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denachtenmai 22nd Aug 2020 11:08

Saturday smile
Big grins today, this doing low level beat ups right over me :D


hiflymk3 22nd Aug 2020 12:13

Lucky you and pilot, bit choppy up there today though.

denachtenmai 22nd Aug 2020 13:05

Fortunately quite clear when here, probably 3/8 scattered cu, just after though, heavy showers; still smiling!

treadigraph 22nd Aug 2020 14:07

The Biggin Spits are up and about today, as they were yesterday - I was quite pleasantly surprised to see one take off as I walked along the track across Farleigh Golf Course as it really was blowing a stonker!

treadigraph 22nd Aug 2020 19:26

Just seen Biggin's latest 2 seat Spit returning to the fold, smile on my face now too! Painted in Australian colours, though I couldn't see that from five miles away, wind trees precluded much in the way of Merlin growl as well...

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