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CEO resigns from GF

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

CEO resigns from GF

Old 24th Jul 2007, 16:37
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Bjorn Naf confirmed as acting PCE
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Old 24th Jul 2007, 18:18
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Understand this could be for as much as up to 4 months with the possibility of no parole for good behaviour.
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Old 24th Jul 2007, 19:00
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Can anybody elaborate on "criminal investigation"?

Gulf Air CEO Dose resigns; chairman says carrier under 'criminal investigation'
Tuesday July 24, 2007
Gulf Air's board of directors yesterday accepted the resignation of CEO Andre Dose, effective immediately, ending the former Crossair and Swiss International Air Lines CEO's tenure less than four months after he joined the Bahrain-based carrier and unveiled a major restructuring program.

The sudden resignation came just days after Gulf Air Chairman Mahmood Hashim Al Kooheji confirmed that the airline is being investigated by Bahrain prosecutors. Speaking last week to Gulf Daily News, Kooheji said, "There is a criminal investigation from the public prosecutor and we have been advised not to make any comment or talk about the case." He added that he had told all airline employees, "Guys this is a public prosecution investigation; I want everybody to shut up."

It is not clear if the probe and Dose's resignation are related. The Gulf Air board gave no explanation for the CEO's departure, saying in a statement issued yesterday that "it has been mutually agreed" he would leave the company. It "thanked" Dose for "his assistance" and said the restructuring program he initiated would move forward. "The board is highly optimistic and trusts that the company will have a promising future, especially after the implementation of the company's network optimization and restructuring plan," the statement said.

Dose became Gulf Air's CEO in early April and later that month admitted the carrier was losing more than $1 million daily. He initiated an extensive restructuring that calls for a transition from a mixed fleet of 34 aircraft to an all-Airbus fleet comprising 28 aircraft focused mostly on serving the Middle East (ATWOnline, April 18). "We have tough times ahead of us," he said when he announced the program. "But we need these measures to ensure survival of the company."

The airline said the modernization was being funded by an $825 million infusion from its owners, the governments of Bahrain and Oman. However, Oman has signed a letter of intent to withdraw its holding later this year, leaving Bahrain as the sole owner.

In yesterday's statement, Gulf Air's board said it had developed and approved a plan that would "ensure transparency and adherence to the rules and regulations of the Kingdom of Bahrain." It added that the airline would be overseen by Bahrain Mumtalakat Holding Co., a government-controlled entity.
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Old 24th Jul 2007, 19:19
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Come on guys, we at swiss were very happy when he left, and at least it went up after him.....
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Old 24th Jul 2007, 19:47
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... thanks to loads of taxpayer's $$$$$$
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Old 24th Jul 2007, 20:41
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Why all of a sudden Bahrain is getting very tough with people stealing GF properties?? Where were they all these years?

Even when GF was shared with Oman, AUH, and Qatar Bahraini money was there! but they never really put their foot down! This shold have been done long time ago!

It is always better later than never
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Old 24th Jul 2007, 20:42
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Bjorn Naf confirmed as acting PCE

they gonna eat him alive!!!
bn ceo!! what a joke!! the guy is good for a f/o position in the center of africa
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Old 24th Jul 2007, 20:47
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Why waste time and money on an investigation......just ask the long term employees they can tell you who stole all the money!

Do these pr##ks realise they have made GF into an Aviation Joke...but then again why should they worry their bank accounts are full, its only the employees that will suffer!

Lets hope that somehow those Fat cats get their just rewards.
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Old 24th Jul 2007, 21:23
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Who can confirm that BN is now A/PCE?
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Old 24th Jul 2007, 22:58
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It's in the GDN today.
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Old 24th Jul 2007, 23:08
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Must have been a late edition. Oh well. Guess he's got nothing to lose.
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Old 24th Jul 2007, 23:19
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Who can confirm that BN is now A/PCE?
It was an internal Memo at 19:31 24th Jul
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Old 24th Jul 2007, 23:36
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Today's GDN

GULF Air declared "business as usual" as chief operating officer Bjorn Nf stepped in as acting president and chief executive last night, following Andre Dose's resignation. Mr Dose, who resigned on Sunday after just four months in the job, following clashes with the board, is understood to be leaving Bahrain tomorrow. The airline will continue to look for a permanent replacement, the airline said yesterday.
Mr Nf, fresh back in Bahrain from a trip to his native Switzerland, said it was business as usual.
"I feel comfortable and of course the plan has not changed. We will move forward on the plan we set out on four months ago," he said.
Mr Nf would not comment further, saying he would be addressing a Press conference today.
He was brought in by Mr Dose, a fellow Swiss, as his right-hand man and to help push forward the airline's recovery, through job and route cuts, plus other cost-saving measures.
Mr Nf's caretaker appointment came after a meeting with the board at Gulf Air's Muharraq headquarters.
The airline said the search for a permanent president and chief executive had begun and the post was open for Bahrainis and other nationalities.
The next person to fill the role will be selected purely on their qualifications and experience, it said in a statement.
Mr Nf has been instrumental in implementing Gulf Air's new revamped network, which is based on a "wave model" and was launched on July 1.
He is also spearheading an initiative to boost the carrier's punctuality, which Gulf Air claimed was improving every day under his command.
"Mr Nf's proven multi-tasking capabilities, gained over the years in the air travel industry, suit his new role perfectly," the airline said in its statement.
The 42-year-old begun his aviation carrier in 1990 with airline pilot training in the US and Switzerland.
Mr Naf worked with Mr Dose at both Swiss International Airlines and Crossair before renewing their partnership - albeit for only four months - at Gulf Air.
From the early 1990s to late 2000, he served in various departments at Crossair, also serving as a captain for the airline.
Mr Nf also served as the executive vice-president for product and services at Swiss International Airlines, overseeing cabin crew, ground services, operations control centre, product management and development and also customer services.
Mr Nf joined Gulf Air from Transafrik International, Kenya, where as chief executive officer, he oversaw international cargo, humanitarian and relief flights for the United Nations.

It does not look good falks!
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Old 25th Jul 2007, 06:15
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The airline said the search for a permanent president and chief executive had begun and the post was open for Bahrainis and other nationalities.
bahriani aplications- on top of desk
other natonalities- in the cilindrical file.
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Old 25th Jul 2007, 06:21
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I have to laugh hearing Bahrainis blame the expats for robbing the airline blind.
The locals have been raping it ever since they found out how far they could shove their snouts in the trough.

I work with one Bahraini colleague who only ever flies up the front and pays economy prices, simply because his uncle is on the board.

The cronyism and corruption is beyond belief.

I love hearing the locals try and blame Hogan - not that I'm a big fan of the bloke, but seriously, do you really think he sold the London HQ without the board's knowledge?

It's time some of our Bahraini posters took a look at Animal Farm (and I mean the book, not the video).
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Old 25th Jul 2007, 07:55
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Desertia has a one sided hearing

Have you not heard of Bahrainis being blamed, by the likes of you, and thats without being in control.

If Bahrainis blame an expat it is because he was at the helm at the time, who would you like us to mention, the pilot on line. Besides there is a good reason why these blokes are labeled Accountable Manager.

If Bahrainis get blamed by the likes of you even when an expat was at the helm, then god help them when it is really their fault.

And because you worked with one Bahraini, now you want to crucify them all. That says a great deal about you, doesnt it?

If we worked by your blame policies and tactics, then well, the smart ones know what I was going to say if I was to continue typing, but I will stop here.
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Old 25th Jul 2007, 08:10
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Now lets no get excited and point fingers boys...but desertia has a point. You think these managers have all the power they need? Why do you think Dose resigned? The Expats unfortunately are the scape goats. They're just puppets. Told what to do and when it goes wrong they have to take the blame for it. Thats one of the main reasons for Dose leaving. He wants to take the responsibility for things he does. Not be told what to do then get shafted and blamed cause it was not his idea. James Hogan came and sold all the assets. Yeah and the big boys in Bahrain just let him do it...ha ha if any of you believe that then says a lot about you.......
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Old 25th Jul 2007, 11:33
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Stratosphere6000 is in equilibrium

Stratosphere6000, you make valid points and I respect that, at least you are not one sided.

Good for you
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Old 25th Jul 2007, 13:36
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All you tossers now talking about expats stealing perhaps have a very short memory.

I guess Assiyabie was expat was he? When he was faced with an investigation he threatened to name some "high profile" names and the case was quickly dropped. Do you remember how many million BD disappeared

The Qatari ex PCE who opened a flight school in Doha and forced GF to send cadets there at more than double the price of Oxford was expat as well was he?

I can go on but I dont want to name others closer to home.

Wake up people, corruption has no nationality
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Old 25th Jul 2007, 14:34
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Capt Al Fakhem has a foul mouth to match his personality

List you foul mouth, we are talking now, how far back do you want to go, back to Hitler and blame it all on him? As you cry babies tend to do. Grow up will you. FYI, foul language on forums only hurts you, and the Moderator will be on to you.
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