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Lookleft 27th Jun 2020 07:23

So there was Sam Dastyari, this bloke and Comrade Dan signing on to Bib and Braces, is this network of Labor politicians pushing Communist Party agendas going to be bigger than the Cambridge 5?

Crownstay01 27th Jun 2020 12:39

Remind me, what party did Andrew Robb belong to when he leased Darwin port to the Chinese for 99 years?

Crownstay01 27th Jun 2020 12:46

Originally Posted by ORAC (Post 10822413)
Australian police raid office of Beijing-supporting MP

“We won’t cop anyone coming and seeking to interfere in our political system, in our energy sector, in any area of perceived opportunity for an outside actor,’’ he said.

Unless it's Gladys Liu. Can't afford to lose one of your own MPs when you only have a one seat majority, eh Morrison?

CoodaShooda 27th Jun 2020 14:22


It was the CLP that leased the port. Poor choice of tenant but did bring in a lot of cash we otherwise didn’t have for urgently needed upgrade works. Might also encourage the yanks to build us a new port just up the coast.

Of course, Labor would have just borrowed the money for the works. They’ve managed to turn a $1 billion and reducing deficit into an $8 billion And growing deficit in four short years.

Not to mention an agreement Labor Chief Minister Gunner signed in Shanghai recently that he refused to talk about until pressed in Parliament. Then he claimed it was a sister city agreement. Pure bullshit as no mayor has any knowledge of it and Gunner does not directly control any towns or cities. I expect we’ll wake up one morning to find we’ve joined Victoria on the belted road.

megan 28th Jun 2020 04:38

what party did Andrew Robb belong to when he leased Darwin port to the Chinese
Unless you know something we don't, Robb was probably as surprised as Morrison when he found out the deal had been done, the federal government knew nothing about the deal. Local Labor party Territory government was responsible.


currawong 19th Jul 2020 09:49

"The Canberra leader of the Comancheros bikie gang has died in a fight at a bar in the city's CBD overnight."


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