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BehindBlueEyes 26th Aug 2019 19:28

Another theme song to find.
Iíve always found the theme music to Simon Schamaís A History of Britain incredibly haunting and beautiful and want to download it. I canít find the name of the track anywhere and wonder if anyone has any ideas?

BirdmanBerry 26th Aug 2019 19:33

Immortal (Cathedral at the Edge of the World) by BBC Concert Orchestra

BehindBlueEyes 26th Aug 2019 20:12

Originally Posted by BirdmanBerry (Post 10554766)
Immortal (Cathedral at the Edge of the World) by BBC Concert Orchestra

Thanks - thatís really appreciated. Now I can put a name to the track. Unfortunately, it doesnít look like it can be downloaded anywhere.

BirdmanBerry 26th Aug 2019 20:33

Here you go -

BehindBlueEyes 26th Aug 2019 20:42

Originally Posted by BirdmanBerry (Post 10554796)

Iím getting 403 forbidden page on that link. :confused:

BirdmanBerry 26th Aug 2019 20:56

Happy to email it to you if you want to pm me your email address?

India Four Two 27th Aug 2019 04:39


For future reference, you can upload the free Shazam app to your phone and then listen to and then identify any recorded music.


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