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Bergerie1 5th Apr 2020 15:48

That was lovely, and how about this young lad?

WB627 5th Apr 2020 18:15

Psalm 51 by Gregorio Allegri incredible piece of music with lyrics to match


WB627 6th Apr 2020 15:30

Warning Aviation Content
Bonjour mes amis. All gone quiet again.

So here is one for all of you that need some aviation with your music courtesy of Pilotes de Chasse Marine Nationale

Caboclo 6th Apr 2020 22:06

Caboclo 6th Apr 2020 22:08

Caboclo 6th Apr 2020 22:14

Caboclo 6th Apr 2020 22:18

Caboclo 6th Apr 2020 22:29

Caboclo 6th Apr 2020 22:30

Ok WB627, your turn.

Bergerie1 7th Apr 2020 08:44

Rather clever, n'est ce pas?

RedhillPhil 7th Apr 2020 13:07

This is nice.. It's always been nice.

RedhillPhil 7th Apr 2020 13:09

But this is nicer.

treadigraph 7th Apr 2020 13:22

Originally Posted by RedhillPhil (Post 10742531)
This is nice.. It's always been nice.

Lucky enough to see Arthur Lee at the Royal Festival Hall in 2003 - a great musician who had a somewhat troubled life...

artee 7th Apr 2020 20:57

Originally Posted by RedhillPhil (Post 10742534)
But this is nicer.

I'll raise you The Tallis Scholars Allegri: Miserere

Donkey497 7th Apr 2020 22:14

I guess that I am not wired up the same way as the rest of the population There are a couple of tracks that I've been watching / listening to that raise my mood that I guess most people would not understand.
First of all, is Johnny Cash's supremely judged and presented cover of Nine Inch Nails' "Hurt".
The lyrics lay out the understanding that we are all here only temporarily and it is up to the individual to make the best of the hand they are dealt through their own efforts the video only helps to demonstrate the temporary nature of life and possessions. Most powerful of all is Mr. Cash's voice, full of a lifetime's experiences and sadly like June in the video, not long for the world, but the absolutely indominatable willpower demonstrated at the final crescendo of the track.
Secondly is Van Halen;s "Right Now"
This is more visual for the on-screen commentary and there's little more powerful than the commentary accompanying the golden retriever about 45 seconds in.

We are all connected, we are all responsible for how our own individual actions impact others and we have a personal responsibility to be the best we can be to the betterment of ourselves and our fellow creatures irrespective of race, creed, colour or species.
I'm not saying be nice to each other, I'm saying we should behave to each others as we'd want others to behave towards us.

Bergerie1 8th Apr 2020 06:59


That was the best by far.

Dan Dare 8th Apr 2020 10:23


as balm for the soul there is no greater music than that. No one could top it. Game over!

The Tallis Scholars brought Miserere to me in the 80s and Iíve taken every opportunity to hear it live since. I could only dream of being at their Sistine Chapel performance 😢

Gordomac 8th Apr 2020 10:45

Bit more time on my hands (don't worry, washed AND sanytised ) but as a jazz freak , ANYTHING by Pat Metheny with fabbo Lyle Mays on board takes me beyond V1. Double Jack & coke with lots of ice and we are V2 + 15 !

Bergerie1 8th Apr 2020 10:55

Dan Dare,

You said it so much more eloquently than me, I agree with your sentiments entirely. That treble descant is sublime.

Barksdale Boy 8th Apr 2020 13:37

Sad not to be singing Miserere this year: cathedral here in lockdown.

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