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QR is a better airline than GF ever was.
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Well lets see what comes out of it.. On a lighter note, we made top 3 on time performance in the mena region..atleast i wont have to wait for punters to clamber on.
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Buba. Turn the lights off pleeeze. Looks like you are the last to leave. All the others are well into the new SOP's. Save Or Perish !!
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Gulf Air can only get better. The biusness model that Majali is trying to succeed makes a lot of sense. It's different from Qatar, Etihad or Emirates. I know that lots of Gulfair Pilots applied to these companies. The main reason is job security, better routes and maybe a better schedule, however everybody love Bahrain lifestyle and deep down everybody wants to stay. The only thing I wish for is an answer - what's the plan.. Maybe this article will give us some hope of what is happening.

Bahrain Ministers Want Aid For Gulf Air
March 15, 2012
Two Bahraini government ministers have called on the kingdom's government to inject BHD664 million dinar (USD$1.76 billion) into struggling national carrier Gulf Air to help it overcome challenges.

In a meeting, finance minister Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed al-Khalifa and transport minister Kamal bin Ahmed Mohammed said the government should support Gulf Air and approve a bill for the 2012 fiscal budget year to boost the airline's capital.

"Leaving the company Gulf Air without radical and critical action and positive support would be a direct threat to its ability to survive and overcome the enormous challenges it faces at present," the ministers were quoted as saying.

The ministers also said Gulf Air was a backbone of the national economy through its role in linking Bahrain to other countries and providing jobs.

Gulf Air has been hit by falling passenger numbers as anti-government protests continue in the tiny island kingdom. It said in January it would downsize operations and seek cash from government funds to sustain operations.

The airline also said previously it could tap Bahrain's sovereign wealth fund Mumtalakat, which is a stakeholder.

In January, a government delegation briefed parliament and called for a restructuring of the company for "effective operational requirements".

Last month, Gulf Air secured an USD$80 million loan from a unit of Dubai lender Mashreq Bank to help meet working capital requirements.

Its plight is in contrast to Middle East competitors such as Etihad, Qatar Airways and Dubai-based Emirates which have been expanding their networks.

Bahrain, a regional offshore banking hub, has been hit by more than a year of unrest after majority Shi'ite Muslims, inspired by the Arab Spring uprisings, launched a pro-democracy movement which was put down by the government with the help of forces from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

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MANAMA: Bahrain's National Assembly has been urged to sanction a BD664.3 million payment to help ensure the survival of national carrier Gulf Air.

The funding should be taken from this year's national budget, said Finance Minister Shaikh Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Khalifa and Transportation Minister Kamal Ahmed yesterday.

The call was made during a meeting between parliament and Shura Council members to discuss the challenges facing Gulf Air and its technical, administrative and financial status. The Cabinet ministers said legislators must move fast to ensure the airline survives and is able to overcome the massive losses that have dogged it for several years.

The government is discussing four options, including dissolving the airline, selling it off and launching a new carrier, downsizing or allowing it to continue in its current form.

The ministers said an accumulation of local, regional and international factors had affected the airline's performance and pledged to co-operate with parliament and come up with the best strategy for the company and Bahrain's economy. They also highlighted the airline's role in connecting Bahrain with the world and employment opportunities it offers the national workforce.

Gulf Air, meanwhile, dismissed reports that its chief executive Samer Majali had resigned. It said in a statement that he was still leading the airline and any comments to the contrary were untrue.
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@showel.. Most propably.. I aint worried about anythin.. If the shit hits the fan therz more than enough jobs floating out there.. For the time being am hangin about...
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Buba, i do not have anything against you
P.S. if you are below me in seniority

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@ Sandy Swan,

Better airline? Maybe, let's put it in perspective.

Job security, definitely!
Finance, with the back up of the Qatar gas fields, most certainly!
Product quality, nothing to complain about.

Now, the most important one for any employee:

QUALITY OF LIFE, Bahrain and Gulf Air still a million times better.
At least we are not being ruled by a dictator that treats all the employees as slaves. That's why QR still can't keep pilots after the payrise, let's see how many will head of to EK and EY.
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@showel.. If your looking at the seniority list upside down propably yes.. Lol, no hard feelings mate.
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buba, no offense, just said that i do not care whether you leave or stay if you are less senior, otherwise i care
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@ Sandy: "QR is a better airline than GF ever was".

Heard a poor A320/A330 chap who left GF recently for DEC at QR was sacked by QR with no reason given. Just "order from higher authority".

At least if someone gets sacked in GF, a reason is always given.

Judging from your comment you're either young or haven't been in the gulf long enough.

More A/C and Destinations =/= Better airline than GF ever was.
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As expected;

Source: Airline Route

Gulf Air Enhancing European Operation from June*2012
by JL
Update at 0840GMT 16MAR12

Gulf Air in Summer 2012 is enhancing its European operation, with additional frequencies and improved inflight product being implemented starting June 2012. Details as follows:

Airbus A320
Premium Configuration of A320 features 14 Business Class flat-bed seats and 96 Economy Class Seats
Onboard wi-fi will be gradually introduced on A320 aircraft

Bahrain Copenhagen
eff 01JUN12 Service Increases from 5 weekly to Daily
eff 01OCT12 2-class Premium Airbus A320 aircraft replaces existing Boeing 737-700 by PrivatAir

GF027 BAH0140 0700CPH 320 x256
GF033 BAH1015 1535CPH 320 256

GF026 CPH1115 1815BAH 320 x256
GF032 CPH1635 2335BAH 320 256

Service until 30SEP12 operates with 737-700

Bahrain Frankfurt
25MAR12 31MAY12 2 of 7 weekly (Day 24) service operates with PrivatAir Boeing 737-700, replaces A330-200
01JUN12 30JUN12 2-class Premium Airbus A320 aircraft replaces 737-700/A330-200, Daily service
eff 01JUL12 Service increases from Daily to 11 weekly

GF017 BAH0120 0640FRA 320 D
GF013 BAH1000 1520FRA 320 x134

GF016 FRA1130 1825BAH 320 D
GF012 FRA1620 2315BAH 320 x134

Bahrain Paris CDG
01JUN12 30JUN12 2-class Premium Airbus A320 aircraft replaces A330-200, Daily service
eff 01JUL12 Service increases from Daily to 10 weekly

GF019 BAH0135 0725CDG 320 D
GF015 BAH0935 1525CDG 320 346

GF018 CDG1120 1835BAH 320 D
GF014 CDG1625 2340BAH 320 346

Bahrain Rome
Premium Airbus A320 aircraft enters operation from 01JUL12, 4 times a week


Gulf Air Increases Madinah Service from mid-May*2012
by JL
Update at 0905GMT 16MAR12

Gulf Air from 19MAY12 is increasing Bahrain Madinah service, where the airline is adding 6th weekly service on this route. New flight operates on Saturdays.

Operational schedule:

GF177 BAH0125 0330MED 319 47
GF175 BAH1010 1215MED 320 x247

GF178 MED0415 0610BAH 319 47
GF176 MED1300 1455BAH 320 x247

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340s are gone, so now we will lose some 330s from Jun
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Have they actually been sold or are they going to the scrappers? I guess running and maintaining these old birds in this day and age is just too much to ask. Sad to see another operator ditch their a340's. My first flight ever with Gulf Air was on a 340, many moons ago.
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According to Al Wasat newspaper , on Thursday (Frontpage) quoting GF CEO Samer Al Majali "I have tendered my resignation in February , but the government of Bahrain has not responded to it."

This is the first official confirmation of Al Majali's resignation which refutes the official GF repeated insistence that their CEO has not resigned.
Interestingly enough . Al Majali said that he has no information about the so-called Management re-structuring nor about routes re-structures!

Insiders claim that the government is in real dilemma with the frustrated Al Majali's resignation. The Jordanian has openly blamed the government policies for the crises situation of the airline. The closing of high yield profitable routes , sacking of senior staff , political interference in the company including appointment of personnel not competent for the jobs , have all lead Al majali to give up and finally submit his reignation. The current no 2 in GF , Maher Al Mussalam ( one of the people that the CEO is complaining about) is not considered to be fit to lead the company even on temporary basis. However , the ex-military man has lots of clout in the hierarchy and could get the job despite his poor performance and military style management.

The Parliament is insisting on a clean up of GF specially the Middle and Higher management. There is also a lot of concern by several MP's that contracts are awarded without going through the proper procedures. Although GF is supposed to be under the authority of the government Tender Board , it is believed that many contracts with service providers ( like local landlords) have failed to meet the government strict criteria , yet somehow the contracts were awarded regardless.

Some MP's have been critical of GF Early retirement schemes and called for scrapping such a scheme immidiately. The Salfi group of MP are demanding a drastic reduction of Expatriates.

Neither the Minster of Finance nor the Transport Minister have a clear plan on how would the aid package demanded ( 660 Million BD) ensure the survival of the Airline leading the MP's to suspect that this financial support request would not be the last one from the Airline management.

Unconfirmed news: State of Qatar has dismissed any interest in buying Gulf Air.
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What a shame. A CEO who can not leave. A number 2 who is deemed incompetent. Inexperienced management, illawarded contracts and skilled pilots leaving at an alarming rate.
Once an airline admired throughout the ME. Now just sucking the last gasps of O2 ($) to make it yet another year.
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The rescue plans for both Gulf Air and Air India bear some resemblance although the balance is the wrong way around. AI's rescue package by their goverment is 740m dollars whilst Gulf Air's around 560m per year. But Gulf Air is only a third in size yet it needs a massive bailout in comparison.
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What a joke!

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today in the GDN gulf air is getting 1.8 billion dollars
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Luckely Gulf Air is not alone in loosing money fast. Here another example, besides Air India earlier. Look at Aerolineas Argentinas nowadays. Used to be owned by a privat group but now under goverment control. 44 aircraft + 20 jets that operate with Austral. It has some similarities in the problems it has and how it operates. Goverment (tax payer) already spend 2.4bln dollars since 2008 on it and still today loosing 2.2mln dollars PER DAY.

How come some airlines just can't turn things around even with
extortionate amounts of money being thrown at it?
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