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Dan Dare 20th Apr 2021 09:28

My hope is that these “woke orthodoxies” aren’t universal, just the loudest voices at the moment, and that people regardless of colour or creed are more sensible. The funeral was beautifully done and had many pointed mentions of service and duty. I had to chuckle at the idea of HRH choosing the passage in the first lesson from Ecclesiastes with “He scattered the snowflakes...”.

Less Hair 20th Apr 2021 11:29

You can't get much more return on investment than having Royals work for life and tens of years each. They even seem to top Popes. I don't see any end of the Royals approaching. They will focus on the core team but stay relevant.
Aside from a little drama here and there they in fact have some bright minds ready. Their non always PC and non politician style is worth a bit. They are set to stay and this is why they care from a different perspective.
They even promote aviation. What more could be asked for?

flash8 20th Apr 2021 14:42

the end of the Royals - not in a revolutionary way but I agree flash, that this is likely. The country has undergone fundamental and irreversible change since Her Majesty and the Duke assumed their roles. The traditional notions of pro patria, the cultural and religious values once the glue of our national framework and which the monarchy represents, have been rejected by an ignorant, neo-Marxist and hedonistic millennial generation in favour of the new, largely unworkable (but conformingly woke) orthodoxies. In this new order I see no room for a Royal Family of declining national relevance. Sadly, and to the nation's (however that may be constituted in the future) disadvantage, the stability, comfort and wisdom embodied in the institution will be lost.
Not sure I'd attempt to go that far Gypsy! But was thinking about this today and realized for those of use fifty and over the Royals have in some way been an integral part of our lives, for better or worse. Today's generation (risking sounding like an old fart) frankly have no time for what they see as an anachronism , but what disturbs me more, is that in a way the Royals (esp. the Queen) were woven into our value system, our lives and our very being - they were part of the "glue" that bound us together as a nation. The decline of the Royals mirrors the decline in values in society, it's all about me-me-me now, from the top to the bottom.

Like many I suspect had a Grandmother who bemoaned "the good 'ol days" and here was flash, laughing inwardly at her as a youth, well the laughs on me now, for we will never see our good 'ol days again, and good they were.

I left the UK a few decades ago however the Queen one of the few I respected then and now.

ThorMos 20th Apr 2021 15:46

I would love to hear what he really, really thought of the ex-president Donny...

esa-aardvark 20th Apr 2021 17:05

I met him twice. First time he got out of his helicopter, after about a 15 min journey.
Said 'how do you do ?' to me. I had trouble responding, never seen anyone so smartly
groomed before. 'How do you do' did not cut the mustard. Fortunately was accompanied
by a decent number of 18 year old girls, so did not have to say much.
Second time was talking to him about conservation of some land, when the local great & good noticed. All
of a sudden he was weaned away, and I was on my own.

Gipsy Queen 20th Apr 2021 19:51

Originally Posted by ThorMos (Post 11031283)
I would love to hear what he really, really thought of the ex-president Donny...

I should be very surprised if he bothered to think about him at all!

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