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Sultan Ismail 5th Jun 2003 23:42


consonants again

You probably mean Aldwych but as someone has said, it is closed. Mind you they haven't filled in the hole yet.

You got the address, right?

Sultan Ismail

tony draper 5th Jun 2003 23:44

I remember Quatermass and the Pit, don't go down that feckin Hobbs End station at night. :uhoh:

Rugz 5th Jun 2003 23:44

Blimey, can't keep up with this thread!!

I read the latest post, click reply, type my reply quickly, hit submit and another 5 have already appeared....scary

witchdoctor 5th Jun 2003 23:46

I know - been away on another thread and 2 pages added, including references to the rain in Ayrshire. What have you done to the place? It was always sunny when I was a lad in Irvine.

Chaffers 5th Jun 2003 23:46

Unless theres been a footballer called Blood at some point then I doubt it. 'Twould be a transfusion in that case.

Ozzy 5th Jun 2003 23:46

Knightsbridge nice try Sultan. Did a bit of work on the London Underground in my youth, the saftey test consisted of walking across the live tracks of the Piccadilly line. If you made it you passed.


SLF 999 5th Jun 2003 23:47

Time for me to leave work and travel that god forsaken road called the M8 going to Edinburgh, this morning I travelled the same road going to Glasgow but now I have to do it the other way and tomorrow morning I have to do it all over again one way then the other but on saturday I dont

[email protected] 5th Jun 2003 23:48

I used to have a ginger cat.

I don't any more.

And before you start, it did not get painted a different colour...

timmcat 5th Jun 2003 23:50

Dare and double dare a mod to lock this one....

tony draper 5th Jun 2003 23:50

Huh, I had to drive from Gateshead to Kirrimuir and back again every day forra week.
Feckin kackered I was. :(

Sultan Ismail 5th Jun 2003 23:52

I was working at Bond Street Underground Station the day Ian Smith declared UDI in Rhodesia, 11 November 1965.

Sultan Ismail

Rugz 5th Jun 2003 23:52

Let's see....

At 16:46hrs there were 128 posts in this thread.

Now seeing as this thread was started at 13:26hrs, that means:

(Quick calculations....)

An average of 1.5625 posts per minute.

Which means:

(Quick calculations....)

If we keep this up we will break the thousand post mark in approximately 10.5 hours.

Unless the mods catch wind of this of course :suspect:

simon brown 5th Jun 2003 23:52

By enlarge, shark attacks usually involve people who are wet

iainpoll 5th Jun 2003 23:53

If anyone wants to buy a hovercraft, those big cross channel ones are still for sale. PM me.

IFTB 5th Jun 2003 23:53


That's mine! It's Dutch roll! Not Ayrshire roll.

Coming to think of it, there's a place called Dutch house near the end of the runway at Prestwick.

That's OK then, Ayrshire roll is OK. :ok:

Ozzy 5th Jun 2003 23:55

but remember Rugz the PPrune clock is not right it is clocking another universe with a slight timeshift


slim_slag 5th Jun 2003 23:57

If you need to look at a map of the underground you will find one at an underground station

singaporegirl 5th Jun 2003 23:57

In April they found a stray tortoise near the tracks close to North Ealing Tube station on the Piccadilly line of the London underground. It was a 51-year-old female called Tommy.

Rugz 5th Jun 2003 23:58

Er...if it was stray how did they know it was 51, or female or called Tommy???

:suspect: Yet another conspiracy :suspect:

They're everywhere I tell ya

Chaffers 6th Jun 2003 00:01

Mods catch wind eh? So busy belching and farting that they don't notice some hanky panky on the boards. Plausible me thunks.

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