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Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

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Gutter Airways - correct. And since NDIA have recently terminated the contractor for at least most of the terminal buildings fit-out it's gonna take even longer.................
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And Rumor or not...;seems that the authority of this country is pushing MR AAB to give a 60% increase For Qatari pilots...only.
This rumor sounds familiar to me.
If true( i doubt but we never known)wondering how Mr AAB will resist the pressure.

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If true, would not completely surprise me because of the recent QR defections to that other large UAE carrier that shall remain nameless for all eternity. With the extreme growth at both UAE carriers, QR have to do something to compete for and then retain high-quality pilots. You can replace flight attendants relatively easily but not experienced pilots.

Still doubtful the rumour is true...
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60 % payraise for Qatari Pilots + retain "high-quality pilots" is a pardox in itself.

I dont doubt some Qataris are well trained after years of experience.

But it is a fact that in most Eastern, Middle Eastern, Southern and Southeastasian countries, CRM is a huge deficit.
Call it egoism, machoism, losing-the-face-mentality, the-im-always-right-and-there-is-only-my-way-or-i-report-you-way, temper, disrespect or whatever you want it. Most carriers have too much of that.

And its no secret that most Qataris get twice or more money for the same job in most companies in Doha.
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