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A second scroll from the same urn is still undergoing final treatment before it can be made available for translation. However, first impressions are that the task of translation of this particular scroll will not be an easy one, for appearing repeatedly throughout it are two incomprehensible words that have so far eluded translation - Ehsesl and Beahscayle. If any reader has even a vague idea of their meanings, he could perhaps pass them on to the translator.
Beahscayle: B-scale - pilots on a 'new' contract, earning a lot less then their colleagues from the Ehscayle caste - A-scale.

Ehsels: no idea, should have a look at it in the right context, but it does sound a bit like @ssh°les ??

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...and 'Tent Floor' - Tenth Floor, the heady domain of "Cafe's" head honchos, I believe.
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ehsesl - ASL (Aircrew Services Ltd)
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I was about to go to sleep, and starting reading and believe it or not I am actually capable of laughing during Ramadan, man some experiences are life changing......Ups time to sleep rest before duties.....
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Ozmate – Australia (From the true story of a Malaysian captain asking an Australian FO where he came from and getting the bewildering reply “Oz mate”.)
To 'flesh out' Wiley's explanation a little. The FO in question was (to put it mildly) something of a 'character' - the kind all those *** psych tests they put us through these days are designed to exclude from our (increasingly less interesting) ranks. He was universally known as "Shakin'" (as in "Shakin' Stephens", a minor pop star of the day).

One of the senior Malaysian check and training captains approached one of the Australians at the sign in desk and asked: "John, where does (Shakin') come from?" (Shakin', with a really deep sun tan, the result of his spending most of each day on the golf course, so that he was darker than 99% of the Malaysians, was over the other side of the sign in area enthusiastically and quite loudly showing someone the right grip for a five iron if your ball was buried on the reverse slope of a bunker.)

A little bemused, because Shakin's accent, (which everyone in the room could currently hear), was really thick Strine, the Australian replied: "Err, Australia."

"No, no," said the Malaysian earnestly, "He's not from Australia. Last time we flew together, I asked him, and he said he comes from some place called Ozmate."

In the days before mobile phones and the internet, the story had spread to every 'pinkie' in 'Shark Alarm' and P.J. within a matter of hours.


Regarding the first scroll, I'd love to see someone do an update on it, because when you think of it, there is just SO much rich material out there waiting to be milked, along the lines of "making the camels walk into their stalls after a long caravan journey on only two legs (or with the two legged camel, to hop in on one leg)" to save... to save what?

I liked the 'Teak Ass' suggestion. Maybe we could start things rolling by asking people to come up with names for the new cast of characters in Knoteeatingham? My own (pretty weak) offering - Mystered, (as in Myster-ed).

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Fantastic tale....really good read....saved for the future ....cheers mate
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Any luck on translating the last scroll you found??

It seems there's more to the story
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Excellent one EGGW!
haha! I can read that over and over.
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Originally Posted by WIley
Parmbeich sur Mer – Palm Beach, home of the now defunct McDonnell Douglas Corporation
Except that McDonnell-Douglas was in Long Beach, Not Palm Peach, which is in Florida on the other side of the country.
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