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Oman Air

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Oman Air

Any advice for non flt crew position are appreciated, pay, benefits etc...
and also lifestyle for family in MCT, any schools and decent hospitals?

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Was there in the 90's and they had great schools and great hospitals so see no reason that it would change. a great place to live and great people.
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Wonderful people.
Super safe.
Great scenery if you are willing to drive out of Muscat.
Couple of good shopping malls and more on the way.
Hotels are brilliant for an afternoon by the pool or an evening meal.

Cost of living is quite good.
Villas are big and rent is stable for now.
Be nice to everyone and you will get that back tenfold….be a rear-end and you will be gone within the year.

If you want glamour and glitz you have Dubai up the road.
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Great country, great people! Last there 3 years ago (holiday after many years there in 80's - 90's). Progress has been rapid, great roads, hotels and shopping malls. Muscat and Salalah are still in throes of expansion but there is plenty of room!
Cannot comment on job scene now but (as someone said) you will get out a lot more than you put in if you approach it in the correct way.
Go for it!!

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Any chance they will take NTR candidate? 8000TT 3300PIC but only on the mini bus.
Great country and great people.

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you need a TR and minimum 500hrs on type.

Fantastic country to live in and raise kids, best kept secret in the ME...
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All noted, thanks for the feedback. Any info's on Oman Air? MCT just open the 2nd rwy and looks like expansion 2 me.
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Oman Air FOs for expansion

Hello there,

Does anyone know the current minimum requirements for FOs at Oman Air, as well as the best way to apply. I've been searching the careers page of their website for months with no sign of any FO vacancies. I've read within other threads that some guys applied through Meccti/ Aviation Workforce, but even these websites provide no information (if the site even works). Additionally, does anyone have an estimated number of pilots that Oman Air is anticipated to hire for the 20 B737s they just ordered. Any info is greatly appreciated.

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Any updated info on Oman Air and in particular the 737 fleet. I am considering applying and having passed through Muscat several times, i have a strong feeling that its a good bet for long term employment. Information such as: Salaries, Roster, Housing, Education, Leave and travel perks would be much appreciated. Thanking you in advance.
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Remember they (Omani goverment) are pushing for 80% Omani's in the company. Might not affect you too much currently but could be nasty in the long run.
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Oman Air

Oman Air are one of the loose airlines company not making any profits beside that they priorities jobs for Omani’s so I don’t consider it a secure job over all for a long term

I got few friends working there are not quite satisfied in terms of operation and country lifestyle
It’s freaking boring city “Muscat” and houses or neither apartments rentals are quite too high compare to the lifestyle that you gaining or expecting in return.

Everyone just consider it as passing point not as permanent job for good

I know pilots not even had completed a one year contract and they have to leave to another stable airlines such as Etihad of Turkish Airlines where they get better benefits .

I would rather be living & working at Emirates or Qatar than been in Oman if I had the choice to live & work in the gulf region.

I would keep Oman Air as a last option if I had multiple option prior to make any job commitment.

Good Luck for All
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There is any info on the interview process.. interview questions etc... I cant find anything on google etc...
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FO 737 pay

Any idea about the FO salary on the 737? What route's, layovers, etc?
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Pay to fly Oman air

Do I still need to pay to fly for Oman??? I mean pay a huge amount of money to Meccti, I heard it around 4000usd besides paying my own air ticket to the screening.

Anyone has news about this Meccti etc. because what I see they are desperate for pilots, even lower there requirements to CPL.

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Latest information

Hi All,

If anyone would share information on the interview process and latest package on offer for the 737NG Captain position, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

(Feel free to PM)
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@ JetJockey, Meccti is a recruiter based in Ras al K. I have been told they ask for 4000 USD after you have been hired for Services rendered by them. I heard of some other Crew, Not applying to Omanair BTW, who suddenly got presented with a piece of paper with that clause in it. 4000 does sound awfully steep for presenting your CV etc.
I think the word is out as People are Bypassing them to go direct to the Company avoiding this problem.
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Expensive and not worth the effort

As many have said on this thread Omanair is the last choice if you want to fly for a Middle Eastern Carrier.

Muscat is a very expensive city to live in, in particular if you take your family with you. Omanair are not really set-up for expat pilots, they hire them because they have to not because they want you. There are also two seniority lists, one for the locals and one for the expats. A local will always overtake an expat.

Etihad would be my first choice. They look after expat pilots and Abu Dhabi is a better place to live.

If you are single Omanair may work for your a couple of years, not a good package for a pilot with a family.
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Any info about 330

Hello gents,
Any info about 330 hiring with oman air.
Who should i contact there in nothing on the website.
Any info would be appricated.
Have a great day
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They are hiring for 330 but not advertising.
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Just got email from ctc for Oman air also says have to pay them
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