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keyboard flier 19th Mar 2021 13:11

First one I remember was mk 1 cortina estate, then it was a moskvitch followed by: Austin Maxi, Princess, Mk 2 Granada, Sapphire before I left home.

ZFT 19th Mar 2021 13:27

Originally Posted by Effluent Man (Post 11012056)
A trade term for a vehicle that is past it's first flush of youth and may be modified by the popular ferrus oxide lightening process.

Thanks. I've learnt something today.

Imagegear 19th Mar 2021 13:33

Originally Posted by Effluent Man (Post 11012056)
A trade term for a vehicle that is past it's first flush of youth and may be modified by the popular ferrus oxide lightening process.

More like a "heap of corrosion".


Ninthace 19th Mar 2021 14:02

My dad had an 850 side valve Morris Minor with split screen. I was occasionally allowed to drive it on old WW2 airfields in return for cleaning it. At first, he had to do the roof as I wasn't tall enough.
We used to go on holiday to the south of France, camping en route, in the pre autoroute days following printed strips provided by the AA. One year we burned out the side wall of a tyre on the Route Napoleon going over the Alps and had to go as far as St Raphael to get a replacement. The car had Town and Country tyres on the back with mudflaps made from old inner tubes. It was two and a half days there and two and a half back and Dad only got a fortnight's holiday!

wowzz 19th Mar 2021 14:20

"about it was the floor mounted starter switch."
I had one of those in my first car, an Austin Mini Traveller, built around 1964.

UpaCreak 19th Mar 2021 14:28

Dad's first car was a Morris 10, Reg No BMU 156, it was his fathers before that. I was always intrigued by the rad thermometer mounted on top of the radiator so that it could be seen from the front seats.

spekesoftly 19th Mar 2021 15:09

One of my late father's early cars was a Ford V8 Pilot. As a youngster in the 1950s, I was impressed by its hydraulic jacking system operated by a hand pump in the engine bay, and a three-way valve to select front, rear or all. Much easier to change a wheel than using a conventional screw jack.

ShyTorque 19th Mar 2021 15:13

If I copied my father's car, I'd be walking...I was the first on his side of the family to buy one.

Ninthace 19th Mar 2021 15:17

In my first tour in the RAF at Halton, the gliding club kept its MT next to the Motor Club behind the workshops, On Wednesday afternoons (remember those?) I used to pick up the tractor on my way home for lunch as my MQ was next to the track down to the airfield. Since the tractor was a devil to start, I used to leave it running when I parked it on the driveway while I grabbed a bite and changed out of uniform. My daughter, who was toddler at the time, found this puttering beast fascinating and probably explains why her first word was "tractor".

paulc 19th Mar 2021 15:58

I know my dad had Ford Classic mid 60s followed by a mk1 Cortina, followed by Mk2 then 2 Mk3 then 2 mk 4 one of which was stolen off our drive.(TDL 104S) These were all company cars and his final company one was a Sierra. (MOT 496Y) A Nissan Bluebird and Jag S type followed on retirement.
My mum had a more varied list Ford Anglia and Escort with a Nissan Sunny, Renault 12 and 5, 2x Nissan Micra and a Peugeot 205. Final car was a Fiesta.

Out Of Trim 19th Mar 2021 16:14

My Father’s first car that I remember in the early 60s was a 1930s Austin10. We sometimes borrowed Grandad's Austin A55 for holidays down to Mevagissey in Cornwall. The next car was a 1963 Morris Oxford he kept until around 1982. Good times and no seat belts! :eek: Then a new Peugeot 305 Estate. Finally a Peugeot 405 Estate.

Ancient Mariner 19th Mar 2021 16:20

Originally Posted by ShyTorque (Post 11012145)
If I copied my father's car, I'd be walking...I was the first on his side of the family to buy one.

Me too, my father never owned a car, diabetes prohibited driving.

oldbeefer 19th Mar 2021 16:22

Originally Posted by rogerg (Post 11011718)
My dad could never afford car but he did have a push bike with an engine in the rear wheel to take him to work.

Known as a Cyclemaster. I had one when I was about 12 which I used to 'race' around the local fields with no silencer!

clareprop 19th Mar 2021 16:28

Austin FX3 and Austin FX4

osborne 19th Mar 2021 16:38

Here's my Dad's Vauxhall Victor that I learned to drive on during the harsh snowy winter of 1962/63.

American styling, three-speed column shift, and valve radio for the Great 208. What more could I ask for? And I passed.


Effluent Man 19th Mar 2021 16:41

Austin Metropolitan?

ex82watcher 19th Mar 2021 17:03

EM,though I don't think I've seen an interior before,the distinctive forward-leaning front pillar leads me to agree that it's a Victor.Despite the fashionable column-change,I'm slightly surprised that it doesn't have a bench-seat as in the Zephyr mk 3,in which I learned to drive.

Kiltrash 19th Mar 2021 17:09

Best car Grandad had, to a wide eyed 6-7 year old was a Ford Consul. Noted for a V4 engine. Worse car was previously noted Rover P1. Where presumably due to aerodynamic pressure the metal sunroof would fly out the roof at speeds over 50. Needless to say we went everywhere at 45. ...
While teaching us to drive he would get out at hill start time and put a box of matches behind tbe wheel and if box got crushed the lesson was over.
He never passed a test as between thr wars they just gave licences away as he was in the Army and home Guard in WW2. The stories he would tell for Grenade practice. ...

KelvinD 19th Mar 2021 17:14

When my Dad finally finished with the Navy in the Korean War, he had a succession of motor bikes, some with side cars. Then he decided he would need something with a bit more room, presumably after driving from the Wirral to Pwllheli with my sister and I knocking lumps out of each other in the sidecar. His first adventure was a Reliant 3 wheeled van (pre-Del boy). He had discovered that he could drive this on his motor cycle licence (gained at Taranto courtesy of the RN during WW2) as long as the vehicle was not capable of reverse. Someone sowed him a wheeze, using a plate in the gear box that theoretically blanked off selection of reverse. Theoretically doesn't always match reality so, while he could satisfy police etc that reverse was blanked off, he knew how to select and use it anyway!
I don't remember the order in which he had his later cars but one do remember very fondly was a Triumph Renown. He didn't have that one too long but I remember as a kid doing a tour around Scotland in it. Really spacious for us in the back. I am not sure if the dog liked it as much as we did. While driving along through Scotland one afternoon, with my rear window half open, the dog decided to leg it, presumably after some sheep, and leapt through the open window. Luckily, I had been holding the dog with his lead and collar on so, despite having gone wind surfing for a number of seconds, slapping against the body work, I was able to wind him in safely.

ex82watcher 19th Mar 2021 17:18

Kiltrash,your mention of the Ford Consul reminds me that as a nipper,I always admired the now very rarely seen Consul Capri.With its rakish lines and wings at the back,It looked to me then, like 'Supercar' from the TV puppet series.

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