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no no no

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no no no

hi guys

we are all big boys and u can say what ever u want here
but u guys talk about our clothes and dish dasha and make ajoke about it
and then smile at us and shake hands , i think u have no ma...er buy doing that
if u want to talk about the job do but say some thing and then smile at our faces like snake i think u are just cow..ds and if any one think he is aman say that in our face once ...
do not disrespect us again ,,and if u want to do it say it in front of us ,,
thank u other wise say what u want about the job ,,
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Level 2 english at best!
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dish dasha?

Oh yes 12 grams please!
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Pot , kettle ?
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i think u are just cow
This will be my new location. Mods, can we have this as the Line-of-the-week.

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nice one kotakota

Helloooo Kettle, this is Pot - you are black!
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Three pages by September, I say.

Seriously, I find myself sympathizing with Doha to some degree, I'm not sure why. I don't work over there, so I don't have a dog in that fight on either side, but when I see posts like that I tend to self-examine in terms of my personal sensitivity to others.

Of course, there are cultural issues, and contract issues, but I think that should be separate.
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Marhaba Ya Doha,

Stop being oversensitive.

Here is a joke told to me by a dishdasher-wearing Saudi friend of mine. I have known him 25 years and is one of the best people I have ever met.

He wants to launch a new range of sportswear for GCC nationals. So, when they come on the football pitch, they can remove the bottom half of the dishdasher as it would be held on by velcro. Underneath (of course) would be some tracksuit bottoms with three stripes.

The name for this ensemble......adishdash (adidas)

Grow up Doha. If you are a fasting Moslem, go and use your time constructively (raise money for those poor, poor people in Pakistan) instead of your nonsense here.

Ma'salama, Ya Habibi
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@captseth, why any comments when not being in the ME ? You and your family have to see the disrespect of them before you post any comments.
@doha, you may request any respect from us until you cave dweller learned to respect other cultures ( and I mean western expats as well as indians and pakistanies ..etc. ) . Till than you better keep your head down as you are still in 1431.....and yes, am european and am getting out of this fancy place. Looking forward till you are all running out of that black sh*t, which by the way who showed you camel drivers to take care of ???????????? Now the " heads down " kicks in again mister funny looking dish dasha say it in the face... !

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Three brothers accused of beating couple in Dubai cafe - The National Newspaper


Please comment on the classy act of these not 1, not 2, but 3 dishdasher wearing "men"

Looking forward to hearing your defence for them.
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While you are at it , Could someone explain what is going on there to me.

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No disrespect - but this thread reminds me of what my young son asked me, a few years ago, whilst in transit at Dubai airport,

"Dad, why are all these men wearing their pyjamas ?"

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what kind of an animal beats up a pregnant woman? Those three brothers are some seriously repulsive individuals.
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Thumbs down


Your post appears to demonstrate paranoia, xenophobia, and perhaps borderline insanity on your part.

Before you post more [email protected] on PPRuNe, try to learn that the best way to save face, is to keep the lower part of it shut, and that:

Man who scratches ass should not bite fingernails.
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Exactly individuals , you can't point your finger and blame a whole nation on actions made by certain individuals ,same goes to the thread starter maybe he got wronged by one expat so he goes on calling all expats cows and snakes .
(in their defense they might have thought they were beating a fat guy), lol j/k . maybe the couple were disrespectful who knows but that in no way gives them the right to do what they did , hitting a passed out guy with a chair , and his pregnant wife. holly shi% .shopping malls are getting dangerous.
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Doha and all, saying bad words and doing bad things is VERY easy
the difficult thing is to be positive .
a child can post something much better than some posts in the PPRuNe
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مع احترامي لك، تهورت في كتابة هذا الموضوع. صحيح أن عنصرية و نفاق بعض المقيمين الاجانب شيء مرفوض، لكن هذه ليست الطريقة للرد عليهم.


As for some people replying here... The thread starter's post may not have been eloquent, but your replies certainly prove his point of the deep seated racism and duplicity of some expats. He might be oversensitive, but it's a valid complaint.
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Fool And Tameez.

Are you saying there are no racist Arabs?

Please? Take a look on the noticeboards of most shopping centres. Maids and drivers want to work for non GCC nationals. Why is that?

Look at the two-tier salary structure.

Racism is UNACCEPTABLE. Period.
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Hey big man ... since you're so keen to not get disrespected "to your face" by us, big, tough, rich airline pilots, why don't you put on your dish dash and Blackberry and big sunglasses and go down one of those labour camps with one of those million-or-so Banglas and Nepalis who you pay 600 riyals a month and treat them worse than dogs

Maybe you could go down there about 2 o'clock in the morning and stand in a dark corner of one of those filthy cockroach ridden shipping containers where you keep them in there 30 guys to one room ... and then why don't you start mouthing off to those guys about how "respectable" you are and whether they've got anything they'd like to say "to your face"
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