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Emirates Employment with Turboprop time?

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Emirates Employment with Turboprop time?

Old 14th Nov 2010, 19:21
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Emirates Employment with Turboprop time?

Hi all
Sorry if I am wasting time, but I honestly cannot find a similar question by doing a search.
Just a quick question: Is it possible to get employed by Emirates with lots of regional turboprop time? As I understand you HAVE to have jet time?
Thanks a mil.
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Old 14th Nov 2010, 19:35
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Yes, sorry, at the moment the ABSOLUTE minimum is 2500 on a "Modern" jet, or 4000tt with 2000 jet.

Turbo prop only doesn't cut it.

Personally, I think it's a stupid policy, but for some reason they don't ask my opinion!!
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Old 15th Nov 2010, 07:13
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It's just a matter of time.

Give it 6 months or a year, and we will have no choice but to look at TP only guys.

Not a bad thing IMHO, so long as they get more than the 10 sectors line training currently on offer!

Good luck in any case
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Old 15th Nov 2010, 16:45
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Lets hope we see the 30T rule disappear first!!!
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Old 15th Nov 2010, 19:16
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I thought I read that some relatively senior Flybe Q400 pilots jumped over to the E195 (FO slots) to get some jet time to qualify for EK employment. Could be wrong. Q400 certainly is a big/advanced aeroplane for a prop but it ain't a jet.
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Old 15th Nov 2010, 21:16
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Stand to be corrected. But I believe Qatar has done away with jet time requirement.

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Old 16th Nov 2010, 10:42
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Many have gone from the left seat of a turbo prop to the left seat of a jet when the airlines they worked for at the time operated both types.

Some airlines put 200hr cadets in the right seat of a jet and yet others refuse to accept turbo prop time.

If you can fly a turbo prop, BJ or RJ well, you can fly any type. It all gets revealed or unraveled very quickly in the sim assessment.

In Etihadís case it is cost control more than anything. They insist on recruiting type rated and current pilots only.

Emirates on the other hand are only limiting their options with stupid time and weight restrictions like those.

1500hrs, ICAO ATPL, is all they need. Most are looking at a good 5 years in the right seat now anyway.
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Old 16th Nov 2010, 11:32
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While I agree that a good pilot in a BJ, TP or even big recip can be trained to fly a big jet internationally, the question becomes one of how much training. The airlines in question, (whether rightly or wrongly) have established arbitrary weight and equipment requirements in order to put a limit on required training. I can tell you that they haven't been very scientific in how they've gone about it but in fact, there is a vague correlation between size of the equipment and the amount of training required.

In EK's case, they hired a bunch of RJ guys a few years ago but failed to do a rigorous analysis of what training would be required of guys coming from small jets flying in a strictly domestic environment to flying a very large jet internationally. In fact, they decided to reduce the amount of training at the same time. It should be no big surprize that some had problems. As a result, a bias developed about RJ pilots and the size of their aircraft. In fact, if someone is a competent pilot, they can fly anything with the proper training.

I think that you will find that it is human nature to cast blame elsewhere when the real fault might lie closer to home. This is not unique to EK or this part of the world though it does seem to be institutionalized here. EK will relax the requirements when they perceive the market requires it. Whether they learn from their past mistake is another question entirely.
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Old 16th Nov 2010, 14:28
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Well said, Gillegan.
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Old 16th Nov 2010, 17:07
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Thanks a lot for everybody's time and input on this matter... very interesting..
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Old 17th Nov 2010, 06:09
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I think it's a crock. There are plenty of really good TP guys out there, and plenty of crap Jet pilots. Makes no difference what you are flying. We should welcome pilots from all types as god knows we need them.
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Old 17th Nov 2010, 06:27
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If they do ever take prop drivers I can't wait to see what restrictions they place on them for upgrade.
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Old 17th Nov 2010, 08:24
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Some airlines put 200hr cadets in the right seat of a jet and yet others refuse to accept turbo prop time.
EK does BOTH!!
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Old 17th Nov 2010, 09:07
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Indeed they do. And the 200hr cadet gets a significant amount (cost) of training. EK or any airline would prefer to pass training costs to another company, they recruit 4000 hr jet guys and get those hours for the cost of an interview. There is no doubt that there are great TP operators and crap Jet guys but to find them you have to interview every one. An airline needs to draw a line in the sand as a filter and for EK it is jet time. Consider if you were hiring and had the choice between a TP guy or a jet guy. The TP guy needs to be based trained in a wide body jet (cost) and the jet guy can do it in a sim, who are you going to choose??
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Old 17th Nov 2010, 16:20
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Mr Jebus make a good point. The TP guys would require base training in an actual aircraft as they would not have 1000hrs in Jets over 10t so ZFT sim would not be allowed.

This would cost a small fortune. Surely better to employ TP guys as 'Second Officers' or Cruise Pilots for a couple of years, let them log time in the seat, then 'Upgrade' to F/O's? QF and Cathay have been doing this for years.
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Old 18th Nov 2010, 04:03
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The recruitment of turbo prop guys was given serious consideration just prior to 0911 but was canned after that and has not been looked at again since there has been no need.

However never say never, and with 3 AC a month arriving from half way next year onwards things may have to change.

The issue with turbo prop guys is not skill, or capability, while time of training plays a small part the bigger issue is probably time to command, as that's when you need the experience under your belt.

To suggest that a 15000 hour dash 8 capt, or a military guy flying an E2C of a carrier, or a C130 around the globe can't fly as an FO on a 777 or 330 is crazy and is typical of the lack of any idea that our higher management has. Many of these guys were flying well before some of our managers were at the EK engineering college learning how to put square blocks in round holes.

Better a quality FO with turbo prop time than some useless prick with 5000hrs on a 747 from banana republic airways. IMHO.

The management of this company need to get their rings into gear and start recruiting like minded, quality pilots and that means FOs, DECs and who ever they can get who meet a standard of quality.

You need to draw the line in the sand somewhere in terms of experience, but in the case of FOs it needs to include turbo prop guys. In the case of DECs it has to include a minimum time on heavy modern jets on global ops, with proper recognized quality airlines, not some low cost ****** off a 737.

Turbo prob guys would serve longer as FOs but that's not such a bad thing, especially if we have to start recruiting DECs again.
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