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Etihad NEW Package

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Etihad NEW Package

Old 11th Feb 2006, 15:17
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Etihad NEW Package

I hope that these are rumours ONLY.. because they dont sound too good

Heard that the housing allowance is maintained at DIR90000 per annum. (for captains) and maintained at DIR85000(for first officers) With no furniture allowance. (that was DIR30000)

Exsisting EY pilots and newcomers are welcomed to move in to three apartment buildings with no parking available.

Standby duty pay is reduced to DIR350 from DIR700 a day.(for captains) And DIR450 to DIR225(for first officers) *Cabin Managers are paid DIR230 for sby duty. (higher than FO, if youd note)

With rising rental cost in AUH and scarce parking spaces, is this package enough to attract good pilots to EY?

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Old 11th Feb 2006, 16:20
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think they are not rumours....it seems very quiet after the new contract came out. you are pretty close, furniture allowance is still there as long as you move into their accommodation which is questionable. AUH is a very expensive when looking for a place. Dont think people are happy
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Old 11th Feb 2006, 20:03
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was looking at moving that way but seems no progress on the terms, it is far east for s.f. ari heard what i herd
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Old 11th Feb 2006, 20:05
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No they are not rumours,its true the new package is rubbish.The thing is though who will complain now that we are all being kept in our places by means of intimidation.Hate to sound negative but it seems that all the excitement we all felt when our esteemed CEO was named was misplaced.Just look at what he has achieved......not really impressive is it?So that is why the new paydeal is as expected.RUBBISH.
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Old 11th Feb 2006, 23:25
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Sadly, unfortunately it seems everything is true.
The new contract was not shown yet to new prospective joiners with contracts already signed...
No the most commendable way to do things.
I guess someone learned very fast some bad lessons...
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Old 12th Feb 2006, 00:07
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Congrats on the 1st 777. I am in GF, lower down the order. ALL of U pilots are in a new expanding airline, with un-limited funds. EK is bigger, right now, but perhaps not for long. What-ever happens in GF/ EY, very little chance o f a job loss. In my opinion EK, getting too big too soon, and sruggling for pilots. You guys in EY, got it made.
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Old 12th Feb 2006, 01:25
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Sorry mate, but I miss your point...
Your arguments, though true, are not enough to justify accepting a contract dowgrade. Rather on the contrary.
Furthermore, EK, Asiana, KAL, SIA, Air India are all looking for B777 DECs NOW.
Lot of Airbus jobs elsewhere too.
Best way to fix things: newcomers - don't go
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Old 12th Feb 2006, 03:04
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This is what is on offer now by Etihad:

They also say that housing allowance is about 7000 dirhams per month...

Thank you for your continued interest in Etihad Airways. We would like to pursue your application further and therefore ask you to study the attached facts sheet. This will give you an exact overview about the present terms and conditions for pilots in Etihad Airways.

First Officer per month = - 2000 hours on type

AED 16,900
USD 4,605

approximately 20 duty days at AED 450
AED 9,000
USD 2,452

Salary Total approximately
AED 25,900
USD 7,057

This does not yet include any function pay, i.e. Examiner, Trainer etc.

The salary you get from Etihad Airways will not be taxed or deducted in any way.
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Old 12th Feb 2006, 09:47
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dear davidletterman. i think the pay u quote is not that accurate.Heard that with the new pay all new co- pilots will start at about 16400 regardless of hours
and i seriously doubt that there will be 20 duty days at dir450 per day. Its more likely to be mixed with standby (dir225). So i guess the figure posted is not very accurate.
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Old 12th Feb 2006, 13:53
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SCLK you are right ; my poor david maybe you have connection for having 20 duty pays but if you are really working for EY as i am you know that usually it's more closed to 15 days duty pays and they were compensated with some STBY monthly, so the salary now for some F/O experienced is a pay cut .
if you add the problem with the accomodation , it is a bad package
I hope it is going to change for everybody, people in the HR should understand the reality of the market on the other hand pilots are not some slaves in the new century maybe when some our beautiful birds will be grounded they will realize;

fly safe

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Old 12th Feb 2006, 15:32
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I do not think that the blame for this package can be given to HR.Our own operations department were the ones who negotiated all the points.Ask yourselves why we only get half the allowance for standby..........post holders and flunkies do not have standby but they do get paid for office days!!!!Housing in AUH is becoming very expensive and it would have been a goodwill gesture to increase the allowance .Maybe you are right SV,perhaps they will only notice how unhappy people are when their shiney new aeroplanes have to sit on the ground due to lack of competant crews.Remember the old saying <pay peanuts get monkeys>Once again the feelings of optimism are dwindling.It is my opinion and i know that i am not alone that things in Etihad will never change for all the obvious reasons.
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Old 12th Feb 2006, 17:37
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New contract

All rumours are true, situation is become worse, company apartments are not the standard they used to be, no parking spots, the new figures look nice in the first moment, however if you calculate the standby days in account the salary is less then before. In the meanwhile the moral is very bad, lot of them are on the way to finish their homework and leave .... rumours 10 Captains have resigned already. Welcome to Abu Dhabi !
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Old 12th Feb 2006, 18:08
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Check your PM.
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Old 13th Feb 2006, 09:53
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hi little..

let me lauch with your 20 days duty.... for the time being it s 10 to 15 days on with stby... half of the previous allowance... so where is the improvment?
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Old 13th Feb 2006, 17:04
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questions from a possible newcomer

If MrLetterman is so far off, somebody give us a correct overview then... What about the rumours housing allowances going up ??
It surely must be US$ 7K exclusive of housing or am I that wrong ? I might as well stay in the UK if not.
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Old 13th Feb 2006, 19:05
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On Approach.

Etihad is still a work in progress. There are somethings not yet right, but i think give it time, it is going to be aplace to be. So if you are a bit patient, things could be better. Anyway, for the next few years there are jobs all over and if those guys at Etihad don't get their act together, you could just leave.
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Old 14th Feb 2006, 08:46
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Lettermans info looks as though that's the info they have given him on offer, and before he is/isn't going through the door. If you look closer Rogi he does mention accomodation is in addition.

Some advice here since I know an EK FO waiting for the perfect point to return to the UK due a diminishing bond/poor exchange rate. Never make any move to any carrier in this region before knowing precisely what you are going to get with regards to terms and conditions. Double check it with current staff if you can. Make sure you are standing on UK soil when you sign the contract and keep your passport to prove it. European law protects Euro citizens from unscrupulous employers under certain conditions. If asked to re sign a contract after joining, for some minor change, double check everything as there may be other larger changes. Exchange rates are also an issue for someone from the UK.

Never listen to rumours in this region about pay rises, accom rises etc. In the past these generally coincide with recruitment campaigns and don't materialise as everyone strives for the 'cost cutting' God.
If you come to this region never look on it other than a two/three year stint unless you really do like sand and building sites. If you like traffic congestion as well, you may like to consider the 'Dubai Traffic Festival' which is now 365 days of the year!

Hope this helps. If in doubt. Stand still.
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Old 14th Feb 2006, 09:27
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As I wrote, this info is WHAT ETHIHAD IS "OFFERING"

I do not work for them, do not have an offer to work for them, not interested in working for them, etc...

If what they offer is not what they comply with....., well, sounds to me like standard practice around here, so keep discovering until you find something better...

PS. ah yes, one more thing, they bond for 5 years...
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Old 15th Feb 2006, 01:10
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No bond as long as you are type rated on EY fleet.
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Old 15th Feb 2006, 06:18
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Right, no bond when you join as a type-rated F/O, however, bond for 5 years once you get upgrade anyway
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