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Ozzy 5th Jun 2003 23:07

True trivial fact time regarding the London Underground - first anorak to answer gets a free LU pass for a day.

Which LU station has the most number of consonants one after the other in its name?


Chaffers 5th Jun 2003 23:09

Bit pertinant that I feel.

IFTB 5th Jun 2003 23:13

The Gorbals station! :E

Sultan Ismail 5th Jun 2003 23:13

It's getting late, soon be time for bed, didn't go out tonight, couldn't find my Underground map.

Did you hear about the Old Trafford boys, you know, Lords of the Oval, drowned, fell off the Trent Bridge. Ashes to ashes...

Sultan Ismail

tony draper 5th Jun 2003 23:13

I did however spend five years working on the Tyne and Wear Metro System when it was being built, I have any amount of maps of that, although in truth ,not all of it is underground.
Prooners requiring Tyne and Wear Metro System Maps please contact my agent.

iainpoll 5th Jun 2003 23:14

Maybe David Seaman lost his underground map......

singaporegirl 5th Jun 2003 23:18

Apparently the District line has possible delays in both directions.

Chaffers 5th Jun 2003 23:18

Is that a transfer or an ejaculation? :E

tony draper 5th Jun 2003 23:18

Perhaps the London Underground is a Myth, like Eldorado, or err Australia.

PilotsPal 5th Jun 2003 23:19

Sadly the London Underground is no myth.

My favourite station is Aldwych but no one used it very much and so it was closed (remember An American Werewolf in London? That was Aldwych....)

Rugz 5th Jun 2003 23:20

The London Underground has nearly 400 route miles of underground railway line, the majority of which is double track (oooooh).

However, only about 50% of this is actually underground.

Hang on, that ain't right. If it's not underground ya can't call it underground. I sense another conspiracy here :suspect:

Chaffers 5th Jun 2003 23:20

Or Macclesfield. No fecker knows where Macclesfield is.

Squawk7777 5th Jun 2003 23:22

my cat just farted ...

... and I realize that this is my first day back at pprune after a 1 1/2 month absence. :rolleyes:

Chaffers 5th Jun 2003 23:23

I've never heard a cat fart.

singaporegirl 5th Jun 2003 23:23

Some woman hit me on the head with an umbrella on the London underground once. Can't remember which station it was though.

T_richard 5th Jun 2003 23:23

If a cat farts in the woods and no one else is there, does it make a noise?

Binoculars 5th Jun 2003 23:24

Hardly worth a thread on its own, so where better to put it tha nere?

Remeber the redneck song? If you wear a dress that's strapless with a bra that isn't, you may be a redneck. Just thought of that while I watch Serena Williams in the French Open. Dear, what could she have been thinking?

tony draper 5th Jun 2003 23:24

I do , I been there a few times, straight down the A1, turn right along the M62 and its near the end.
If yer turn left yer finish up in Hull and I don't think yer wanna do that.

Ozzy 5th Jun 2003 23:24

No attempts on the trivia question - it is about the London Underground. You folks are obviously too busy


Chaffers 5th Jun 2003 23:26

Is that a new record to 100 posts?

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