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Any have experience of this stuff?

I've just had it prescribed but there's some horror stories about it and I'm wondering whether to leave it in the cupboard.
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I've had no problems whatsoever with taking 10mg daily for the last couple of years. Just get regular BP checks, and periodical kidney function tests if advised by the GP.
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Balance it against the risk of stroke.

I have.
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I'm a US FAA Sr AME...posting here for the first time. Hope I can help out from time to time on generic aeromedical issues and not CAA-equivalent FARs. Amlodipine, trade name Norvasc, is a pretty decent choice for a blood pressure medication for a pilot. It should not interfere with situational awareness, executive functioning, or vigilance. The downside to this class of meds, known as calcium channel blockers, is some fluid retention that can cause ankle swelling. So if you're stuck on the flight deck for extended periods of time then you may want to watch for this side effect.
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Back to the question

The answer is no

Calcium channel blockers, depending on your history, can be the recommended first line treatment for blood pressure.

They are widely used and well tolerated but all drugs have side effects.

The risk of not taking treatment which your doctor presumably thinks is necessary is death from strokes and heart attacks.

SO either take them or discuss with your doctor. Doing nothing will not prolong your flying career
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Thanks for the replies, especially those assuming I am currently involved in flying (I wish).

It seems there are plenty who are quite satisfied with the results, although I would like to know what percentage have (some quite severe) problems.

They have just been delivered.......
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"but there's some horror stories about it "......

What 'horror stories' have you heard? Are you perhaps confusing calcium channel blockers with beta blockers? Just to add my 2 cents, in my experience, calcium channel blockers are generally very well tolerated and effective.
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Try this for a start - there's plenty more.

Amlodipine (view experience about)
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Am I over reacting to be a tad miffed that our questioner has nothing to do with flying????????

I am sure I am not alone in slanting my comments / answers to tbe relevant to the flying fraternity. Indeed, in some cases my posting would be totally inappropriate for the average man in the street.

The problem is that if this forum simply becomes somewhere anyone goes to for medical advice, I and other medically qualified people wont be getting involved as a result. Indeed, my postings might even be criticised.

I will leave it to others to decide on whether that would be an advantage or disadvantage......
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And once again it degenerates. Why can't you lot play nicely together???
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