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tony draper 5th Jun 2003 20:26

The really really boring and totaly pointless snippets of information thread
Just got back from the park, it was overcast but the sun has come out now.
My beans and lettuces are doing well.
Think I will make some tea.

PS, Somebody dropped a full pint bottle of milk in my street earlier today, it broke of course.

topcat450 5th Jun 2003 20:31

The M1 was ok this morning, not too bad at all in fact.

It was just starting to get light at 3.45am this morning, it was daylight by 4.20am this morning.

My cat slept on my bed this morning...and she never does that.

oh and last night when I got in the central heating had been on and so for aroubd 4 hours...TCs house became a sauna for the whole street.

tony draper 5th Jun 2003 20:36

I like brown bread, but I do not like toast made from brown bread, dunno why, just one of them things I guess.

under_exposed 5th Jun 2003 20:44

My current diary does not have a map of the London underground.

Rugz 5th Jun 2003 20:46

My current diary does have a map of the London Underground

tony draper 5th Jun 2003 20:53

One normaly purchaces a loaf of white bread simply to make toast soldiers to accompany ones boiled egg in the mornings, something went wrong today, one had no white bread left.
One was forced to improvise, one made soldiers out of raw brown bread and butter, they were satifactory, if a tad bendy.
Nobody has swept up that broken milk bottle yet.

iainpoll 5th Jun 2003 20:58

I had two coffees this morning, a total of 8 shots of expresso. My hands are shaking only slightly.

PilotsPal 5th Jun 2003 21:00

Only 5 weeks till the Jimmy Choo summer sale.

under_exposed 5th Jun 2003 21:11

Can I borrow your diary Rugz ?

Rugz 5th Jun 2003 21:12

You could, except for another interesting piece of info, I've mislayed it somewhere this morning and I can't find the little bleeder....

Is Draper nicking more than just posts???? :suspect:

tony draper 5th Jun 2003 21:15

The sun rose at 4.31 AM this morning, it will set at 9.39 PM tonignt, all things being equal that is.

topcat450 5th Jun 2003 21:20

My dragon tree is looking a bit sorry for itself, I'll pull the dead bits off later.

Minestrone Cupp-a-soup - whilst being OK...it isn't a filling lunch.

treadigraph 5th Jun 2003 21:21

I exactly have four hours and twenty five minutes before I can leave the office to go to the pub - though, of course, when you read this it will be less, or may even have happened. Oh thta's four hours and twenty four minutes now...

singaporegirl 5th Jun 2003 21:22

I changed my winter duvet for my summer duvet last week.

Brown bread becomes too hard when toasted - doesn't absorb butter and go all gooey like white bread.

T_richard 5th Jun 2003 21:22

I have a Tide Tool in my Palm Pilot Vx that tells me the high and low tides each day as well as sunrise, sunset and phases of the moon.

The next high tide is at 1237 hrs EDT, the next low tide is 1731 hrs EDT

LITOW 5th Jun 2003 21:23

Just eaten a Tunnocks Caramel Wafer. I forgot how good they are

tony draper 5th Jun 2003 21:25

When one gives the matter some thought though, this being a multi cultural multi ethnic society,there is probably a large sector of our population that does like toast made from brown bread.

Mr Richard,far be it for me to correct you, but rather like sunrise and sunset, it depends where you are.
Any decent 5 agent could work out where you live from the information you just supplied.

slim_slag 5th Jun 2003 21:26

I wonder where my belly button fluff has gone, there was some there last time I looked.

singaporegirl 5th Jun 2003 21:27

My diary has a section for personal expenses.

Evening Star 5th Jun 2003 21:27

I choose not to download a map of the London Underground into my Palm Vx.

I have over 150 posts! It must be about time I clicked and ordered a Personal Title.

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