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Just Say No To Etihad

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Just Say No To Etihad

Old 22nd Jun 2007, 09:30
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Just Say No To Etihad

Just say No to Etihad for working on your OFF DAY!

Little or no efforts have been made to improve the quality of life through our pathetic head of planning. WHY?
Rosters for the month arrive within a couple of days before the start of the new month. Then OCC ask you to work on your allocated days off.
Its time to now say No when OCC calls you to tell you that you are now going to work on your OFF DAY. No Sir that is my Day Off , free from all dutys concerning work. We currentely have no control on any quality of life with the present system.
The Annual leave request this year again was a complete farse. Leave requests were only givin to people who were best friends to Mr N.B. regardless of seniority or past leave historty as stated in his memo.

Three and a Half years later with many things within the company being well below industry standard. This is not acceptable as we are working for the richest country in the world as stated in many news article lately.

Until management proceeds to pay for OVER TIME and EXTRA PAY for working on a days off, JUST SAY NO!!!
Old 22nd Jun 2007, 23:29
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just switch off your mobile on day OFF.. few topics that came from the last pilot meeting: guys u r going to work harder during summer but we can t pay you overtime coz we ve already put the money in our pocket..

plus we managed to get 4000 days off this year... don t forget to say thank you!!! you could get less..it s 10 days/pilot

we can t plan anything therefore when something gets wrong we stop upgrade to fix it!!! and we hire non type rated DEC!!! make sense!! yes someone will tell me they managed to plan 2 in july... WOW!!!!

do you know many airlines you get less 8000 euros for 95h flying as a captain on longhaul flights?

Roster is always late and NB can t do anything about it coz he s useless (not the only one!!)

so ey if you want to see your fancy aircraft flying this summer you might implement overtime quickly or you will face sick pilots and mobile off coz WE ARE FED UP!! and new jobs with good package are coming!!
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Old 23rd Jun 2007, 03:35
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EY cancelled at least 2 flights yesterday due to lack of pilots. Overtime pay and a $1000US to work on your day off. Until that happens, DON'T WORK ON YOUR DAYS OFF
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Old 23rd Jun 2007, 07:48
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Let's implement our own pay scale .......

Any daytime short haul flight on a day OFF is 2500 AED
Any Night flight on a day OFF is 5000 AED
Any Long haul flight on a day OFF is 10000 AED.

Should avoid any call, isn't it !!!???

To me , it's starting now....
No answering on the phone, no threatening SMS reading and....

NO FLYING WHEN I'M TIRED, Dr S, here am I...................
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Old 23rd Jun 2007, 21:10
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when the new package came out we were told that after a few weeks the overtime issue will be resolved....well I dont see it happening the more some
among us fly out of their OFF the longer its going to take.
COME ON guys we can do it ....Just say NO when the OCC clowns call you..or switch ur little thingy OFF... realy simple
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Old 24th Jun 2007, 06:58
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I agree totally,we should not have to work on days off, my only point is that not all of OCC are clowns. They are doing their job on the whole, which is to try and cover the mistakes that NB has made during his crew planning numbers. So give the front line OCC guys a break, I really dont think this is their problem, they are just left with it!!
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Old 24th Jun 2007, 08:01
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Sir Osis of the river
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No to days off


I agree with you. Give the frontline staff a break.

Just be tactfull when you tell them "No, sorry, not available today.

Enjoy your day OFF
Old 24th Jun 2007, 10:50
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EY is (AED) restructuring...
This is the reason why all is happening. Keep discovering until you find better...
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Old 24th Jun 2007, 15:13
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Copied from ArabianBusiness..

Etihad Airways: the fleet

26 aircraft

12 Airbus A330-200

4 Airbus A340-500

1 Airbus A340-300

3 Airbus A300-600s (freighter)

5 Boeing 777-300 ER

1 Boeing 767-300

8 more to arrive in 2007

4 Airbus A330-200 (June, July, August, October)

4 Airbus A340-600 (July, August, October, November)

12 more to arrive 2008-2011

4 Airbus A340-600s

5 Airbus A330 passenger aircraft

3 Airbus A330 freighters

4 To arrive in 2013

4 Airbus A380 super jumbos

Total: 50 aircraft

Etihad currently has 3848 members of staff including 198 captains and 198 first officers, a total of 396 pilots.
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Old 24th Jun 2007, 15:17
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And still 4 pilots short per SLR flight, each day
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Old 24th Jun 2007, 15:36
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What does it show ???

Nothing but pilot shortage over and over with bad excuses from NB for late rostering,leave cancellation and no overtime.

What about just above 7000 euros for a wide body captain flying 100 hours a month and having 7 OFF days and no leave accepted in June,July, August, neither December.....

Not talking about loss of sleep, flight safety weekly involved , minimum rest 90% of the time, no rostering , no planning, phone harassment from crew scheduling on a daily basis,and mostly spending your flying time to fight against sleep and fatigue on your way to KRT, PEW, ISB or COK and TRV after a take off at 2 AM.........

Our health is at risk,physical and mental.

Feel free to come and join to make our life easier, Please come sothat we can survive and leave.

Opportunities are discussed every single flight among crew members, with planned date of resignation.

Jet, EZY, Kingfisher, Vueling, Click, Netjets , Cathay, Virgin you name them, even coming back to turboprop commuter is welcome ( no offense taken guys )

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Old 26th Jun 2007, 07:59
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I received a call last night from OCC asking me to work on my off day. My answer was NO.... I told the person who phoned me.. Its my off day and I will be enjoying my cold Beer... thats it.

We still dont have our rosters and you are asking me to work on my off day. Sorry Mate why don't you ask NB t do it..

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Old 26th Jun 2007, 08:35
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Sir Osis of the river
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Rumour has it that ovetime is coming in July?
Old 26th Jun 2007, 09:15
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as u said mate.. RUMOUR!!!

they will face aircraft on ground... flights delayed or canceled in july/august...

by the way NB, we are ready to read your apologies for late roster again .... you might better call in sick for the next pilot meeting
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Old 26th Jun 2007, 19:26
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Sounds like GF 5 years ago.
Whats it like being screwed twice?
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Old 26th Jun 2007, 20:54
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Four times the pleasure, eight times the hangover!
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Old 27th Jun 2007, 10:01
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Roster is out......

5 night turn arounds flights in a row at maximum FDP....
7 days on , 2 days off, 7 days on, 1 day off etc.....

Back in the morning, leaving same night after minimum rest.

Sick, unfit, whatever it will take.............

Enough is enough.
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Old 27th Jun 2007, 14:51
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30W is right and thanks for your comment. I been in this company a couple of years and know some of the guys in OCC well and they are very nice and mostly very professional.

You are right in that they ave a job to do and with the shortage there are no resources to do it. They go to NB and say there is no crew and he says FIND SOME. They end up paying from both him and those of us who see fit to argue with them and if you ever meet one of duty youll see the relief on their face for being away from it all.

What's more, if you say NO, Im having a beer or leave your phone off then it makes their life easier I think.

Remember as well, it was staff in there that were the first many months ago to preict the current shortages and what do they ave to show for it?

It's NB mistakes (as always) but much of the responsibility now lies with JH and RH for letting it get this bad AND for continue to leave him in the position. On your heads be it EVPO and CEO - you know where the problems are and you were uch quicker to fix other less critica and frontline problems.

Overtime pay etc is not the answer to stable rosters. It might be short term fix but in the long run we all need better T&C's in order to recruit and retain staff.
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Old 27th Jun 2007, 18:55
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Since when did the reporting time in AUH change to 1:40 min prior departure?

And what is considered a stable roster? When 90% of your original roster is changed by people at OCC who never give you a valid explanation to why your flight is being changed.
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Old 29th Jun 2007, 08:11
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Angel I agree

Hi Guys, my first post,of many i hope.
Why is it that if Etihad dont want disruption to the rosters by people calling in tired is it they roster minimum rest after layover flight returns like LHR, they then give you minimum rest and then send you to KRT, one of the longest turn round flights. Would it not make scense to send you on a short flight after just 12 hours off; and its 12 hours off during the day!
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