically you will need a budget of around $150K+ to get you all the way through to a jet posting and unfrozen ATPL these days. Based on what budget you've got whilst you might get your PPL, IR and a bit of CPL training (just, depending on where you train eg US) the bigger issue is unfreezing the license and getting the hours built up. Unless you can start instructing at your local club, instead you will have to start paying to complete the 1500 plus hours and it literally costs a fortune.

I honestly cant see how it's worth self-financing these days the rewards (financial, lifestyle, health etc) are just not worth the debt outlay and job hassle. If you really want to fly try and get through selection for the military route. Besides far more interesting flying too
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Old 28th Apr 2015, 16:22
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If you want to make a lot of money, go be a lawyer, surgeon or something in finance.

If you want to make a lot of money and fly, go be a lawyer, surgeon or something in finance and hire an aircraft at weekends and holidays.

If you want to be in debt until at least your mid 30's, have no control over your life, like feeling jetlagged and fatigued and welcome the opportunity to lose your licence and livelihood every 6 months throughout your working life then a career in commercial aviation awaits you.

Foxy gives good advice. If you really feel the need to fly full time, do it in the military. Commercial aviation just isnt worth it nowadays. Thousands think it is though and every year thousands more sign up for extortionately priced training courses. By the time they finally score a pay to fly (ie you pay the airline to work) job and realise what they have really signed up for it is too late to back out and the industry continues its race to the bottom.

Will things change? Of course they will. They will get much, much worse.
Old 28th Apr 2015, 20:04
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