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spork 30th Jul 2003 23:10

The Mile High Swinging Bridge in North Carolina was built to give visitors easy access to the breath-taking view :eek: from Grandfather Mountain's Linville Peak. The 228ft suspension bridge spans an 80ft chasm at more than one mile in elevation.

Former North Carolina Tourism Director Charles J. Parker :8 coined the name "Mile High Swinging Bridge" at the bridge's dedication in 1952. The term "mile high" refers to the structure's elevation above sea level (5,305 feet) and the term "swinging" refers to the fact that suspension bridges are free to sway.

tony draper 30th Jul 2003 23:51

The suspension bridge was invented in Britain as were most things.

Strange folks those Knights Templars , they worship a large disembodied head called Barphomet, it speaks to them.
Compared to them we Albigensians are quite normal, most folks can see the logic in worshiping a large ball of string, but a huge speaking head? don't bare feckin thinking about it don't.

PS, I would not let my daughter marry a Knight Templar, if I had one that is, which I don't, a Daughter I mean, not a Knight Templar, why would one have a Knight Templar about the house.silly that is.

singaporegirl 31st Jul 2003 04:45

Well, I wouldn't mind having a Templar of Doom, as long as Indiana Jones pops up to save me...

tony draper 31st Jul 2003 05:05

One of the rules of evolution states that no carnivore has horns,only those critters that live on vegtable matter are allowed horns, ergo, Old Nick after he has finish pitchforking sinners into the firey furness for the day, goes home to a nut cutlet dinner, no wonder he is such a pain in the arse.

Ozzy 1st Aug 2003 00:39

The name of the holder of patent #1 was a guy called Samuel Hopkins of Vermont. Issued in 1790, the claims covered the process for making potash and pearl ashes.

But hang on a minute, it wasn't the first patent issued as there had been thousands granted before old Sammy's. It was only then that some bright spark thought to number them

However, the official USPTO web site does not support this fact...


singaporegirl 1st Aug 2003 00:45


As a Brit in California, do you say tomato or tomato?

spork 1st Aug 2003 01:26

If it's any help, I always say tomato, but my American cousin says tomato. Anyway, back to the pointless - in England we have Zebra, Pelican, Toucan and Puffin crossings.

Zebra crossings are the old original crossings. Pelican crossings are the Pedestrian Light Controlled crossings. Toucan crossings are where pedestrians and cyclists share a wide and unsegregated crossing area. A Puffin has a pedestrian sensor which detects if you walk away, and then it does not stop the traffic. I wonder if pedestrians have a puffin sensor?

tony draper 1st Aug 2003 01:54

Reports of a Golden Eagle, around the chopwell woods area of my district, some disagreement as to whether it is a Golden Eagle of a common or garden Eagle,one could have told them in a trice, yer Golden eagle's cannne teeth protude when its beak is closed, the Golden Eagle has ten tentacles, two of which are much longer than the rest for grasping prey, whereas the common eagle has only eight tentacles all the same length.
My generation where more at one with nature,and knew our critters, most kids now think Sainsburies have a factory where apples are manufactured.

lunkenheimer 1st Aug 2003 01:56

The Anlan suspension bridge in China was built over 1700 years ago. I didn't realize China was a province of England at that time, but it must have been so as this is not the totally boring and pointless and incorrect snippets of information thread :}

tony draper 1st Aug 2003 01:59

If you mean a few sticks hanging on a couple of ropes, yes then them foreign Johnnies had them a while back, but one assumed we were talking about proper cast iron suspension bridges one could drive a horse and cart across.

singaporegirl 1st Aug 2003 05:10

I have a stuffed puffin on my mantelpiece. He's called Puffy, and I got him in Iceland. That was before I knew about the puffin man who lives in Drury Lane.

Ozzy 1st Aug 2003 05:32

I can hardly pronounce tomato, never mind tomAto...


Duckbutt 1st Aug 2003 05:46

"I have a stuffed puffin on my mantelpiece. He's called Puffy, and I got him in Iceland."

Your local branch obviously has a much larger range of stock than mine which only has the usual stuff like beefburgers, peas and ice cream.

spork 1st Aug 2003 06:37

Mmmmmmm... Bernard Matthews oven-ready butterball puffin! Yum! :)

surely not 1st Aug 2003 16:53

A yes Stuffed Puffin. Particularly pleasant when stuffed with a sundried tomato, rosemary & green peppercorn mix cooked for 25 mins per pound.

singaporegirl 1st Aug 2003 19:12

Actually in Iceland I think it's more often eaten salted, smoked or curried. Along with those other Icelandic delicacies of rams' testicles pickled in whey, sheep's head, and sheep's innards tied up in sheep's stomach. Obviously those little boxes marked 'beefburgers' or 'fish fingers' in the freezer cabinets lose something in translation...

topcat450 1st Aug 2003 20:00

All this talk of Ram's Nuts & Sheeps heads is making me feel queasy:yuk:

Tomorrow I go off on my hols for 10 days of sun, sand, & surfing!

OK...I might have lied about the surfing bit

Ozzy 1st Aug 2003 20:22

All my socks are either pairs of black or pairs of white. It makes deciding which to wear easy. If I get mixed up and wear one black and one white it is of great comfort to know I have another pair just like them at home.

Have a happy hols topcat450


surely not 1st Aug 2003 22:13

Yippee, my daughter has just passed her UK theory test for the driving exam at the 3rd attempt.

Been out to lunch with her to celebrate. Just returned to find England struggling in the Test Match.

singaporegirl 1st Aug 2003 23:13

Puffins feed on fish, crustaceans and squid, but probably not giant squid (Architeuthis dux). Like golden eagles, giant squid have a pair of feeding tentacles that are much longer than the rest of the tentacles. Unlike golden eagles, they also apparently have a 1.5 metre penis, according to this week's New Scientist.

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