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Minor arrhythmias - do you have 'em and do they affect your medical?

At a routine checkup a while back I had an ECG done and they detected an arrhythmia. We decided to do a 24 hour holter check just to be sure.

We found I have 2 kinds of arrhythmia, both benign and common in young males (Like myself) and that I have no heart disease, just minor irregular timing and waveform shape. Looking around in some medical references they all state that these particular arrhythmias do not pose any risk of premature mortality nor do they indicate heart problems.

No medications prescribed nor needed.

What kind of problems will this cause if they appear during a routine air medical ECG?
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The AME guide on the CAA website has a fairly comprehensive list of electrical issues and whether they're acceptable or require further investigation. Certainly presented no issue for me (resting HR of 40-ish) and occasional missing beats.
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Hello, it all depends on your CAA rules. I have thousands of ectopics everyday, but never felt them in my chest. My kind of ectopics are also benign and they go away with exercise. My cardiologist said I don’t need any medication or change in lifestyle.

But with the CAA’s, different history. Normally if you have just rare or occasional ectopics, thats not really an issue for the CAA. If you have frequent ectopics then they usually will ask for some exams and an “OK” report from the cardiologist. I know that by the EASA rules they have a limit for ectopics (even if it is benign) and usually they require a Holter 24h. If you are above the limit, you can take a medication (a beta blocker) that helps you to get below the limit, then you repeat the exam. If you stay above the limit, you get an OML restriction.

You need to go through and check it with your doctor/AME.
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