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Etihad Airways PIlot Housing

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Etihad Airways PIlot Housing

Old 18th May 2009, 21:41
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Do many pilots commute from Dubai?
Not that I know of. Upon arriving here, some guys preferred to search for their own accomodation, rather than spending several months in a hotel while waiting for the company to give them a flat. Of those, a few ended up in Dubai.

Their arguing was that one hour's drive from Dubai to AUH airport is just as well as taking one hour through Abu Dhabi morning rush hour to the airport.

I don't know if it's true. However, from Musaffah (where I live now), it's only 15 minutes to the airport, regardless of what time of day. Compared to the stress of the Dubai-AbuDhabi highway (people here drive like mad!), it's really incomparable. Especially after you've just come back from a long-haul nightflight, or if you are being called in from a standby. Something not to be underestimated.

So apart from a few rare cases, I don't think many guys would voluntarily choose to do that. If at all, it may work for pilots on the 777 or 340, who only do a couple of flights per month anyway. For somebody on the 320, it would be hell.

As for Musaffah: I like it. Okay, I had expected a villa too - thanks for yet another broken promise.
But now that I'm here, it's perfectly alright. The overhead costs are very cheap (about US$100/month), the building is brand new (no dirt, mould or run-down facilities), it's safe (24h security), you have maintenance on-site available, and whatever else has already been mentioned above.

The best thing about Musaffah: Plenty of basement parking spaces, and your neighbours are proper drivers, who don't wreck your vehicle within a weekend!

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Old 23rd May 2009, 04:55
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And if they do wreck your car.there are a lot of mechanics around !!!
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Old 19th Jun 2009, 22:36
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Hi guys ,
For you living in sandpit and aware of what's happening around you
what is the best between EK and EY joining as F/O ??
LHS , T&C , package ...
Is there a working condition degradation without any concern from management to expat pilots ?

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Old 20th Jun 2009, 04:15
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Used to be....

Any F/O who joins now can expect to have around 400 pilots in front of him waiting for the upgrade, so nothing below 5 to 7 years now even with new aircrafts coming in 2012, won't change much and EY still hires DEC's....
Package is still quite good on both sides.

Talking about SMBZ, european line maintenance and engineers have refused to live there and moved to Dubai. just facts.
Hear lots of pilots live there and seem to be happy.
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Old 20th Jun 2009, 09:58
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I know of one engineer living in Dubai, purely for monetory reasons, all the others that I come into contact with appear to be more than happy with their appartments.
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Old 20th Jun 2009, 17:37
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new aircrafts coming in 2012
Aircraft =1
Aircraft = more than 1
Aircrafts = pidgeon speak for nothing
Gotta love it.
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Old 21st Jun 2009, 02:15
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Chandler Bing

Can you please advise when the last DEC applicants were invited for an interview and when the next DEC interviews will be held?


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Old 21st Jun 2009, 08:10
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No idea, there is hardly any communication on this sensitive subject.

EY career website still advertises for A330/A340 skippers, therefore no need to have a rocket scientist degree to expect DEC's in the near future ....

Noted for the aircraft/aircrafts thing.... Oups
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Old 21st Jun 2009, 12:45
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Exactly. If they genuinely didn't want to recruit DEC's then why have they been advertising for DEC's on all fleets for a very long time now? Don't be fooled by the lack of DEC's being recruited. They boast about it and claim they're implementing a 'No DEC Policy'. I just feel the lack of DEC's is due more to the slow down in expansion and not because of the so called 'No DEC Policy'. Once the race heats up again Welcome, Welcome the DEC's will be arriving by the herds. Between now and 2012 there will only be 10 additional aircraft to the EY fleet. Most of those will be 320's. I'm sure you guys should be-able to do the maths.
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Old 21st Jun 2009, 14:50
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I do not even see the camps from my apartment windows
Nice one. So you are a slave in a slave society - but because there are even lower slaves than you that you conveniently don't have to see - all is ok?
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Old 21st Jun 2009, 19:10
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Nice one. So you are a slave in a slave society - but because there are even lower slaves than you that you conveniently don't have to see - all is ok?
Well, it's okay enough for me and some others. Of course the grass is always greener somewhere else, but I've had worse jobs than this one. Ts&Cs are bad, but I have no better offer for now.

So, I return your question: You're just a worker in a worker society at home. Some guys in other jobs earn more money than you, but the guys in the factories get paid even less. But since you don't have to stand at the conveyor-belt with dirty fingernails and a paining back - you're fine with it, no?
Or did you just want to make a point about unequal distribution of wealth, and life being unfair?

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Old 22nd Jun 2009, 06:04
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Hi, applied in april for an F/O position at EY and was wondering if I am successful where will I likely be accomodated. What is the likely chance of getting a house?
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Old 22nd Jun 2009, 08:45
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Chances for getting a house (they call it a "villa" here) are pretty good right now. Several guys, who originally applied for them, changed their minds and got themselves cancelled off the waiting list. Also, there are several people currently in villas looking for someone with a flat, to swap.

There are various reasons for it, but the main one is because of the costs. Water, electricity, maintenance etc. quickly add up to ridiculous bills, especially during the summer. Things get more and more expensive every year, and apparently in future you'll even have to pay part of the rent by yourself. Few people are prepared to spend that much money for a house they don't even own. Life's expensive enough here as it is.
Old 22nd Jun 2009, 12:09
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Can someone give an up to date breakdown of the monthly outgoings?
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Old 5th Jan 2010, 06:15
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New Information?

Happy New Year to all.

May I please enquire where new joiners (if any are joining at present) are being accommodated? Are they being given apartments or villas?

Was reading somewhere (really can't remember where)that Etihad have leased villas at Al Reef project in Shahama close to the airport. Is this true? Maybe EY are following EK and QR who are both providing decent accommodation in compounds.

Thanks for any info
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Old 6th Jan 2010, 04:15
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Is there a bidding sys for the roster like night or day shifts, especific flights etc?
It was said before EY will hire DECs, where can I apply?
EY web is only FO up to now.
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Old 6th Jan 2010, 07:01
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NO DEC IN EY.... you must enter f/o
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Old 6th Jan 2010, 07:18
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labour camps

Hello guys ,,wake up... where the **** are you living.. who the **** are you working for? Ohhh very nice...you don't see the labour camps from your window.... ohh...you have a gym...soooo nice...But what about the very concept of labour camp?
Do you remember a guy called Adolf Hitler.. he invented somenthing called nationalsocialism...in which the German arian people where getting all the benefit while other where exterminated or enslaved.
Well it appears to me that it is just about the same story there if not for the fact that there are no extermination ( even if hundreds of indian workers dies every year...unnoticed ) .UAE is the facto a Nationalsocialism and one of the few places on earth where you can buy Mein Kampf... You are just a better paid slave with a gym... but at the end ..just a slave with no rights whatsoever.
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Old 6th Jan 2010, 09:05
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Come on guys it's time for a reality check. If you think life in Abu Dhabi is bad, you would really hate where many of us live and work in the big sandpit just west of you. UAE is like the Garden of Eden compared with some places nearby.
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Old 6th Jan 2010, 09:36
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Since when has EK staff travel been better than EY ???

Do a bit of research
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