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Fatigue: EK V Short Haul

I have been involved in a discussion on the D & G forum re relative fatigue between EK pilots and DJ pilots. The starting premise being that DJ pilots flying high intensity short haul are significantly more fatigued than Emirates pilots.

Whilst I have flown domestically in Oz, I have never operated the tight schedules and roster patterns of DJ, but I have lived the EK lifestyle. My personal feeling is that the EK deal is substantially more fatiguing because it is a true 24/7 operation with constant and massive time zone and circadian rhythm challenges that generate chronic fatigue. Whilst on the other hand, the short haul domestic type operation probably generates significant acute fatigue, but that is short lived and easily corrected.

I would appreciate some feedback from some of the ex DJ (or Ansett) guys, who are at EK and have lived both lifestyles, as to which lifestyle is more fatiguing in so far as it impacts your ability to operate to your best ability.

No doubt the EU short haul ops will also have similarities
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5 years Ansett.
11 years Emirates.
Now corporate wide body.
Summary, for me at least :
Ansett : Very little night flying and minimal, if any, time zone changes. Sometimes tiring but not fatiguing.
Emirates : Lots of night flying. Lots of time zone changes. Always tiring and cumulatively fatiguing.
Corporate : Jet with bed = night flying. Jet with seats = day flying.
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Thanks Guys. That's pretty much how i see it as well.

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The other thing is that most guys/girls start short haul when younger and full of beans. They can do anything and still get up in the morning. Progressing onto ULR later in their career when a little bit older, a little bit more tired is always going to be more difficult.
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And with the new fatigue report at EK you now have a nice tool to bring it a little more to the attention required.
Make ample and good use of it. Copy and keep all your reports!
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What is the most tired fleet to fly with in EK?
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A330/340 fleet is the most fatiguing.
But if you call sick then you will not be allowed to transit on the A380 or 777.
Apparently around 100 letters have been delivered to Cpts who called sick to often............
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I found 4 sector days of low-cost short-haul, which I did for 5 years, far worse.

It really depends upon what type of flying suits your ability to control your rest.
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Old 14th Jan 2012, 12:19   #9 (permalink)
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I think it depends on the fleet and the person. The 330/340 has been nothing short of hell for the last 3 years. The flip flop of day and night duties, and the amount of duties during the month, takes it's toll and becomes incredibly debilitating. The F/O's on the 340 have had a decent run of late but the captains are still living with very tough schedules...

I have done short haul, and was tired at times, but I never experienced true fatigue until EK. It's ugly.

I think most are anxiously awaiting the 380

My 2 cents
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You guys need to come fly for a regional in the US to get a true feel of fatigue. Do a 4 day trip with 7-5-6-6 legs a day and 13hrs duty "scheduled" each day along with 10-11hr overnights and you'll feel like your eyes are about to roll back in your head permanently...
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