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Converting UAE GCAA ATPL to CASA (Aussie)

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Converting UAE GCAA ATPL to CASA (Aussie)

Old 21st Mar 2013, 17:26
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Converting UAE GCAA ATPL to CASA (Aussie)

OK Guys... once you're over the shock that someone actually wants to move to Australia, rather than the other way around, maybe someone could help me out with this...

I currently have a UAE GCAA MPL and will be getting my ATPL in a couple of months. All of the 1500hrs will be A320 time.

Does anyone know if I can convert my GCAA ATPL to CASA? Can I also get the A320 type rating endorsed? If so, a gist of the procedure would be appreciated.

(No smartass answers please... I will do my own homework, and take a look at the CASA website once I get some time. My Oz PR visa just came thru today, so I'm guessing, converting my license is the next step.)

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Old 21st Mar 2013, 22:18
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Been a while since I looked into this but I think you have to start from zero and do all the written exams plus an IR flying test, (possibly in the SIM), not sure about actual in aircraft flying tests though.
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Old 22nd Mar 2013, 06:23
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@parabellum: Thanks for the response. I'm doing some digging around on the CASA website, and it seems that I should be able to skip most of the tech exams. It's just Airlaw, Human Factors, and the IREX exam... and yes you're right; I will need to undergo a flight test. (God help us "auto" pilots! he he he)

@Taras: Whoa there, big fella! The red mist descended several years back, and I see it hasn't lifted yet. That was a lot of misdirected venom for a very simple, but unrelated question.

Firstly, nowhere did I say that I'm not with an airline. (and thank you -NOT- for naming names!) For the record, I'm quite happily employed with Air Arabia, and have absolutely no issues with the job, the company, or the people I work with. I had amazing instructors, a rigorous training program, and really supportive captains on the line.

Secondly - 'mate', I'm doing just fine with my MPL for now. Getting an ATPL at 1500hrs is a normal progression of things. I do not feel disadvantaged or under-qualified in any way, and neither does my employer feel that way about me; or else I wouldn't be working for them. Also, personally, there hasn't been any need for any extra or remedial training so far. And, after passing 3 PPC's successfully with no major debriefs or negative comments in my file, I think I'll live to fly another day, even with the 'burden' of an MPL.

Lastly, my reasons for moving to Australia (although none of your business) are purely personal and family related. My application for permanent residence in Oz had nothing to do with my acquiring an MPL license. I started looking at moving to Australia long before I did my MPL. Also, nowhere in my original post did I say anything about running off to Australia immediately.

I'll say it once more: I'm quite happily employed at Air Arabia for now, and will continue to stay there for as long as I can.

I agree that there are a number of idiosyncracies with the MPL license, about which the cadets at Alpha were intentionally not made aware of. But that's Alpha's fault, and not Air Arabia's.

Whatever reputation Alpha (SHJ) earned, has nothing to do with Air Arabia. DO NOT paint the two organizations with the same brush.

You also need to separate your issues. ie. 1) MPL vs CPL, and 2) Alpha Aviation Group.... but more importantly, keep Air Arabia out of your tirades!

So, MATE... even though I'm not belittling the nightmares endured by several AAG cadets, please take your fight elsewhere. This thread is about something else altogether.
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Old 22nd Mar 2013, 14:01
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Well said Sir
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Old 25th Mar 2013, 04:17
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I have been through the process already converting JAR-CASA, where are your family based in Aus?

Its pretty clear on the CASA website what you need to do, from memory it all started with a Medical, which led to an ARN, which led to an ASIC, then 3 exams (CPL & ATPL Air Law, and IREX), then you will need to find a flying school to do the conversion. I can strongly recommend AD-ASTRAL aviation, based at YPPH, having tried to do it through el-cheapo flying school at YPJT who had no idea what they were doing, I switched to AD-ASTRAL and they were just superb.

The whole process costs quite a bit, I would strongly recommend buying the books and getting stuck into the study for the exams as early as possible.

Good luck with it all...
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