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Captain on papers

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Captain on papers

Old 25th Oct 2012, 20:20
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Captain on papers

Hello everyone,
now it is almost 4 months since last day in my flying school when every one congratulate .. shaking hand .. calling me "Captain" huh !
$150 the cost for a nice professional CV, many days to search and sending applications to 10's of Airline without even one reply
Shall I go for type rating and line training ?? so confused
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Old 26th Oct 2012, 02:55
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Don't despair Wana. It is a difficult industry to get your first job. Be persistent, keep knocking on doors and if the money is available, spend it on stuff that makes you more marketable. Chin up!
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Old 26th Oct 2012, 03:19
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Where are you wana, and where do you have the legal right to work?

Most of us spent years gaining experience in OTHER than jets before we got that chance.
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Old 26th Oct 2012, 06:54
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Flight Instruction, Bush Flying, Light Twin Charter, Fire Patrol, Traffic Watch, etc....

All of the above are good options for gaining some experience. Do that for some time and you will have the requisite flight time for your first turbo prop or, if you are lucky, jet job. Unless you are a local of a country with a national airline don't expect to start your career in a 777. In my case it took 7 years to land a jet job. A lot depends on your region and the state of the industry.

It might help to contact successful pilots from your region who can give you advice/ideas. It can be a long road but if you are persistent and work hard you will get there.

Don't buy your job...the pay for right seat flying time scams won't lead you anywhere worthwhile in my opinion.
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Old 26th Oct 2012, 15:20
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I am in Bahrain .. neither my father the CEO nor my brother is the Chief Pilot to get my first job in the airline .....
I have logged 274 h only, I spoke to my parents and they are willing to help me to do my type rating, I will really appreciated if you can advise me where I can do that, my dream was and still to fly the Airbus 320
there are few companies provide both the type rating and the line training, so badly I want to start my dream job ... thank you all
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Old 26th Oct 2012, 18:15
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Ask your self this question- You get a type rating and pay for line hours.

Which Airline, in a country you have the right to work in, will then give you a job?

I don't have the answer- it is for you to research. But if the money you are talking about spending does not qualify you for a job you are able to take, what is the point?

It won't get you a job with Emirates or Etihad, and probably not with Gulf or Air Arabia, so who is it you think you are qualifying to work for?

As has been sugested, you are probably better off seeking work in smaller aircraft to build your hours, so, when you DO get a type rating, you will be employable (even better if you get a job where THEY pay YOU to get a type rating!!)

The fact that you dream of flying an a320 won't make it happen. Becoming an experienced pilot people WANT to be piloting their big shiny Jet will.

Where did you train? Did they give you the impression 275hrs was going to get you a job flying jets? if so, they misled you.

Last edited by Wizofoz; 26th Oct 2012 at 18:17.
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Old 27th Oct 2012, 12:33
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My son is very much in the same situation. He has been to kidsmania several times, and has been the doctor there on many occasions. He has been referred to as doctor each and every time. He even came home after one visit and youtubed brain surgery to update his skills. Apart from one consultant job offer in Delhi, he has had no job offers at all. I am hoping that once he turns 8 more doors will open for him.

Ask your mum and dad to help fund you another 125hrs (some time in a C206 and C208 if you can) then try Botswana, or get 500hr total a B1900 rating and try Falcon express, or some contractors in Africa.

Good luck

the Don
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Old 27th Oct 2012, 18:09
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IF you are authorised to work in Europe you
can always try the Infamous Ryanair. They Will make you
pay for your type rating ( on The 737-800 though, not the bus)
I think they ask about 33000eur. If you work there, they won't give you any consideration nor any respect BUT you will be flying a jet and getting those precious jet houes that will have you end up in a better place.

In any case, stay motivated, the projected demand for pilots for the years to come is HUGE.
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Old 28th Oct 2012, 18:16
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Hey Don, that was freaking funny :-)
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Old 28th Oct 2012, 19:04
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He doesn't seem to be listening- just hearing what he wants to hear.

From other posts wanaflyajet has made he seems convinced that if he spends enough of Dads money, a paid seat in an A320 will magically open up for him.

We tried....
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Old 28th Oct 2012, 19:16
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I am pretty sure he can get a gig on an A380, no one wants to fly those clapped out dugongs...

Seriously man, go bush/instruct etc. take any job that involves flying and pays enough money to buy a tin of baked beans, over time everything else will just fall into place. Whatever you do, don't waste money on some two-bit pay to fly operation, one day it'll come back to haunt you.
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Old 28th Oct 2012, 20:46
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wanaflyajet - It took me 3 years after my CPL to get my first Jet rating (B737-300)......That was pretty quick .....I had about 1500 hrs total (1000 hrs on a HS748 as a P2) and frozen ATPL.

I have never paid for a rating after CPL ....I suggest you try to do the same !

Last edited by Ghost_Rider737; 28th Oct 2012 at 20:54.
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Old 29th Oct 2012, 09:21
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Ex A380-800 driver : THATS THE DUMBEST COMMENT I HAVE EVER READ ON PPRuNe u win the trophy for "DUMB COMMENT"
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Old 29th Oct 2012, 11:43
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LOL, I guess Ghost Rider has no sense of humor. I actually did find it funny.

Last edited by crazy_max; 16th Nov 2012 at 17:50.
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Old 29th Oct 2012, 11:58
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A lot of funny posts on this thread, definitely a good read!
Now to help you out a bit "wanaflyjet",
You're out of flight school for 4 months and already frustrated? Change that attitude right away my friend. Doesn't matter who your parents are or what your nationality is, it won't work. Have some patience.
Some people get lucky, most people wait a long time for their big break.
It never is fair.

Start looking for instructor jobs, bush flying, caravan flying, etc.
It's not as easy as you thought, welcome to the real world.
Keep studying because trust me, when that interview does come, you don't want to screw your only chance.
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Old 29th Oct 2012, 12:29
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Here is a list of the times people I know waited after flight school before they got a job:

Person 1: 1 1/2 years
Person 2: 2 1/2 years
Person 3: 5 Years
Person 4: 2 1/2 years (paid for a type rating, promised a job, didn't get the job, waited a total of 2 1/2 years)
Person 5: 3 years (still waiting)

5000 pilots in India waiting for a job

and so on.

4 months is like 5 minutes in the world of getting your first job in aviation.
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