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Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

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Be carefull Wynworth Aviation recruitment for Al Wafeer

I was contacted by Wynworth for direct entry 400 command for an unspecified Middle Eastern start up out of Saudia. Wynworth could not provide terms of the contract and were just fishing for information on what i would accept in terms of pay and conditions. They would not disclose the client but it was obviuos it is Al Wafeer Air. This company is staffed by the most amatuerish recruiters i have come accross. Cathy Bulter and Iram Zaman were my point of contact. They could provide no details and requested several documnets. I believe they are just trying to put together a pool of qualified candidtaes in order to get the contract. I am professionally insulted by this group and would advise all to steer clear. You can apply directly to the Al Wafeer website. I am tired of blood sucking head hunting recruiters that have no idea about the business trying to make a dime on my hard labor.
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They are all very much the same

Most of the recruiters have not a 100% watertight contract with the employers.

Thet are mostly on fishing trips, to show the employer that they and only they have a selection of suitable crew available.

Very few recruiters are actually empowered to "recruit", in general a recruiter has to show that they are on the ball, and thats why they are fishing.

The reason for the what will you work for is that only the lowest quote will get the work, and thus the commission.

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Gulfstreamaviator you are absolutely right.
These people are not generating any added value and they are basically the one to dump our working terms & conditions.

As sunchaser said, they are basically trying to make money out of OUR hard labor.
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