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Emirates Staff Travel ID90


How is the company policy for Staff travel ?
I know that they povide one Anual Leave Ticket per year to your home destination but how does it work when I want to travel time to time back home ??
Emirates called those Staff Travel Tickets differently as I remember. During the briefing in Dubai I missed those details.
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Emirates staff travel starts after 6 months of service. Prior to that you can get Cat99 firm tickets if you have any time to leave DXB. After 6 months it is unlimited for you and immediate family. Your parents, brothers, sisters, and your spouses parents each get one Cat A subload and 1 Cat C firm ticket per year.

Sample fares for travel to Europe using Cat A subload:

DXB-LHR-DXB in Business class is USD 302.45 including taxes and fuel surcharge. In economy it would be $179. DXB-CDG-DXB in Business is $247.95, in economy it is $160. A ZED subload on Air Chance would be $108 not including taxes.

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CAT 99 only based on special offer.

You'll get CAT A ( subload ) and CAT C ( firm ) unlimited after 6 months.
as Thypoon said your relatives only got one of those CAT A and CAT C a year.
But they entitle for CAT 99 whenever there's an offer.. so keep checking! Usually they have it in notice board in CBC or emirates building. Every three months.

CAT 99 means the ticket cost you around 99 dollar and it's firm.
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Thanks, would you please tell me what is the exact difference between Class A & C tickets ?
If I request an Class A ticket to CDG and the plane get fully booked what happen ? Do I have to get a C class ticket so more expencive but Confirmed Ticket..

Thanks again
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You could get a Cat C ticket but as was found a few days ago in Dubai, a crew members father who had a ID 50 (firm) was left behind (even though there were seats available), it means very little at EK. You will learn that at EK staff on staff travel are treated like sh*t in Dubai. Personally speaking ground staff at Ek everywhere else in the world are always helpful and do the best they can.....
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I found at all outstations the EK staff to be brilliant, with respect to ID90 etc subload and confirmed travel. At DXB its hit and miss, the other day coming back to blighty, the agent tells me i would have to wait as there were payload restrictions.

What bo****ks, after five minutes and me advising him i would write a report regards his behaviour he finds me seat
I get on the plane and find 10+ seats free in my class of travel. This unfortunately is a common thing at DXB, i'm still gonna write a report, and encourage others to do the same. It might help, then again....

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I work for a US career(regional) and I am thinking about a switch to EK. Does EK spouses/ children/ parents get unmlimited ID-90/ Zonal passes after the six month period? Can you purchase first class Zonal passes with other airlines? Do you have an option to purchase discounted unlimited tickets (sub-load) with your own airline? How about business seats?

Where I work, self/spouse/children/parents get unlimited discounted "E-Passes" (business or coach) with my own airline (Continental+Express+Connection) and unlimited ID-90s/ Zonal passes on other airlines.
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In a nutshell.....
1. All rebate travel commences after 6 months of service
2. For "employee" and spouse and up to 3 kids unlimited SBY travel tickets to all EK destinations at around ID90 prices (fares differ on mileage) per year
3. 1 confirmed ticket home per person to Annual leave destination (decided in interview and non-negotiable) for all persons mentioned in point 2 above. This is per year of start date!!!
4. Class of travel for F/O's on subload is either Y or J class depending on which class of ticket you choose to purchase. For CPT's it's Y or J or F once again depending on what you buy. For annual leave ticket it's Y class firm upgradeable to J space available on departure for F/O's, and J class firm upgradeable to F space available on departure for Cpt's.
5. Children less than 16 cannot be upgraded to the higher class of travel on Annual leave tickets (on subload you all travel in the class you pay for)
6. Parents and parents-in-law, brothers and sisters of employee ONLY are entitled to 1 subload and 1 firm ticket (Cat C) per year in same class entitlement as employee, at rates dependant on mileage and class of travel paid for ie. CPT's family members can buy up to F class and F/O's family members up to J class
7. Cat 99 tickets are available to different destinations at different times of the year subject to load factor. Generally around $99 each way excl. taxes and in Y class only. You only know if they are available around 2 months in advance. Unlimited quantity to all family members mentioned above.
8. All "firm tickets" are confirmed but generally have low priority and are off-loadable to higher priority FIRM ticket holders. Suggest you check-in early to be safe!
9. After 3 years of service you can change your annual leave destination of travel ticket each year as mentioned in point 3 above
10. Extended relatives of Employee ONLY, ie grannies, uncles, nieces etc can get 1 Cat C firm ticket per person per year to selected destinations only, price dependant on mileage. Not very cheap and sometimes cheaper to buy a super Apex fare through a travel agent!!!
11. After 3 years of service you start accruing SRC or service related tickets at the rate of 1 ticket per year, subload. This gets beter after 5 and then 10 years but take note that it is 1 ticket in TOTAL and NOT 1 x ticket per family member
12. You can get unlimited subload travel for you the employee, spouse, children (and with some carriers YOUR parents) ,in Y class, on extensive other carriers through the ZED (zonal employee discount) scheme. Prices are dependant once again on mileage but close to ID90 fares
...... that's about it, I'm exhausted!

Happy New Year to all the flying Gang out there!

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I am thinking of joining the Emirates ranks as well. Can you tell me if there is any talk to getting free travel in coach? From what I have heard even a coach ticket is very pricey. In the US every airline that I know of is free for coach tickets for its employees. It would seem that a reduced full fare ticket would be cheaper than what it costs an employee to ride on his own airline. Does Emirates actually make a profit on staff travel? Thanks in advance and Happy New Year!
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Staff travel at EK is a (Huge) profit center. Most staff are expats. No chance of Freebees, no chance of off duty pilots getting in a jump seat for free or with paid tickets. J/S travel in any form is a non starter.
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Re: Emirates Staff Travel ID90

Thank you all for very detailed replies. Happy new year!
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