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Gulf Air Developments

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Gulf Air Developments

Old 1st Nov 2012, 19:01
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Mamamia, What do you mean by : "holding four positions" ? You mean, being a manager, trainer and captain ??? It still makes only three ... I really cant see any manager holding four managerial positions, GF wouldnt be having THAT many managers if this was true ...
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Old 1st Nov 2012, 23:15
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AT got it all or I guess you need to due your calculation start with A then T
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Old 2nd Nov 2012, 04:51
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this is hilarious. if you have been in gf for the last 5-7 years and never saw the writing on the wall, it serves you right to be caught up in this cross-roads in your career. gulf air is doomed in more ways than one.

1. no long term strategy, at least none that have worked or adhered to so far
2. airlines in the gulf are raking in the bucks while gf is too top heavy to make anything, instead losing to the tune of 1.5million a day..or more
3. social problems with the locals on fantasy island destroying gf reputation with no end in sight
4. bahrainisation a priority ahead of profitisation
5. lack of teamwork among the managers, everyone watching for knives at their backs instead of the work at hand
6. even local pilots leaving, at least the ones who can be accepted by the neighbours by being affiliated with the 'correct' branch of their religion.
7. routes are opened without feasibility study, kept open when struggling, closed when market starts to picks up. no patience in developing markets.
8. to many chiefs not enough indians.
9. deep seated corruption and nepotism at every level. e.g contracts awarded to business's owned or affiliated with managers/board members etc.
10. all local managers. can of worms right there. offers only one perspective, the local way...or the local way. this has never been good in any international airline.
11. the worst one is even an ex-gf like myself can obtain this information. gf reeks of all the things that airlines should not be practicing and everyone in the industry can smell it.

get out while you can.
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Old 2nd Nov 2012, 10:39
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Good Post Brassplate. I guess many of us retain an interest in " Gulfair Defelopments" because we enjoyed our time there . Nothing hilarious though, I have to say with the current unsettled state of affairs. Many of our colleagues will be unwilling or unable to move and will, regrettably, sink with the ship. "Get out while you can" is advice given by many over the last couple of years in fact. You are correct in all your points. Sad but true.

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Old 2nd Nov 2012, 12:34
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All very true brassplate and for your information, quite a few are abandoning ship for exactly these reasons, waiting for start or interview dates. Locals, gcc nationals and expat. However there are still many who do not wish to move and will wait until they have to. And not because they haven't seen it coming.

A Force
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Old 3rd Nov 2012, 12:24
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EY discussion was prohibited due to direct personal attacks. if u want to degrade our discussions to this please atleast have your facts straight.
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Old 3rd Nov 2012, 19:00
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Anyway, back to happy news. Just saw the first pic of A321 nbr#5, A9C-CE, at Hamburg. I wasn't expecting any new arrivals after the 10 NOV news. #6 should then arrive in December.

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Old 3rd Nov 2012, 22:33
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Would have been happier news if they were 333s like they should have been.
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Old 4th Nov 2012, 01:14
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I second che.. But beggars cant be choosers.. Lol
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Old 5th Nov 2012, 16:22
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A little bridie told me Gulf Air is proposing to keep around 28 aircraft. Aircraft to go are A319/A340/E190 and maybe 1 A320 and 1 A330. Last two new A321's will arrive. With the way things are going now they MAY need to hire new pilots late 2013.

Don't shoot the messenger... NO FACTS

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Old 5th Nov 2012, 16:24
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I heard the same about 28 aircraft. But I heard it from someone who heard it from a big managerial bird.

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Old 6th Nov 2012, 05:51
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BBC News - Bahrain bomb blasts kill two foreign workers

6 IED nail bombs exploded in manama yesterday killing two, injuring others and damaging property.
i believe this disregard for innocent human life will only fuel bigger and bolder attacks on innocent people.
make your minds up, guys. if this is not a worrying development, i do not know what is.
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Old 6th Nov 2012, 07:30
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And if you read todays newspapers the oposition Al Wefaq is saying the events 'are fabricated' and a 'distraction tactic'. That has got a certain country's stamp all over it. (the same country that's denying that the holocaust ever took place "...due to the absence of independent human rights and media parties..."

Last edited by John21UK; 6th Nov 2012 at 07:31.
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Old 6th Nov 2012, 08:46
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Al Wefaq is saying the events 'are fabricated' and a 'distraction tactic
lies. a filipino friend of mine who lives in gudaibiya where one of the explosions took place heard an explosion which shattered some of his windows.
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Old 6th Nov 2012, 09:51
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Some twerp on facebook, also in denial, claimed "it never happened". Of course it happened & I too have friends near to where it took place. Look, we all know this. And what does it have to do with " Gulfair Developments" (?), well, my dear John 21 UK, I think it might have some impact on GF Recruitment in 2013 for a start !
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Old 6th Nov 2012, 17:15
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Your posts are completely unrelated to the topic, yes there were terrorist bombings but I believe that that is not the right place to post this, And it would be better if you would stop this fear mongering attitude because all of this is being taken care of by the security forces and it is thier duty to ensure foreigners security, This topic is about gulf air developments and politics are better off kept away.
When I flick this topic on I'm always usually after the company news, when reading posts such as your previous one it really renders the topic tedious and makes it lose value.
Thanks in advance
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Old 6th Nov 2012, 18:00
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Old 6th Nov 2012, 22:48
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my apologies. post removed. but if this goes on, it will not be fear mongering but reporting real reasons to be fearful.
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Old 7th Nov 2012, 04:33
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As long as you refrain from passing by the tense areas you will be fine and hopefully all of this will be sorted out, don't let this stuff distract you from doing your job.
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Old 7th Nov 2012, 07:29
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Let me get this straight.... You suggest I close my eyes and ignore what's happening around me. Maybe take a different route to work...?

5 bombs exploding on the same day within hours of each others has very much to do with GF developments or lack there of. Bombs exploding on the island I call home does have an impact on my future here and the future and safety of my family.

Brassplate is not spreading terror, he's simply spreading the word. He's relaying facts. Those that are thinking of joining.... FYI... a couple of "tedious" bombs went off the other day. Politics does have its part with GF developments.... Routes, cash flow, hiring.... All discussed in parliament

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