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Car shipment from DXB to DOH

does anyone have info or contact to companies which are dealing with car transfer from DXB to DOH?
Thanks in advance.
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If the motor is working and the air conditioner is working, you may want to drive 5 hours; it's only about 375 statute miles . . .
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Breakdown Service.

Maybe you may wish to have a look at this break down service,
Just in case this is valid all over the G.C.C.

Middle East Auto Service
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You can get a visa to transit Saudi and drive it in one day. Or have someone else drive it.
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guess to better get the "someone else drive it " option through this nice spot.
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I have been looking for some info myself as I might need it in the near future too.....check this link...Importing cars | Qatar Living

let us know how you get on....
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Thanks.....since the nice country doesnt allow female to drive I will hand it over to someone "better". I am probably looking more into having it shipped as apparently there is loads of paperwork to be done around this cirrcus.
There is one thing I am concerned though...is there a rule, you cannot import a car older of 5 yrs, even if you are an owner of the car, into DOH?
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I am also moving from DXB to DOH. Have sold my old car as it was 12 years old and you are correct - the max age is 5 years for import to Qatar. Also sold my wife's car which is only 4 years old to save the administrative and shipping hassles.
If you can afford it, sell up and start afresh. See you on the (less crowded) beach!
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Old 28th Jun 2010, 21:59   #9 (permalink)
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Import car from Dubai to Doha

Yes, I have transported my car from Dubai to Doha recently. I mean in May 2010. The vehicle has to be less then 5 years old.Even a day less then 5 years is good enough.
Better get a custom duty letter from the Dubai based Car dealer if you bought it from the showroom. This will save you Custom Duty at Doha entry point.
I got the vehicle moved from Dubai to Doha by road, on the Car Carrier Truck. Is cost me AED 3700/- plus around AED 500 for registration and documentation in Doha. The shipping guys were efficient and did a good job to keep me informed about the status regularly - Daily by phone.

Transit time by road is 7 days as the delay is at Saudi Border.

let me know if you still need additional information.
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Thumbs up Car Transport from Dubai to Qatar


This post is just for people who are searching for Transportation / Shipping / Import export companies in Duai UAE and Doha Qatar.

Couple of months ago I also Exported one of my friends car from Dubai to Doha through car shipping company. I was told by some people to drive it there but I was little scared of the borders and long journey, so I contacted this company. I will give their detail later in this post.

These guys were really very helpful with all aspects of documentations. They even picked my car from Abu Dhabi and delivered it to my friend's apartment in Doha in less than 2 days. Though they seem little expensive, but luxury comes with money. They charged my AED 3000 for their servces and there were some other additional charges as well...
RTA charges: AED 250
border charges: AED 1200
5% customs duty on the car value.

I will give them a thumb up

check their website
or call them +971 502045208

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Although it was a couple of years ago when I helped a friend export her car from UAE to Bahrain I was told if she could get a certificate that showed that duty had been paid at the time of import into the UAE then the 5% customs duty requirement would not apply.

As I said it was a couple of years ago / different country and all so may not be relevant now but might be worth asking about.
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in theory if the car has been used on Dubai roads then there should be no tax if going to another GCC country, if it is shipped from Jebel Ali or any of the port free zones direct then that does not apply.
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Ship it

As someone who drove a car from Bahrain to the UAE 4 years ago thinking it would be an adventure, I can say......ship it!!!!!!

The car I brought over was registered in Bahrain for 2 years before I drove it down and was bought new in Bahrain. The BMW dealer told me that although they couldn't find the paperwork from the port authority in Bahrain, because it was registered there and had export plates no taxes would apply. That was BS! You need proof that taxes were paid in the country you are bringing it from. Therefore I paid the 5% duty on arrival at the UAE border.

The borders are another story, if your paperwork folder is less than 2 inches thick you will have problems. Leaving Bahrain I didn't have a form (can't remember which one) and I had even paid for the documents to be sorted for me. After a 4hr delay I finally crossed into Saudi. There I waited 6 hrs for the customs agent to sign the paperwork for the transit as it was break time. This was on top of the full day I spent getting a Saudi transit visa the day before. After blowing a tire ( another story) when arriving at the border for the UAE I was told as the car was cargo, I had to wait in line with the transports to get through........by the way it was 2kms long. After pleading with the customs official they expedited me through the line only to wait at the "brokers" office for 4 hours to fill out paperwork and forms which I couldn't read (arabic).

Needless to say, swallow the pill and have it shipped by people who know all the ins and outs to get your car there. My 10 hour journey became a 2 and a half day affair.

Hope that helps.

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Old 24th Feb 2013, 08:15   #14 (permalink)

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Hi Car to Doha

I read your response to export the car from Dubai to Doha. Please give me the details of the exporting company that you used.

The customs duty waive report from car dealer, is it good if the car is older than 2 years.

Waiting for your reply.
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Old 25th Feb 2013, 12:27   #15 (permalink)
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I shipped mine in a container, along with some furniture. No hassles. Used E-Movers.
Home|Office Relocation Dubai, Furniture Reconfiguration Abu Dhabi, Storage Solution, Movers & Packers UAE - Now In Qatar.
Cost 15,000 AED door-to-door plus I think some port clearance charges in Doha. In theory, if you have the original invoice proving duty was paid on entry to UAE there should be no duty paid in Doha. My car was second hand and I did not have original paperwork.Qatar Customs made a reasonable valuation and charged 5% import duty.
No cars over 5 years old can be imported unless they are vintage (?definition of that?)

On delivery, there were black paw prints all over the interior - the sniffer dog !!

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I agree with the above mentioned. Just ship it, if it was just a case of driving for pleasure or a holiday its one thing, trying to deal with all the paperwork etc. with regard to export is another. Its not worth the trouble, fork out the money and sit back and relax. I have driven between GCC countries through Saudi, your experience will depend a lot on the mood of the customs/immigration officers on the day, and the situation at the border. And like a poster said, if they treat you like cargo and make you wait with the trucks you could be at the border for a week:

Truckers at UAE-Saudi border no closer to answers | GulfNews.com

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I used ALMARAZEQ cargo for moving my home from Dubai to Doha. They were really professional.
I asked for different quotes.
By road, By Sea, with unpacking and Installation and without unpacking and installation.Some of the cargo companies was not ready to give different quotes. But this guys was ready to quote for my requirements. I am very happy to recommend them # 050 9220956.
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