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Seeking Advice..

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Seeking Advice..

Old 7th Nov 2011, 10:06
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Question Seeking Advice..

Good day to all,

I am supposed to start my Piloting course with Alpha Aviation Academy in UAE in December.. And it's almost going to cost 95,000 with Job guaranteed right out of school!!! Whilst doing some researches I found out some academies which are cheaper at half the price with 220 flying hrs but NO JOB ASSURED!!!!!

So just wanted to ask and get some advice whether to pay almost double the price to get a Job or .....??
And if not, what is the Possibility to get a Job with 220 flying hrs? Hmmmm!?

I would love to hear any opinions that you may have. Also, if there are any additional schools in the area that you would recommend, please let me know. All help is greatly appreciated.

Gracias a todos!!!
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Old 7th Nov 2011, 18:04
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How times have changed!!!!!!

You expect a job at the end of training? What if you're [email protected] at flying?
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Old 7th Nov 2011, 19:26
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Or a douchebag that can't work as part of a team?

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Old 7th Nov 2011, 20:58
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I think no one can't say for sure that a job is guaranteed after pilot training. Be careful with that. Unless you are the son of the chief pilot...
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Old 7th Nov 2011, 21:06
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We're always looking for more cabin crew, so there you go a guaranteed job, and you're flying
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Old 7th Nov 2011, 23:59
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@ White knight.. I am not expecting anything, I was just saying what i've been told, that it's a part of the Contract but It did not make any sense to me that is why I am asking "Seeking Advice"...

@ Jasonjdr.. I think wanting/dreaming of being a Pilot is way different than being a cabin crew or so I believe..
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Old 8th Nov 2011, 02:18
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Just be very careful with this course. I have discussed this with one of our cabin crew before who had the same idea.

I am not convinced the job is guarenteed at all. Furthermore, and far more worrying, is that I am not convinced that this qualification is a complete licence. They offer a MPL which is a multi-crew licence, which was a licence designed to allow airlines some cost saving in training cadets.....it was not intended as a shortcut to a CPL. I would do some more homework and find out if ANY other A320 operator will even look at you with this qualification. I don't know.....maybe I am wrong, but I percieve this as risky.

For ZAR1 000 000 you could buy yourself a full CPL + 'frozen' ALTP in South Africa.....you would still have more than enough money left to buy yourself virtually any type rating you would require.......
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Old 8th Nov 2011, 03:19
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I was under the impression the Alpha Course included some A320 Line training at the end, I didn't think it actually involved an offer of employment.

Read the fine print VERY carfully!
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Old 8th Nov 2011, 07:45
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If its an MPL don't touch it with a ten foot disinfected barge pole. Jury is still out on this license and so far only a limited number have gained employment from it. It appears to only be of use if the airline employing you is monitoring the training. For 95K you can get a JAR license from a reputable EU school and getting a job after that should be relatively easy.
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Old 11th Nov 2011, 20:30
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Thumbs up

I think i'm willing to take your advice vfenext!!
thanks very much!!
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Old 12th Nov 2011, 04:47
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For that money definitely go for a reputable JAR school. That's alot of your own money to be spending so do alot of research before choosing.

Also worth taking into account the quality of training you will receive. The Emirates cadets all now go to Jerez in Spain for their CPL
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Old 12th Nov 2011, 05:08
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That's true Mistah Kurtz and that is exactly what I am doing now.. Picking up the right school for me.. I just wanted to start before the end of the year.. that's why I was quite in a hurry with whateverrr school, kind of being so excited Lol.. if you know what I mean!!

U mean FTE Jerez? If YES, I've checked their website out.. Seems to be good flight school!!

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Old 12th Nov 2011, 07:26
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stay away from dubai, everything here is a rip off and you have no legal rights
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Old 12th Nov 2011, 07:30
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So, What do you suggest GoreTex? Hmmm!!
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Old 12th Nov 2011, 12:28
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I think what he means is do some proper research (ie not PPRuNe) and go with a reputable company.

The genreal feeling is anything associated with Duabi and the UAE will not fall into that category, after all why would Emirates send people to first Adelaide and now Jerez if something closer was of a similar quality.?

Go somewhere with a track record is all I would say.
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Old 12th Nov 2011, 13:46
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go to the US its still the fastest and best, there you can get a FAA and JAA license, there is also competition and they have to be competitive.
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Old 12th Nov 2011, 14:21
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@145qrh.. That's exactly what I've been doing "Out of PPRuNe" .. people in here have been very helpful thu.
I think what you've just said is totally right, Makes sense to me!!

@GoreTex.. I am thinking about either Jerez, Stapleford, Cabair or Horizon since Etihad Airways do train their crew over there!!!! lol

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Old 13th Nov 2011, 13:58
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My good man, did you not hear?


You have been warned
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Old 13th Nov 2011, 14:04
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@Bredrin.. Ok ok.. I won't!!!
What about South Africa and Spain? Hmmmmm?!
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Old 13th Nov 2011, 15:11
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Guaranteed job? And if they promise a job, and don't deliver one, what are you going to do? Take them to court in the UAE? Right, good luck with that.

For that kind of money you could buy your own aircraft AND get trained all the way to commercial multi, and all 3 instructor ratings. You would have a good shot at being a competent pilot, able to get from point A to point B alone in an aircraft.
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