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Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

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Situation is gettin' worse at EK by the day ...

I've been out with some colleagues for my well-earned farewell @ irish village - and guess what:

one of our colleagues, who has resinged as well, has agreed with HR on their "Golden handshake" by postponing his notice period, as he finally succumbed to their cryin' for help:

The deal he then signed comprises a 50% higher net-salary (also P1 Airbus)PLUS a guarantee of no scheduled night turnarounds and ULR flights (!!!) in these agreed surplus employment time!

That's definitively a slap in the face of the poor sods, who have to do now more than their fair share of this nasty night-subcontinet-turnarounds as well as all these new, reduced crew-red-eye ULR flights and ANNEX 1 and ANNEX 2 Scam-FTD crap-flights!
And those poor skippers. who stay on - for now - are shafted even worse or 50% less money, than those who decided to leave the sinkin' EK-ship !

EK now and truely shows its realy ugly, selfish & exploiting face - Disgusting policies

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Why doesn't everyone just quit?

Take out a full page ad in newspapers around the world explaining how EK is not safe. The pilots are not safe/tired.

What am I missing here? Bitching on this board is going to change things?
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Old 25th Feb 2010, 18:18   #23 (permalink)
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Hey let's all resign en masse, get a temporary 50% pay hike, then reapply and push the company to hire us back at the new rates.

Bit risky.... but is it worth the gamble? Deja vu Oz 1989??
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Old 25th Feb 2010, 22:30   #24 (permalink)
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Hey let's all resign en masse
There are a few senior pilots in the EK ranks of the Australian persuasion who might have a rather pithy opinion on that particular course of action.
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Old 26th Feb 2010, 03:47   #25 (permalink)
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Wiley - agreed, though the circumstances are different - they would still need to hire all the pilots back, and more, unlike your Aust example.
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Old 26th Feb 2010, 04:25   #26 (permalink)
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Not the same pilots though.
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Old 26th Feb 2010, 05:28   #27 (permalink)
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Is there a pilot association,if not then this senerio is screaming out for one to be formed. IMO.
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Old 26th Feb 2010, 05:54   #28 (permalink)
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I for one would love to see how long the brave soul who forms any such Association would remain in country. If he was to remain in country more than 24 hours after AAR discovered his indentity, five will get you ten that it would be in a room with very small windows.

Here's a hint from someone who was there the last time EK thought some of its pilots were forming a union. Be very careful what you say on the phone. ...and in your villa or apartment. (Or in a booth at Maccas, eh Doug?)
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If an association were to be formed it would have to be based offshore, perhaps in europe, where at least there is some rule of law and with it some protection. Perhaps the IPA in the UK could be approached to from the basis of a Middle East group?

In any case a web based group offering a secure registration process, single point of contact for career advice, CV services, medical/legal cover would be a step forward from where we are now. Even just the threat that the pilots could possibly organize themselves into an 'above ground' group with a professional structure representing their careers, their concerns and their aspirations would send a clear message to EK that their pilots should be taken seriously and certainly not for granted.

If we could unite ourselves under one umbrella, stop bickering amongst ourselves and put our energy into something more constructive by creating a body specifically representing us for example in EK we might at the very least get some some respect and even make some changes.

The career we have chosen has changed and we need to change with it. As ex-pats we are a disparate group and easily divided and therefore ruled. But we still have the love of flying in common and wherever we have come from we have mostly made sacrifices and worked hard to get here. Divided, as we are, we are easy fodder to a management intent on abusing the local laws and regulations to get the maximum out of us secure into he knowledge there is nothing we can do about it but 'leave'...but this is their weakness too.

The only time we have ever seen any change for the better is when there were pilots leaving and not enough with the right qualifications wanting to join. We have this situation now and we need to use the same stick to beat them with, that actually 'we don't like it and we can leave'. Make them less certain of their pilots, make them insecure and turn the tables. Let them know that we can organize and that as a group we have other options.

I know it sounds idealistic but it is possible and should have been done a long time ago. If we don't change and our only recourse for our frustrations and injustices is an occasional vent on PPRuNe then perhaps we deserve what we get. We have a choice.

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