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Etihad diverts

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Etihad diverts

Old 25th Jan 2011, 09:12
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Etihad diverts

Anyone knows what happened yday to the AUH-LHR flight that diverted to STN?
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Old 25th Jan 2011, 10:01
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According to the news a pax made a bomb threat and flight was escorted into STN by RAF. Pax now waiting to appear in court
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Old 25th Jan 2011, 12:30
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Yup, typical british football fan. you see 'em everyday at airports. Old sweatpants with paint splatters, old runners with similar paint marks. Staggering down the bridge toward the aircraft, open can of beer in hand, slurring his words as he tries to pass all the people lined up to board. Quite the spectacle !
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Old 25th Jan 2011, 12:38
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they play football in the UK? didnt see them at the world cup last year
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Old 25th Jan 2011, 12:56
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The perp attacked fellow pax who he accused of threatening the flight.
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Old 25th Jan 2011, 13:25
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Right you are gore! Where was that guy that looks like shrek? The guy who can't play in front of crowds in fear he'll get booed after he's stupid enough to get caught cheating on his wife.
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Old 25th Jan 2011, 13:47
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Ten years after 9/11 and AQ is still winning. We waste a million bucks everytime a pisshead mumbles the word 'booooomb' onboard an airplane. The goal of terrorism is to terrorize? Mission accomplished.

For Pete's sake: Let there be BRAINS!
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Old 25th Jan 2011, 14:14
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Didn't the crew know the guy was drunk and probably being a nuisance instead of a terrorist?

Ask the crew how many drinks he had and does he look/sound drunk .....if abusive call up LHR for the police to pick him up.....hope the UK taxpayer sends the bill to EY for waste of time...

...I can see Hogie bear stamping around in HQ .... the crew better watch out.....
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Old 25th Jan 2011, 15:09
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Old 25th Jan 2011, 17:59
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left-to-first class I'm not sure that it was Etihads decision to divert the flight, word on the street is that the decision was taken by non airline people in England on the basis of the words the idiot used. Perhaps they should re-imburse Etihad for the waste of time, diversion, passenger missed connections etc etc

All's well that ends well..............
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Old 25th Jan 2011, 18:14
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Perhaps the best course of action would be to encourage the other passengers to kick the s*** out of these morons. Natural justice!

UK policy is that any flight with a hint of terrorist activity (bomb threat, gun on board, hijack etc) is required to go to Stansted. The airline have no say in the matter and the Typhoons are sent up there to "encourage" compliance.
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Old 26th Jan 2011, 05:35
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What might help too is that when the pax has had too much to drink the crew actually stop giving him more drinks before he gets too drunk...instead they prefer to carry on the supply in the hope that it will become someone elses problem...
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Old 26th Jan 2011, 13:10
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Etihad Ey19 Diverted To Stansted

I was on board this flight and nothing was said to pax about a diversion until we were on the ground. Many thought we had landed at LHR. It was only after we were taxiing to a remote corner of the airfield did the captain announce a security issue and told us where we were.
See my full account #32 on another related thread.
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Old 26th Jan 2011, 19:07
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Previously and possibly 20+ years ago a hijacked plane was supposed to fly to Paris at the request of the guy with the gun. Instead it landed at a well disguised Stansted bedecked in French flags and signage and I believe also with staff dressed in French Gendarme Uniforms. The ruse worked really well and the hijacker did not realise anything was wrong until he was arrested

Harsh as it might seem it is sometimes in the best interests not to alert everyone to the fact that measures are being taken to deal with a security situation.

As Stansted was nearer than LHR when the instruction to divert was received I would imagine the crew were a tad busy reprogramming the systems, rummaging through charts for STN and making radio calls.
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Old 27th Jan 2011, 04:53
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Stansted is the designated UK RED ALERT APT

As to tad closer, a tad is 2nm G/C......
Reprogramming the boxes would take time, but only a few mins.
The moment the call to ATC that there was a problem the destination would be STN, with no input from EY.
Non aviation people in UK, include the SAS, not good to argue with them, the RAF escort, was also mandatory upon the RED ALERT.

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