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Kidney Stones

Old 15th Sep 2015, 16:05
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Kidney Stones

Hello PPRuNers,

Just want to know about curious case of "kidney stones" like if you remove them once how often they built up again and any permanent remedy.

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Old 15th Sep 2015, 17:41
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Can be down to diet but there is more than one cause. If you can capture one it can be analysed.

I have had kidney stones three times now and go from no pain or symptoms to wriggling around on the floor in agony in only 10 minutes.
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Old 15th Sep 2015, 17:58
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Most are "ideopathic." In other words, we just don't know why they occur.

There are some environmental factors which may play a part,sometimes it's metabolic, stuff like gout etc.

Here's some stuff about prevention, apologies, not sure how robust the info is...

It is important to drink plenty of fluid, especially in the summer months or a warm climate (urine output should be kept at > 3 litres per 24 hours).

Other prevention measures are directed towards the particular type of urinary tract stone:

calcium stones - reduce calcium intake and avoid vitamin D supplements
oxalate stones - reduce oxalate intake - foods with high oxalate content include chocolate, tea, nuts, beans, spinach, beetroot; reduce intake of citrus fruits (vitamin C)
cystine stones - high fluid intake, alkalinization of urine, D-penicillamine acts as a chelating agent
triple phosphate stones - antibiotics
uric acid stones - allopurinol, urinary alkalinization
Source:GP Notebook
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Old 15th Sep 2015, 18:38
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Thanks for the input, what is your opinion on effect of kidney stones on Aircrew medical as it messes the Urine test (in my case)
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Old 15th Sep 2015, 20:42
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Here's a short scribe regarding FAA and renal stones. You'd have to consult your own certifying authority also:

Kidney Stones - AOPA

I don't think FAA, at least, likes you flying with retained stones. I expect other agencies are similar. So you have to prove they are gone.

As Gingernut pointed out, there are some things to do to ameliorate stones, but in depends on the type of stone.
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Old 15th Sep 2015, 22:31
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Does this help?
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Old 16th Sep 2015, 05:41
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Its really helpful, Thank you so much.
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Old 17th Sep 2015, 06:11
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Thanks for the link and telling about DAO,Tg, IgA.
For some reason my Doc (radiologist) said food has very little to do with it but the other Doc (Surgeon) gave me a small list of what to eat and what to restrict.
What I have read from Internet If once you have stones you should restrict food which will form Oxalate and they affect different people differently.

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Flew with a retained stone for many years under UK CAA medical conditions - "as or with a co-pilot" Had x-ray check ups at two year intervals however nobody told the stone it had to stay put and it eventually passed a couple of years ago.

As LTNman man says , the least funny thing that's ever happened to me...
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Old 19th Sep 2015, 08:05
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Thanks for your Inputs
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