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Andrewgr2 22nd Jan 2020 05:22

Coronavirus: The Thread
China claims to have learned from SARS and not to be hushing up the current outbreak. A relative working in China has seen this notice. What should he make of it?


UniFoxOs 22nd Jan 2020 06:27

That the chinese authorities are liars?

meadowrun 22nd Jan 2020 06:37

Since just talking about Official People's Republic of China Information on the outbreak with other citizens could invoke legal liability,
does the People's Republic of China have legal liability for being the source of said outbreak?

ORAC 22nd Jan 2020 06:53

I have been monitoring the reports over the past couple of 2eeks and, at the moment, there doesn’t seem a lot to worry about. The WHO has just the risk level from Very Low to Low, but preparations are mainly precautionary.

Infections were initially animal to human, but it has mutated to allow human-human transmission, though transmissibility seems low in that there have only been hundreds, not thousands, of cases and not everyone in a household for example. It would suggest it is transmitted by aerosol.

The fatality level is also very low with victims mainly being hospitalised fir a period. The first fatality, IIRC being in their late 70s with a history of chests problems.

Not so say it won’t mutate again, but most become milder as the virus adapts to the host (on the other hand the great Spanish Flu epidemic had two waves and the second wave was the lethal one). And of course they are already working in a vaccine.

Fareastdriver 22nd Jan 2020 08:01

I believe it is a form of rumour control. When you have millions of people living on top of each other then malicious rumours or fake news can lead to panic.

The government issues the information; it is illegal to embellish it.

Andrewgr2 22nd Jan 2020 08:07

But the notice doesnít say anything abut embellishment. I read it as saying it is an offence to pass on the official information.

Andrewgr2 22nd Jan 2020 09:25

Revised translation now issued which makes a lot more sense!

NutLoose 22nd Jan 2020 10:05

Probably to stop people scaremongering and fleeing an area and thus being unable to contain an outbreak if one exists?

double_barrel 22nd Jan 2020 10:23

Seems very reasonable to ask people not to spread the crazy/malicious rumors which appear on social media whenever something like this happens. I have seen similar instructions in other places for other potentially alarming situations.

China has done a good and transparent job so far, the virus is already sequenced and the data shared with WHO.

meadowrun 22nd Jan 2020 16:12

"Chinese authorities have urged people to stop travelling in and out of Wuhan, the city at the centre of a new virus outbreak that has killed 17 people.
Those living in the city of 8.9 million people have also been told to avoid crowds and minimise public gatherings.
There are 440 confirmed cases, with the origin a seafood market that "conducted illegal transactions of wild animals." bbc

Wuhan Airport serves a catchment of 18 million people.

Auxtank 22nd Jan 2020 17:03

Originally Posted by meadowrun (Post 10668855)
"Chinese authorities have urged people to stop travelling in and out of Wuhan, the city at the centre of a new virus outbreak that has killed 17 people.
Those living in the city of 8.9 million people have also been told to avoid crowds and minimise public gatherings.
There are 440 confirmed cases, with the origin a seafood market that "conducted illegal transactions of wild animals." bbc

Wuhan Airport serves a catchment of 18 million people.

And yet BA will still fly you there from LHR - and fly you back.

oicur12.again 22nd Jan 2020 17:29

All Governments lie, including the Chinese.

However, I am a tad suspicious of the authenticity of the notice.

Having spent lots of time in china including working for a Chinese Government airline, my observation is that the notice on this thread posted above has been almost perfectly translated.

This almost never occurs, even on Government documentation the chinglish can be anywhere from average to unintelligible.

I have seen English translations on several buildings in large expensive brass lettering with spelling and grammar errors.

Having said that, been wrong before.

Auxtank 22nd Jan 2020 21:00

So what are, in fact, you saying Oicur12 - do we need to lock up our daughters and don the gas masks or what?

NutLoose 22nd Jan 2020 23:45

Perhaps a pandemic is what the world needs for population control, after all we haven't had a major war in a while to reduce the human populace by significant numbers. It would be interesting to work out how much larger the population would have been if WW1 and 2 hadn't happened. Just let's hope it does not go that far, but air travel can quickly help it get away from us.

SpringHeeledJack 23rd Jan 2020 06:40

There was a direct flight into London yesterday from Wuhan and an interviewed passenger stated that he hadn't been controlled either leaving, nor arriving, only given a leaflet explaining that if he had such and such symptoms in the next days to contact the NHS......It is inevitable that if that's the case the virus will spread far and wide. Hopefully, the experts have said it isn't as virulent as SARS was a few years back, but that's small comfort if it has reached all four corners of the planet.

ORAC 23rd Jan 2020 06:53

From snakes, not avian, and presumably not at high risk of mutating into a highly lethal variant.


Researchers trace coronavirus outbreak in China to snakes

.......A new study provides important insights on the potential origins of the most recent outbreak of viral pneumonia in China, which started in the middle of December and now is spreading to Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, and Japan. The findings are published early online in the Journal of Medical Virology.The study notes that patients who became infected with the virus—which is a type of virus called a coronavirus and was named 2019-nCoV by the World Health Organization—were exposed to wildlife animals at a wholesale market, where seafood, poultry, snake, bats, and farm animals animals were sold.

By conducting a detailed genetic analysis of the virus and comparing it with available genetic information on different viruses from various geographic locations and hist species the investigators concluded that the 2019-nCoV appears to be a virus that formed from a combination of a coronavirus found in bats and another coronavirus of unknown origin. The resulting virus developed a mix or "recombination" of a viral protein that recognizes and binds to receptors on host cells. Such recognition is key to allowing viruses to enter host cells, which can lead to infection and disease.

Finally, the team uncovered evidence that the 2019-nCoV likely resided in snakes before being transmitted to humans. Recombination within the viral receptor-binding protein may have allowed for cross-species transmission from snake to humans. "Results derived from our evolutionary analysis suggest for the first time that snake is the most probable wildlife animal reservoir for the 2019-nCoV," the authors wrote. "New information obtained from our evolutionary analysis is highly significant for effective control of the outbreak caused by the 2019-nCoV-induced pneumonia."

An accompanying editorial notes that although the ultimate control of emerging viral infections requires the discovery and development of effective vaccines and/or antiviral drugs, currently licensed antiviral drugs should be tested against the 2019-nCoV........

ORAC 23rd Jan 2020 11:14

Second Chinese city, Huanggang (7 million), now reportedly under quarantine.

jolihokistix 23rd Jan 2020 14:13

The snakes mentioned above were of two types that were sold as food hanging in the marketplace in Wuhan, according to several news sources.

lomapaseo 23rd Jan 2020 14:30

So how did the snakes get the virus in the first place? and how do we know that it hasn't spread to other animals as well? Is there a know blocker in some species and receptors in others?

So what should we do? what to avoid? How to block?.

I've about had it with the news talking Doctors on my nightly news where one guy said to turn on the overhead vents over my business class sleeper seat in order to blow the heavier germ particles downwards.

Is it enough to put a face mask over my wife's mouth while I go free? After all or only one is needed per household right?

sooo many questions ,,,, so many answers

Ancient Mariner 23rd Jan 2020 17:48

As long as the virus stays away from Vietnam and Indonesia I'm happy. Heading down there early February, I hate facemasks.

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