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ECG abnormal indication

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ECG abnormal indication

Old 13th Mar 2013, 22:57
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homon c, your inputs into the forum from a medical perspective are invaluable.
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Old 7th Dec 2013, 20:45
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Ive been reading from afar and gained some sort solice in the various posters thanks, despite this I do feel a bit uptight about what January has install for me I had a torn muscle/trapped nerve in my lop of left shoulder/ (neck?) went to be a hero and got on the bench for my ecg it was racing at 109 i was in a lot discomfort. 5 days later CAA, ST with minor abnormalities ECG says check for Ischemia . im 78 kg, 38, dont smoke, drink and have 86bpm as a normal white coat syndrome ; resting beat in front of the tele 66-72bpm, so now I have to go through the mill I dont like to read about what Ischemia means...

anyway daft to do an ECG when your feeling lowsy anyway (long story)...109 crikey , my colleague has Brachycardia rate of 42bpm...I suppose im just a Duracell bunny.
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Old 4th Feb 2016, 15:55
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ECG Anomoly

I read through this thread with interest as I am facing an echocardiogram and stress ECG at CAA HQ. Similar to GS Capture I have a depressed ST segment ( Upsloping )

Question to GS Capture, what was conclusion to your situation? I'll happily pass on my own after my visit
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Old 4th Feb 2016, 19:15
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Sorry Watermeths but I think your problem is different. If you are being investigated, I suspect a human has looked at you ECG and diagnosed the upslope. Cant really say any more but good luck
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Old 4th Feb 2016, 23:04
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WaterMeths, if you are having further tests... see that as a good thing. It means they want to give you a medical but are ruling something else out first.

ECGs can have all manner of different variables. An old family friend had his Class 1 suspended back in the 80s when he was working at CX because his ECG had issues... came back to the UK and saw a cardiologist at the CAA who had no issues with it, and said it was almost certainly down to the location of the ECG leads.
Having had it done in Hong Kong, where the locals have different body proportions to westerners, (particularly this guy who is quite lanky) the leads in the wrong place will have picked up different signals to what were expected.

I had an ECG once where it was picking up no ventricular contraction at all. Another where it had ST elevation. In both cases the doc disregarded it, turned the machine off and did another test at the end of the examination with new leads and sticky tabs, no issues.
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Old 4th Feb 2016, 23:57
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Psychophysiological entity
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Coffee? A dim and distant memory.

1965-ish, and a few skippers losing their medicals due to heart problems. They claimed their insurance and invested in other things. 20k was the figure then, a nice house and a business all paid for. That beats 0-four-hundred sparrows drive to work. Then the big news that hit the headlines. Coffee causes problems with heart check-ups. Well, there's a surprise.

Some of them got their medicals back, and kept their nice houses and businesses. I flew with some of them. They were the happiest of bunnies. Other pilots didn't like them because their premiums had gone up.

Can't please everyone.

Oh, just remembered. One bloke claimed twice. Successfully. He wasn't allowed to get cover again, he told me, laughing.
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Old 5th Feb 2016, 00:26
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Psychophysiological entity
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Location: Tweet Rob_Benham Famous author. Well, slightly famous.
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Just found this thread. Well, googxle did.


Only two and a bit pages, and often very funny.
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Old 6th Feb 2016, 13:52
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Reminds me of a past colleague... had his ECG and then went in to the quack. "Well Mr xxx according to this ECG you are dead". Wrongly placed leads? He got his Class 1 - not posthumously either!
Old 10th Feb 2016, 13:04
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Invariably when I have my ECG....

First attempt: Paper slides out of printer, doc looks at it and bins it.
Second attempt. Machine thumped with some vigour.
Third attempt. Getting closer. Machine is developing a headache.
Fourth attempt. Doctor: "Did you have an abnormal ECG last time?"
Fifth time lucky: Doctor: "Brilliant, I can explain away all the stuff on this one."
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Old 11th Feb 2016, 15:58
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Hey, thanks for the replies to my query re: my own ECG, and apologies to GS Capture for piggy-backing his thread. As I promised I am feeding back my own experience.

After all that worry, it turns out that my chest pump is fit and well - and now the CAA at least have the extra tests to sit on their laurels and let me fly with impunity.

Blimey it was a full day however! Rest ECG, treadmill ECG and the echo-cardio with all the waiting and nail biting in between.

The cardiologist (Dr Thomas) was a nice chap, put me at ease and simply told me I had nothing to worry about. It just goes to show, trying to self teach on the net (me) in two or three weeks is no substitute for 12 years worth of cardiology training.
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Old 11th Feb 2016, 18:31
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Keep in mind what an AME told me - "Your ECG is fine but it just shows that all was well at the time of the examination. You could drop dead walking out of the door!"

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