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Joining Qatar Airways (QR) - all you need to know about it (threads merged)

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Joining Qatar Airways (QR) - all you need to know about it (threads merged)

Old 12th Apr 2013, 17:54
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PAT-Tread carefully!

Eventually it will be EVERYONE flying for Qatar Airways who is ever looking at a transition/upgrade/admin or training post.
Currently ALL new hires will have to do the test. May not be immediate, but it WILL have to be passed eventually.
I'm sure someone will eventually come out with a software to mimick it close enough to get thru with 'pass marks'. Whatever that means.
But for now, and the next few months every pilot doing the PAT test will have to 'do it as it comes'. Seeing this result over a given period of time the Managment might tweak it a bit eitherways to 'suit' their personal requirements.
Till then its my very best to the all of you trying for it! And you're all gonna need it.
I know for a fact, as F14 pointed out correctly that this is not a test to underestimate or take lightly. Quite the contrary....!!!
Five screens, a joystick and a thrust lever can make 2.5 hrs the worst 2.5 hours of your entire aviation career. The actual test is only about 2.5 hrs but the Pre flight briefing lasts about one hour and then the post flight brief plus the video playback will take another hour and a half.
So be prepared to have the most confused and stressed out 5 hours of your life!
At the end, the results are quite satisfying.
It has enough weightage by itself to pass or fail your interview or assessment or upgrade. It's ALL about work and time Managment and loads of IQ and math problems.
But, all in all a very interesting test indeed!
Especially if you pass it...!!
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Old 12th Apr 2013, 18:12
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King on a wing,

What kind of math questions?
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Old 12th Apr 2013, 18:57
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A MINIMUM of 8 out of 10 upgrades/initial entries/endorsement pilots FAIL the PAT every month all over the world.
In Qatar I believe the failure rate is a bit higher.

Do I get it correct? Failure rate 80% all over the world and in Qatar a bit higher! That means around 90% do not pass the test. If this is true what does the PAT test prove?
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Old 12th Apr 2013, 21:21
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Thanks King On the wing for update.When you say pass does that mean if you fail they will terminate your contract?
As new recruits who have there start dates and contracts,I can't imagine QA revoking the contract because of a failed PAT test?
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Old 12th Apr 2013, 21:26
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Another question about the PAT test.Is it pass or fail or an instrument to see how an individual will cope with a type change/ training position or command.
I can't imagine QA would give offers of employment to captains and first officers and then send them away due to a poor PAT test result?
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Old 12th Apr 2013, 21:38
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Qatar Airways

Hello, I was hoping one of you could guide me towards Qatar Airways. I've lived in the middle east and had heard about Qatar recruiting young pilots, I just finished Pilot school and can't seem to find anything for non-Qataris. Any ideas?

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Old 13th Apr 2013, 17:33
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... my last information is (was) Qatar uses the so called Compass test. PAT should be new, I've made some Video Clips during an exhibition in London last year from the modules but I'm unsure wether you can place them on youtube (is it legal?). It seems very similar to commonly used tests.

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Old 14th Apr 2013, 11:07
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Normal Second Officer (no experience) hiring is done at QR for now. They will be starting an MPL/cadet Program with CTC, to train their own nationals and to train those who apply directly for the program. There are a few SOs that were interviewed last year who passed the selection and are now being given start dates.

The PAT is NOT the COMPASS test.
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Old 14th Apr 2013, 12:15
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Dear Colleges!

I have found out that the PAT test everyone is talking about on this thread is done by Symbiotics.com.

You can actually take the test a very short version for paying them 15 pounds. I did take the test and IT WAS VERY HARD!

The test on their website didn't include any joystick and thrust lever. only keypad keys.

So I want to ask everyone that has taken this test explain if it is the same test on their website (Symbiotics.com) as it is with Qatar Airways?

I'm just confused why you have to use joystick and thrust lever for this test???

Last edited by pilotdreamer2; 14th Apr 2013 at 12:16.
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Old 14th Apr 2013, 13:01
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The PAT or ADAPT test that QR does is definitely a deal maker or breaker. Especially if you are a new hire. Captain OR FO.
Now if you do MISERABLY on your PAT you are told goodbye. If you do marginally then your other scores kick in and if youve fared well enough in the other tests then you're in.
The Math questions can vary from 366-247 to 2x+y=32. Find y.
Etc etc. These are just SOME of the simpler Q's I have been briefed about. And all this is whilst actually flying an airplane,accurate speed,height and headings.
Then you are given a pin number. And asked to memorise it.
That will come up numerously in the test.
Fuel calculations along with not so easy IQ q's are popping ALL along the trips called missions.
All in all a VERY interesting and a very revealing test indeed.And quite accurate as I have pointed out earlier.
So be prepared and then do your best.
If push comes to shove,then, it IS a deal maker/breaker.
Hope this helps.
Cheers all.
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Old 14th Apr 2013, 15:47
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That website is for a company that makes "Colostrum +" immune booster tablets, the website is symbioticsltd.com
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Old 14th Apr 2013, 16:55
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The definition of a "New Hire" is a new employee with a contract of employment.
I can't see how an adapt test could be used after giving an individual a permanent employment contract and tell them its pass or fail.
If you fail your out or pass you get to keep your new job.

I think the information is good and its being used for new applicants and command upgrades and training positions ect.

What I think is that if you have been offered a permanent contract and you do poorly on the adapt test I very much doubt they would not honour your contract of employment and send you home packing.

Correct me if I'm wrong and this needs a honest and reliable reply.
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Old 15th Apr 2013, 10:02
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Is Qatar hiring non type DEC for A 320? if so does anyone know the min requirements, I check the web but is a bit confusing.
ATPL 2000 PIC over 50 Tons and total 5000 ??
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Old 16th Apr 2013, 01:57
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Quite possible you're right with this.
But I don't have enough intel on the backend of the test to comment. But what you say sounds about right.
Qatar won't dis honor a contract solely based on the adapt.
But I'm certain that upgrades/transitions will be asked to take the test. And with good reason I'm sure.
As for new hires, the airline can always find ways for the employee to take the test in a non jeopordy atmosphere.
But too little intel on the matter to comment.
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Old 16th Apr 2013, 15:50
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King on Wing,

Now confirmed ADAPT is for applicants at interview stage and those looking for upgrade or fleet change within.

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Old 16th Apr 2013, 19:16
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What do you mean 'at interview stage' ? Does this include the swimmers in the pool who have not received a contract yet?
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Old 16th Apr 2013, 19:53
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I don't know!
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Old 19th Apr 2013, 04:35
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Any non-rated FO called to Qatar with DOJ ?
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Old 21st Apr 2013, 14:30
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Anyone have any idea what fleet allocation you could expect for a non-type rated DEFO, 8000TT, 4000 B737 (F/O) ???
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Old 21st Apr 2013, 14:59
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I have a little problem. I was applying online for a position with Qatar Airways, but I was missing some documents on my laptop (copy of the licence, etc). So I saved my application thinking that I will complete it later. Now that I'm home, I wanted to update it , only to find that my application was in progress and I could not attach the supportive documents. So I withdrawn it thinking that I could re apply. Unfortunately now the system doesn't let me to re apply, telling that I've already did, and under the applications they put that mine was withdraw.

What can I do? I can not find any relevant contact information for this mater on their website.
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