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West Coast 6th Sep 2019 18:25

another thing in Oz thatíll kill you.

Killer rabbits are next. Runaway, runaway...

Lonewolf_50 6th Sep 2019 19:02

Should not that headline read

Woman Killed by Savage Pecker
or something like that?

(Hat, coat, exit!)

Chronus 6th Sep 2019 19:22

Originally Posted by Lonewolf_50 (Post 10563596)
Should not that healine read

Woman Killed by Savage Pecker

or something like that?

(Hat, coat, exit!)

Or something like this

Woman henpecked to death.

Mr Optimistic 6th Sep 2019 19:48

You have got to draw the line somewhere and stand your ground: I am not going to be intimidated by a bl**dy chicken even if it is a bit on the large size.

ORAC 6th Sep 2019 19:58

I suspect fowl play......

West Coast 6th Sep 2019 20:12

Originally Posted by ORAC (Post 10563628)
I suspect fowl play......

Still chuckling over that ORAC. LW gets honorable mention as well.

treadigraph 6th Sep 2019 22:45

Must have been Foghorn Legtorn...

WingNut60 7th Sep 2019 00:00

People forget that chickens are omnivorous at best, more likely carnivores that will tolerate vegetable matter.

My chickens' two favourite foods (in order) are, a) small chunks of kangaroo meat b) iceberg lettuce.
They will NOT eat wheat, corn or laying pellets.

B Fraser 7th Sep 2019 09:10

Was she chooked to death ?

treadigraph 7th Sep 2019 10:01

Could have looked like a loose thread and there's always a temptation to pullet.

hiflymk3 7th Sep 2019 10:20

Small c0ck, aggrieved that his pen is too small and doesn't like being cooped up.

Tankertrashnav 7th Sep 2019 11:06

My niece lives near Adelaide and her next door neighbours have a highly venomous Eastern Brown snake living in their garden, which has so far defied the attempts of the local snake man to catch and remove it. They seem pretty laid back about the sitiuation, so I am going to tell them that the time to start worrying will be if the neighbours start to keep chickens.

A thumbs up for "chooked to death" B Fraser :ok:

Pinky the pilot 7th Sep 2019 11:39

Killer rabbits are next.
Nahh....The Sabre Toothed Platypus, Man-eating Kangaroos and the much feared Drop Bears are far worse!!:eek::ooh::=

B Fraser 7th Sep 2019 12:50

She should have gone to the myna injuries unit.

treadigraph 7th Sep 2019 12:54

They'd run out of pain killers 'cos (all together!) the parrots eat 'em all...

Krystal n chips 7th Sep 2019 13:40

It's no eggsageration to say that's a pecking unfortunate way to depart this world...

However......never, ever, be deceived by a cute and cuddly bunny wabbit. They can be vicious ! Long time ago, little girl who was a friend of my sister had to go to A & E after her pet bunny had a large nibble at her.....on the other hand, it later emerged said young lady ( aged about 8 or 9 I think at the time ) had been trying to pull the ears off the bunny. so the bunny had some justification I suppose......

Ogre 8th Sep 2019 08:16

I have to take issue with the geographical description "Southern Australia" will take in everything south of Alice Spings, which will include WA, SA, NSW, Vic and the ACT. The state is "South Australia"...

As Sir Pterry described, when Death asked what won't kill you in XXXX, the reply was "some of the sheep...."

currawong 8th Sep 2019 09:05

" The state is "South Australia"..."

Much maligned and often overlooked, with some justification....:}

TWT 8th Sep 2019 10:13

South Australia (the state) should be vaguely familiar to UK residents of a certain age.

Some of the things ' that could kill you ' were imported by the UK MOD, delivered to Maralinga and detonated.

Aihkio 8th Sep 2019 15:37

There are combat wombats, killer koalas and poisonous platypuses. Anything safe down there? Even the roos box. Do quokkas eat people?

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