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Dubai Crash

Old 3rd Sep 2010, 16:48
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Dubai Crash

Does anyone know the type of AC that just missed DSO and crashed somewhere behind the University or the company,casualties etc.
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Old 3rd Sep 2010, 16:50
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The latest news is a UPS 747. TO BE CONFIRMED THOUGH
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it crashed on emirates road, the al ain side...
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Dubai: A cargo aircraft crashed on Friday evening near Dubai international airport, the official WAM news agency reported, without saying whether there were any casualties.
The agency said the aircraft came down in an unpopulated area, while witnesses it crashed near the Emirates Road highway.
The satellite television channels Al Arabiya and Al Jazeera reported that members of the crew of the aircraft, which they said belonged to a US company, were killed in the accident.
It was not known how many people were on board, and no confirmation was immediately available from official UAE sources.

The cargo plane belonging to UPS crashed 2 minutes after taking off from Dubai International Airport. The plane crashed near the Military Campus on Emirates Road and all the crewmen are reported dead, a Dubai Police official, is quoted in the local media as saying.
i am listening to the radio, and they have closed down the entire area!, massive traffic jam or emirates road..
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I could smell it burning as it flew over, a definate burning smell, like rubber not engine exhaust. Looked like it went down on the by passroad.
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was it an runway 12 side departure ??
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I was just on Emirates road and it wasn't closed down yet. Not saying it won't be, but it's still open for now. The plane wasn't on Emirates road. Dubai Al Ain road had lots of gawkers slowing the traffic down. Looks like it is off of Emirates Road in the new residential area where they were building the new villas.
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UPS company announcement confirmed it's their aircraft.
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Just passed by the crash site. Its near Emirates Road / Al-Ain road interchange, opposite the Academic city, where "The Villas" were being constructed. There are dozens of cops at the road side trying to get the traffic flowing as a number of people had parked their cars on the hard shoulder.

I believe it must've been diverted to the nearby military airport, instead of the International.

Access to the construction area was obviously blocked, so there's nothing much to see except a lot of smoke and flashing lights.

Edit: Ya, just as reported by crazy_bird, the aircraft took off from OMDB, had technical difficulties, turned around and crashed. Bodies of 2 crew members have been recovered as reported by Reuters.

Here's a pic of the crash site someone posted: Was just sent a photo of the UPS cargo plane crash site near ... on Twitpic

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Heard on guard tonight... pilots reported heavy smoke in the flightdeck and trouble reading instruments. Could not hear the rest only a Mayday a few minutes later. Sad to hear that the two pilots are reported not to have survived. RIP UPS freightdogs.
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Old 3rd Sep 2010, 20:29
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About 30 secs after he flew over I got a strong smell of burning plastic.
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Old 4th Sep 2010, 11:28
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They were as far as 78 miles from DXB at one time at a course of 125 to DXB. That was the vector that ATC tried to get them to fly. It did not happen JUST after take off.
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Old 4th Sep 2010, 12:26
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From where do you get that info Bredrin? If they were 305 deg from Dubai wouldn't they land straight in on 12 if they were on fire?

Not enough info at the moment, I know, so would like to know more.
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Not enough info at the moment, I know, so would like to know more.
As would many others, I expect, however, in this day and age of 'instant communication', some things just take a little longer.
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straight 12?

They tried, but were hot, high and overshot. Crashed while maneouvering back towards 30.
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Thanks for the info. Poor guys.
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UPS Cargo Plane Crashes Near Dubai - WSJ.com

The plane took off around 7 p.m. local time, and, according to a person familiar with the situation in the U.A.E., the crew reported trouble shortly after becoming airborne and alerted air-traffic controllers, who eventually diverted the plane to a government-owned landing facility in the desert.According to one set of early data gathered by air-safety officials, the pilots may have tried but failed to land twice during the hour prior to the crash. Sometime during the reported sequence of two "missed approaches" to the airport, according to this information, the cockpit crew declared a mayday, possibly due to smoke in the cockpit.
Some preliminary reports indicated that the pilots ultimately may have been forced to try to land at the government-owned facility after struggling with an onboard emergency that may have obscured their view of some cockpit instruments. Neither UPS nor local authorities were commenting on the precise sequence of events. After saying that the plane crashed on takeoff, a UPS spokeswoman later Friday confirmed there was an hour gap between its takeoff and the crash.

Went ''missed approach'' twice and 1 hour gap between take off and crash. Any info on that?

from another forum---

I had the misfortune of hearing the whole chain of events while we were going from Kuwait to Abu Dhabi. As time goes by and more information is gathered and released, the picture will become clearer. But the aircraft didn't crash on takeoff.

We were in Bahraini airspace when we heard the mayday of a "Fire on the 'Deck'" and an immediate descent to 10,000'. The captain requested vectors back to Dubai immediately. As the moments passed the whole cockpit filled with smoke and the CA indicated he could not see any instruments at all. With no visual reference and all instruments unreadable as well as difficulty relaying messages and getting information (reentered UAE FIR but was still talking to BAH 'cause he couldn't change frequencies). Altitudes, headings etc had to be relayed from UAE to BAH to airborne aircraft to UPS and back again (A MESS to say the least). Wound up straight in for 12L at DXB at 10 miles and 7,000'. Couldn't circle because he couldn't see anything. Turned south of the airport -blind- the whole while altitudes are being read to him. It was of no use. The aircraft crashed into a fairly unpopulated area (thankful for that at least). Words can't express the whole situation adequately.

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They flew right over the top of my villa at DSO between 500-800ft, descending wings level doing about 250kts. Watched it go behind the other villas and then explode. They probably didn't even know about it, i hope!!!

So very sad to see.
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Emirates Airlines is very lucky not to lose around 500 of its pilots and families living less than 1000 feet under the path of the ill-fated UPS B744. I imagine they would not have a contingency plan for such a scenario.

I can only thank my lucky stars that the aircraft was not any lower than it was. It would have been a tragic day for the Emirates Airlines pilot community.

Rest in peace to the crew of the fateful UPS flight. I feel for the family of the pilots, I may be thousands of miles away from you but I still feel your pain.
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