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EK situation room ?????

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

EK situation room ?????

Old 7th Feb 2009, 19:13
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EK situation room ?????

Any feedback from those "unformal pilots/management meeting days" set on every week ?
Only few lucky pilots are in the loop, is it so bad to be hidden ?
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Old 9th Feb 2009, 00:51
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Best kept in house, in my humble opinion.
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Old 9th Feb 2009, 03:48
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Agreed, the feedback so far has been very bleak and worrisome....no point making it public.
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Old 9th Feb 2009, 16:34
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Are you talking about the Thursday night 'attitude adjustment' at Rock Bottom's or is there a freemaisons meeting outside main stream?
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Old 9th Feb 2009, 17:04
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Why best kept 'under wraps' guys?? What's the big secret
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Old 9th Feb 2009, 19:54
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I would think that the company has no heartache about shafting us, so why not air the goods in public, oh sorry I forget nothing bad ever happens in Dubai.
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Old 10th Feb 2009, 10:22
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The nice letter is the answer.
Don't say it, just do it !
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Old 10th Feb 2009, 17:24
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Hats off to the golden letter. I think it is the first sign of truth I've received from the company. Productivity pay gone, so be it. Never mentioned to get rid of the cars, the housing allowance, the kids school, everything, but if they did so be it. Put it on paper and I'll believe it. Say it Thursday afternoon from now until Dubai freezes over, but until its put on paper I will not believe it. We're losing productivity pay and it's all fitting in this thread, because there is nothing productive coming from the EK situation room. We're still profitable in poor economic conditions and they're willing to work us harder to remain so, not too bleak or worriesome.
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Old 11th Feb 2009, 06:08
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No More interviews for 2009?

Does this mean no more interviews for Emirates?
I was told they will restart in Feb 2009, I am one of the short listed and cannot wait to get there.
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Old 11th Feb 2009, 06:43
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Latest I heard was end June/begin July.
In the mean time adapt your physical exercise to what's awaiting you here:
Shift from push-ups to bend-overs.
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Old 11th Feb 2009, 21:31
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I was in headquarters today, and they are currently interviewing people. There were several pilot candidates there. I'm not sure that translates to hiring, but they are definitely interviewing. To all of you thinking of coming to EK, do your homework first. Management here has really been laying the coals to the pilot group in the last month. Although I don't really like some of the things, the world is in the pooper and maybe what they are doing is justified, I don't know. However, today I got a letter that completely crossed the line. If you are from North America, DO NOT BELIEVE WHAT IS IN THE CONTRACT YOU ARE SIGNING!!! My Annual leave destination, which was Chicago, as written directly in my contract I signed, just got changed to Houston. I live in Indianapolis for crying out loud. I can deal with the work rules and such, because frankly, I really love to fly airplanes!!! I came from a US regional for goodness sakes, to me, this is par for the course. However, they just blatently crossed the line and screwed me hard from seeing my family the one time a year they promised me a ticket. As most of you know, traveling in the US is becoming more of a bitch by the day, and now, my leave destination ticket gets me around 800 miles away from home. What a crock. Am I saying don't come to EK, not at all. Am I saying run to EK, not at all. What I am saying is do your homework!!! Now is the time to see where this airline stands with regards to its rules, and I sadly report, that had I known what I know now, I would have stayed put at a US regional At least there, I wouldn't have to guess how to get home to see my family!!!
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Old 12th Feb 2009, 15:06
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a747jb if you don't mind the question, how did the company notify you of the annual leave destination change, was it via a letter???
I'm not currently in DXB but nothing in my email box, I probably have a surprise too when I get there.
I agree with you men this is just to much.
I can only remember when the company I used to work for file for bankruptcy protection and they overreach to take everything they could from the pilot contract. They succeeded by creating fear and increasing the number of furloughs, however the union fought back, took then to court where they lost a lawsuit and where force to pay the pilot group millions of dollars.

The problem here is just that , there is no law, the obligations of our contracts in the UAE only works on one direction and even if we were to consult a local lawyer and make some noise, I'm pretty sure they will find a way to kick you out of the country( remember EK is all about PR control).
They will continue to take everything they can from our package, they know they got us by the balls and we have no where to go at this time. What pisses me off more is that I bet management will not make any sacrifices during the downturn.
I bet they have not change their annual leave destination to an EK destination and they probably have more than one ticket per year.
Looks like we will have to take it deep wait for the turn and get out of here as soon as we can, after all even if things were to get better here it will take at least 10 year to get back the package that we once had.
Don't waist your time telling the future comers to do their homework there will be always someone willing to do it for free.
It looks like I will be doing a lot of trips to MMI to help me coupe, f--k let me get one now and enjoy my last days of leave.
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Old 12th Feb 2009, 15:53
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roclfly, a747jb

Give me strength. By your own admission in the last posts, your previous employers (in the good old USA?) were hardly paragons of virtue. Read your contract NOT JUST SIGN IT. It may hurt but they are only doing as written, certainly in mine. Given that you have your original ALT destination, you have been in the pit less than 3 years, what sort of privilages did that give you in your previous employ.

Times are tough, management is playing hardball, pick your battles well and stop whinning like a girl. Act like a professional and there is more chance of being treated like one.
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