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Exclamation Hurts to bend elbow

Just recently, as in within a few hours, it hurts when I bend my left arm. it feels like the nerve is "caught" and when I bend my arm, the nerve is being stretched. Its more discomforting the painful and theres no tingling or anything. I've tried "popping" my elbow and bending it back and forth but that just leads to pain. Thanks for your insight.
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Are you carrying a heavy nav bag with your left arm?

I had a bit of pain in my right arm from carrying a heavy nav bag. The pain went away with no treatment after I stopped carrying the nav bag and gave my arm a rest.
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good advice

I have to second redsnailís advice. Started getting the same symptoms you mentioned. Got myself a girly bag with wheels and it stopped after a couple of weeks. The laptop is what weighs the bag down. Not leaving it at home though.
Regards, O.
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May I suggest you use either an ice pack (a packet of frozen peas is good but remember to discard them when no longer needed) or use warmth - hot water bottle or simply a nice warm fluffy scarf wrapped loosely around your elbow and use whatever anti-inflammatory medicine you are permitted to use when flying. As for carrying your laptop - I have a special backpack for mine and it's great as it spreads the load evenly.
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Here's what happened to our son (aged 36) with similar problem.

1. Went NHS doc... doc was puzzled as son had sustained no injury. Gave him painkillers and anti-inflamatory drugs.
2. After couple of weeks and no relief went back to doc.. told to have an X-Ray, which took several weeks to organise with NHS.
3. X-Ray revealed nothing but son was told it could be a spur of bone growing following a childhood injury (!) and referred to a specialist and said it might mean an operation.
4. Following another long wait... saw specialist who said he thought nothing wrong and suggested a physiotherapist. This was to take well into the New Year with NHS.
5. Son paid £35 for a private consulation (within a couple of days) with a physio who did a sound scan and suggested several sets of exercises.
6. Within 2 days of starting the exercises the problem was greatly relieved and in a couple of weeks it had gone completely.

Moral... forget the quacks and go to a physio!

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Guy with a sore elbow goes to the Doc and says, "Doc, I've got this sort right elbow, I think it's because..."

"STOP", said the Doc, "I don't want you trying to diagnose your own problems, otherwise you wouldn't be here, if you knew what the cause was. I've just bought this super-duper diagnostic computer that requires you to give me a urine sample - but it has to be the first p!ss of the day, so take this sterile bottle home, and bring it back to me tomorrow."

"But I think it's only because I..."

"STOP! You are NOT a Doctor - just take the bottle and come back tomorrow.

Being a bit p!ssed off at having to come back again, the patient decides he'll teach the Doctor a lesson.
He takes the bottle home and gets his daughter to squirt a sample into it, then his wife, the family dog, and finally he ejaculates into it for good measure.
The next morning he returns to the Doctor with his "sample".

"Here you are Doc - what's your diagnosis?"

The Doctor takes the bottle over to the new super-duper diagnostic device, and tips it in.

Very quickly, a sheet of paper is churned out.
The Doctor reads through it and then looks at his patient.

"Yes Doctor?", asks the smirking man, "What is the result?", almost unable to contain himself from bursting into laughter, thinking about the contents of the bottle.

"Well sir, your daughter's pregnant, the wife is having an affair with the milkman, your dog has gout, and if YOU don't stop [email protected] you'll never get rid of that sore elbow!"
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