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upgrade to left seat in Emirates and Qatar

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upgrade to left seat in Emirates and Qatar

Old 23rd Apr 2015, 10:42
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My Advice. >Do another interview,if you didnīt with "The National Airline of the UAE "

Wish you a good choice!
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Old 18th Apr 2016, 22:49
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They are screwed up too Kruger !
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Old 18th Apr 2016, 22:51
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"My advice would be to find an airline with the happiest working environment and not to go chasing an early command."

I just did that Yorkshire. Hoping for the best.
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Old 19th Apr 2016, 02:33
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I had an assessment with the unmentionable airline a few months ago... they say they introduced a 'Senior Officer Pay Scale'... as time to command was taking longer than hoped (FO Pay Scale is upto 5years) - previously it was largely obselete as they would expect you to get Command within the 5years... take from that what you will.
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Old 19th Apr 2016, 04:14
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Originally Posted by trimotor View Post
There is NO plan (as of yesterday) to recruit 135 (or any rumoured number near this) 777 DEC's IN EK. This rumour has been doing the rounds (supposedly having come from a training captain - as if he'd know) and is viewed with amusement at the lack of logic by EK training management!

Last time EK recruited 777 DEC's (3-4 years ago) they struggled to find 55...

Current 330 DEC recruitment has yielded a big fat ZERO acceptable candidates, so the rumour goes.
I'm not sure where you get your info but i know at least 2 people that joined the 330 as DEC from G9, and I dont even know many pilots.wo i would venture and guess there are probably more
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Old 19th Apr 2016, 04:45
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DEC or F/O

As someone said a good working environment is most important.

As for the airline we don't speak of, little is known and must of its policies are hush hush which makes you wonder would you really want to work in such an environment

EK seems to be careless they are a well oiled machine and will keep going at it to fulfill their needs with little regard towards any work -life balance.

QR seems like the only workable environment

This is my two pence..just a perspective

All the best
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Old 19th Apr 2016, 04:45
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The 2 pilots in Dec will end up very lucky as they will be on the 380 in a year. Recruiting is desperate now and will take just about anyone. Non airbus going onto the 380 @ may/jun
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Old 19th Apr 2016, 09:01
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Upgrade at 5 years at the moment

My neighbour is starting his training early next month. That'll be exactly 5 years to the date since he joined EK. When he joined, he asked the questions you're asking and was told 3 years. So be careful of the decisions you want to make based on what you're told today as it could easily change tomorrow. As long as you accept that things in this industry is largely based on supply and demand, then you won't be too disappointed further down the road when you're told to wait a few more years for your upgrade.
Hope that helps and good luck with whatever decision you make.
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Old 19th Apr 2016, 09:01
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QR is upgrading around 10 F/Os per month. Expect four years if you join with experience. Doha is not as fun as Abu Dhabi or Dubai but QR is probably the much better choice in terms of overall working environment. Everyone I speak to on the line has a long term plan to stay, unlike five years ago when many pilots left. I also hear that several of those that left for Abu Dhabi are now returning to QR.
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Old 19th Apr 2016, 09:50
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Non airbus going onto the 380 @ may/jun
Do you mean that they started recruiting FO's (I suppose) on the 380 without airbus time?
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Old 19th Apr 2016, 11:07
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I think QR looks promising, with all those airframes coming in, things might start to move rather quickly. If command is your priority and you are eligible to work in Europe, just join an LCC and upgrade quickly.
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Old 19th Apr 2016, 11:11
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yes i believe so but with jet time. No longer the place to be. Upgrades with depend on pilot retirements compared to expansion.
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Old 19th Apr 2016, 12:31
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Does quality of life and being a happy person actually take less of a priority than chasing that quick command? Just amazes me how some pilots will do anything to get that 4th bar, and then once they are there complain more. Personally I'd rather be a WB FO in my home country living the dream than be treated as a slave in uniform. Each to their own....
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Old 1st May 2016, 10:43
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That post for from Apr2015. Yes I left my command and I'm in the desert for better QOL & money. Definitely it's not a wise decision as far as career is concerned but personally it is.
Atleast I get plenty of time for myself now and my health is not taking a toll like before.
No point in having the 4th stripe with no time off to spend with family or by your self.

@QR be sure to work with a gun on your forehead all the time. Mistakes might cost your job. Ppl usually report 1 HR before reporting time and don't talk much in the cockpit. And it's Sterile below
FL200. And strict compliance with SOP. Apart from that it's a great company with plenty of time off. Expect to carry your own meal, as cabin crew may not get time to serve you at times, remember pax first. And overall don't expect a lot of respect from any dept there. This is what I got to know from some of my folks who joined there DECs & FOs 320/787/777. Most of them are happy there.

@Aviator, it's great that you have a widebody job in Aus.
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