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meadowrun 4th Feb 2020 11:17

Buy your Flat screen TV and iPhone now before prices start rising as stocks run out.......
Or, if you already have 2 or 3 or 6 of those things...... hang on to them. They are not nearly obsolete.

double_barrel 4th Feb 2020 11:18

There's several new therapeutics and vaccines being developed, orders of magnitude faster than has ever been possible before, using super cool new approaches, and with a high likelihood of being effective. But the earliest projected time to human trials is 6 months. Six months is a long time in pandemics.

ORAC 4th Feb 2020 13:14


Coronavirus: UK tells all Britons to leave China 'if they can'

Bergerie1 4th Feb 2020 15:49

Proof of a cover up?

Sorry NutLoose, I should have read your earlier post

rog747 4th Feb 2020 16:25

Surely the situation in Hong Kong will also become an area not to visit and flights will stop? Any thoughts....

ORAC 5th Feb 2020 07:03

Britain to send final evacuation plane to Wuhan

The UK government is chartering a final flight to bring British nationals back from Wuhan.

After Britons in mainland China were controversially urged to leave the country, the Foreign Office said the plane was expected to leave in the early hours of Sunday morning local time and will land at RAF Brize Norton.

It added that the government wanted to ensure that all British nationals in Hubei province contact the Foreign Office to register if they want to leave on the flight.

ORAC 5th Feb 2020 07:08


Coronavirus: cruise ship carrying 3,700 quarantined in Japan after 10 test positive

Thousands of people face spending the next fortnight stuck on a luxury cruise ship quarantined off the Japanese port of Yokohama, after initial results showed 10 passengers have tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

The Diamond Princess, with more than 3,700 passengers and crew onboard, had been prevented from sailing on Monday after an 80-year-old passenger who had travelled on the vessel late last month tested positive after he arrived home in Hong Kong. Of a further 273 people on board who have since been tested following health screenings, 31 results had come back – and of those 10 were positive, according to Japan’s health minister, Katsunobu Kato. It is not clear if more tests will be carried out.

Also on Wednesday, health checks began on 1,800 passengers and crew on a second cruise ship docked in Hong Kong, after 30 staff members reported symptoms including fever, according to Reuters. Hong Kong’s health department said that 90% of the passengers were Hong Kongers and no mainland Chinese were on board. Previously, three mainland Chinese that had been on the ship between 19 and 24 January, and were found to have contracted the virus. No passengers have been able to leave the World Dream ship, operated by Dream Cruises, without permission.

David Abel, a British passenger who has been on the Diamond Princess for more than two weeks, said that people were now being confined to their cabins.

“We’re not even allowed to open the cabin door to go down the corridor. They bring the food to us - it’s a knock on the door. For the first time ever the crew are masked up,” he said. “The passengers I feel really sorry for are those who presumably wanted to save money and booked inside cabins - they’ve got no natural light and they’ve got no fresh air,” he said, adding that he and his wife were in a more comfortable suite with a balcony.

The ship’s owner, Princess Cruises, said 3,711 people were aboard the ship, consisting of 2,666 guests and 1,045 crew. About half of the passengers are from Japan, with 223 Australians on the vessel.....

jolihokistix 5th Feb 2020 07:15

Meanwhile China is building not just one or two, but multiple 1,000-bed hospitals.

ATNotts 5th Feb 2020 08:31

Originally Posted by rog747 (Post 10679391)
Surely the situation in Hong Kong will also become an area not to visit and flights will stop? Any thoughts....

You would think so, but the UK's relationship with Hong Kong is such that I imagine it will be a while before HMG takes any action. Carrie Lam has apparently decreed that all visitors to the territory from China must go into quarantine for 14 days - to all intents and purposes closing HK to Chinese visitors.

I am surprised that HMG is telling all 30,000 Brits in China to come home. Supposing they aren't put into compulsory quarantine on arrival, which I would think is impractical, them coming back in such large numbers is surely the best way of spreading the virus across the UK population.

Looking ahead, unless this virus runs it's course in fairly short order, which experts believe it will not, the amount of "stuff" on sale for consumers at Christmas may be somewhat limited, since so much of the "stuff" we buy is imported from China, which seemingly is at a virtual standstill at the moment. That would have a serious impact on western economies, could even manufacture a recession.

All that said I'm still to be convinced this virus is really as serious as the media are suggesting. Mortality rates are still quite low, and generally concentrated among the usual "vulnerable groups".

jez d 5th Feb 2020 08:40

What is the probability of the pathogen mutating and becoming more virulent?

ATNotts 5th Feb 2020 08:54

Originally Posted by jez d (Post 10679857)
What is the probability of the pathogen mutating and becoming more virulent?

That's a question for an expert. Is there one on the thread?

On thing is certain, the common cold is a corona virus, and that mutates constantly, sometimes producing resulting milder, sometimes more virulent illnesses.

ORAC 5th Feb 2020 09:07

This article seems to cover the possibilities pretty well.


jolihokistix 5th Feb 2020 09:19

From NHK today. https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/news/20200205_27/

A second hastily-built hospital is scheduled to be completed in Wuhan on Wednesday. It will start accepting patients on Thursday.

Work is also underway in the city to convert 11 facilities into temporary hospitals. The facilities include gymnasiums and conference halls.

They will help handle the 3,000 new cases confirmed on Tuesday in Hubei Province alone.

ORAC 5th Feb 2020 11:34


A hotel worker in the northern Italian city of Verona has tested negative for coronavirus. The woman, who was isolated after coming down with a fever, is a member of staff at the same hotel where a Chinese couple being treated for the virus in Rome stayed for one night.

Doctors at Rome’s Lazzaro Spallanzani hospital for infectious disease said the couple are now in a “stable” condition after their health deteriorated on Tuesday. Twenty people who had contact with the couple, from Wuhan, but who have not shown symptoms of the virus are still under observation at the hospital.

Meanwhile, Italy’s three-month suspension of flights from China, Hong, Macau and Taiwan sparked a diplomatic row with Taiwan. A representative from the Taiwanese government has urged Italy to drop the ban, arguing that the island is not part of China and that cases of the virus there have been limited.

Italy on Wednesday began scanning passengers arriving on all international flights at its airports. Thermal scanners had previously only been used on passengers arriving from areas affected by the virus. At Rome’s Fiumicino airport, the checks have also been extended to domestic flights.

ORAC 5th Feb 2020 11:36


A Guardian reporter based in Melbourne, that the Australian government is considering sending its citizens evacuated from Wuhan to isolated mining camps if Christmas Island reaches capacity for people being quarantined.

The home affairs minister, Peter Dutton, admitted there is the possibility that Christmas Island could reach capacity if the outbreak continues to spread. He said one option would be for people to share rooms, or potentially even open up other locations away from the rest of the Australian population.

“There are isolated mining camps or the prospect of hotels that you could take over. But I think we’ll look at all of those in order of what we think is the best response, but all of this is in the spirit of preparation.”

ORAC 5th Feb 2020 14:21

Link to Taiwan News, H/T to post on China Flights thread in the Australia forum. Might be fake news, but looks ominously like the truth considering the panic in China.........


lomapaseo 5th Feb 2020 17:17

Number are meaningless until it's a neighbor or family member. So this news while not surprising simply goes over my head with a whoosh

meadowrun 5th Feb 2020 17:18

I've never taken what the Chinese government releases as official news as the unvarnished truth in the past.
I see no need to start believing them now.

Out Of Trim 5th Feb 2020 18:25


A few Chinese Airlines still operating into the UK! Shouldn't the UK Government stop all Ex China flights for a few months? It seems rather stupid to leave the door open until the Chinese get control over this Virus.

meadowrun 5th Feb 2020 18:47

"Chief Executive (HKG) Carrie Lam said anyone arriving from the mainland, including foreigners, would be quarantined for 14 days from Saturday, although she did not say how this would be imposed.
It is unclear where the quarantines would take place or whether Hong Kong residents could spend the time at home.
Tens of thousands of people arrived from the mainland on Tuesday". bbc

This should be interesting.

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