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EK or Qr??

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EK or Qr??

Okay well alot of negative talk abt the work environment both at Qr and Ek..but if we have to weigh one out of the 2, which one is better??
How long is the training for at both and do ppl actually fail and sent back home??
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Old 26th Sep 2014, 04:56
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visit both places, and decide which is a better place to live, especially if you have a family...
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I think it depends quite a bit on which aircraft you will be flying at either airline. The differences of roster/quality of life(although there is really no quality of life at either), are quite significant.

You're asking to essentially pick the lesser of the evils….

Do you Due Diligence and ask of other sources as well. Find an EK pilot thru the private messaging and also a Qatari pilot and ask questions.

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QR can only improve, it is a fact.
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Visit Dubai and Doha- make a decision. EK has been the more desirable since they both started. I haven't heard of anyone that has moved from EK to QR, without a problem or being let go but the opposite is certainly true. Dubai is a MUCH more livable city with a more respected airline. Don't get me wrong, both have issues.
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I have to disagree with the advise of choosing a company based on your fleet. The routes/fleets change. Maybe not in a year, but they certainly change. New fleets are being introduced, and route requirements are constantly changing. You may change a fleet or be given an offer you can't refuse

Choose a company where you will feel comfortable, and most importantly, choose a city where your family (or if you don't have one) and/or you will feel comfortable.

Doha and Dubai are different. Yes, both are in the gulf, and only a 50 min flight apart, however they are different.
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Old 26th Sep 2014, 14:32
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My suggestion is you and all other aspirants go to QR.

Too much bad juju at EK. You'd hate it.

I've heard QR is amazing to work for and a fantastic place to live but unfortunately the poaching agreement cuts me out. Gutted.
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Old 26th Sep 2014, 18:21
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Poaching agreement?

Can you elaborate on that? After completing the training bond aren't you free to go wherever you want?

QR seems to be a better place interms of career progression and EK in case of QOL. 10 to 12 years command is quite a long wait ! And its 5yr training bond vs 3yrs(QR) !

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How about the training period?? Heard EK gives u a really hard time and dont really help u thru if ur performance is low...how is it at Qr??
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Before it was a no brainier...emirates . It does seem they are doing all that they can to eliminate all the benefits they previously had over QR. Coupled with the fact that Qr has more growth and upgrades( most likely) it is starting to be more even. I do believe Dubai offers better lifestyle and is much cheaper than Doha, which is now the most expensive place in Gulf?
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I think Emirates for the better lifestyle, less authoritarian leadership compared to Qatar. For fast upgrade I think it has to be QR, horses for course though as ever!
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Being brought up in Dubai, I can sure say it's got the lifestyle that would be better. EK has shiny jets, with new ones coming in every few months. Home of the largest A380/B777 fleet. Diversity & the people are great! Doha isn't bad either
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Flyboy SG

I would be very careful taking onboard any information originating from Outatowner. Anyone who says QR are 'amazing to work for' and that Doha is 'a fantastic place to live' is either bonkers or has a sense of humour way too subtle for my advancing years.

A quick scroll through his emotive posts should tell you all you need to know about this character and his viewpoints!

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Consider this: Ask someone, expat or local, in Doha what's the definition of a good night out, and they might say 'catch a flight to Dubai'. The opposite has never happened.

Doha is an exceedingly boring placed, haunted by an exceedingly oppressive climate. At least the first need not be true for Dubai.
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In my opinion the option 1 is the one in Abu Dhabi.
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I lived in Doha for 5 years. Is a good place to live (for family). We were very happy!

QR is a great airline and opportunities come fast for upgrades or fleet transfers. However is a ONE MAN SHOW company. The CEO pretends to play GOD and he decides everything in the company so better be low profile. A warning letter is very easy to get and it will mark you in the company... And if he doesn't like you or you have a problem is better to look for another job.

Other than that I have many friends who have succeed and have a brilliant career in QR.

All the best to all of you...
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I would second KUGERFLAP that the best mix of lifestyle v quick command is probably now to be found at OMAA.
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Would you please give more info about status at omaa to take left seat??

Thanks in advance
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The other airline seems to have quickest upgrade and know that they are hiring lots of DECs on 777 as have had several friends go there recently.
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Does anyone know what are the REAL minimum req EK is applying now ?

I know that there is a minimum in the website but is there anything new in this ?

And how about EY for A320 fleet ?

I've 2000 Total hours with 1200 of narrow body jet and the other 800 in Citation Jet's most of them as a captain.

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