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WB627 10th Apr 2020 22:42

If you have never listened to Derek and the Dominos Live at the Fillmore, I would recommend that you do so, sooner rather than later.

Start with this track

Eric Clapton at his best IMHO

Saab Dastard 10th Apr 2020 22:58

For me, must be Bach, and at Easter, must be this:

and at any other time of the year:

ShyTorque 10th Apr 2020 23:11

Out Of Trim 10th Apr 2020 23:44

Out Of Trim 11th Apr 2020 00:26

Barksdale Boy 11th Apr 2020 00:28

On Good Friday it has to be Lotti - Crucifixus.

bnt 11th Apr 2020 09:28

FullOppositeRudder 11th Apr 2020 11:37

So much beautiful music out there to uplift the soul... Right now, Bach St Matthew Passion ranks very highly. At other times there are the Bach organ works, Brahms' 2nd Piano Concerto, the later Dvorak Symphonies (especially the last), most Beethoven and a lot of Mozart - and others in the classical repertoire. It's all good stuff - well much of it (I have my dislikes too) ...

But for all round listening at any time, it's easy and safe to chose any of the numerous versions I have of Rimsky Korsakov's Scheherezade. For a totally captivating viewing performance, I find it hard to go past this one:

Barksdale Boy 11th Apr 2020 12:01

Haydn can be relied on to lift the spirits.

treadigraph 11th Apr 2020 12:38

Sleepy Shores by Johnny Pearson is one of those easy listening pieces I've always liked.

It was used to bookend John Edward's film "Wind In the Wires", narrated by James Mason; apart from various Shuttleworth beauties, it features two cavorting Rothmans Stampes, very likely in the hands of Manx Kelly and Neil Williams. Not on YouTube, so here are links to the titles and credits.

Wind in the Wires - title sequence

Closing Sequence

Torquetalk 11th Apr 2020 13:43

Mostly melancholic in mood, but Radiohead is a well that keeps giving. Life in a Glasshouse from Insomniac

spInY nORmAn 11th Apr 2020 20:37

Because I drifted off to sleep to this melody many times as a lad, I find this little piece of music very soothing and comforting. Is there anything so uniquely British as the Shipping Forecast?

WB627 11th Apr 2020 22:23

If only to prove I am not just into Prog Rock ……..

Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina

SASless 12th Apr 2020 18:12

Back in time when I was growing up...in a much simpler time and place than now....music like this was common.

From impromptu gatherings or around a campfire listening to the Fox Hounds run in the hollows at night.....even in the little white church.

Every now and then it helps to think back to those simpler days and to consider the path that leads to where you are now.

Bluegrass certainly has a place in my Soul...where the fire snaps and pops, the winds blow, the aroma of fallen leaves and wood smoke....the tang of home made....and the baying of the hounds....starlight and the magic of it all.

WB627 13th Apr 2020 10:33

Music For Hope -
I thought this performance yesterday by Andrea Bocelli live from Duomo di Milano should appear hear

Capt Kremmen 13th Apr 2020 10:44

Not sure if I have the spelling correct, this piece caters for all: "Ellabatsione by Domenico Zippoli. Your heart will turn somersaults !

RedhillPhil 13th Apr 2020 14:46

Originally Posted by Sallyann1234 (Post 10745601)
One musical performance that won't be happening today is the Royal Choral Society's 144th annual performance of Handel's Messiah. They have sung it every year on Good Friday since 1876, through wars and the 1918 flu epidemic. But Covid19 has prevented it today and the Royal Albert Hall is silent.


SallyAnne. Nil desperandum. Enjoy who my late wife (a professional classical singer) called the "Master of Handel" conducting a small choir and orchestra. Everything clear as a bell and every word heard.
Sir Colin Davis really enjoying himself.

Sallyann1234 13th Apr 2020 15:40

Originally Posted by RedhillPhil (Post 10748757)
SallyAnne. Nil desperandum. Enjoy who my late wife (a professional classical singer) called the "Master of Handel" conducting a small choir and orchestra. Everything clear as a bell and every word heard.
Sir Colin Davis really enjoying himself.


There have been many great recordings of the Messiah, but nothing can compete with the power of the RCS in full voice.
I have a brief appearance in that 2012 recording and would have been there this year.

Dan Dare 13th Apr 2020 22:58

I'm surprised that nobody has gone for Lark Ascending
- a great British balm for the soul if ever I heard one. Maybe Classic FM listeners don't PPRuNe (today it was voted by them as No1 for the second year running)?

Torquetalk 16th Apr 2020 21:06

Mandolin Orange‘s excellent Tiny Desk gig

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