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EnglishMartyn 10th Jun 2019 22:48

Women's World Cup - anyone watching?
I haven't seen a thread on it here but I really cannot believe nobody else is watching.

So this is it so far:

Grouo A: France did a pretty routine job on South Korea and Norway did a smash-and-grab on Nigeria with 3 goals in a 20-minute spell in the first half.
Group B: Australia managed to lose to a decent Italy despite the assistance on more than one occasion of some very delayed offside calls and the VAR (that's another debate); Spain went behind to South Africa only for VAR and the lower fitness levels of the Banyana Banyana to save the Iberians.
Group C: Germany edged a decent game against China and Brazil (or rather Christiane, with unquestionably the goal of the tournament so far among her hat-trick), "only" managed to score 3 against a game, if out of their depth, Jamaica team.
Group D: England looked classy in going 2-0 up against Scotland but failed to counter Scotland's adjustments and looked sluggish towards the end; Japan dominated possession against Argentina but were unable to find the net. That's definitely 2 points dropped for Japan.
Group E: Canada were all over Cameroon in the first half but seemed to lose focus for the second. I guess 1-0 is still a win if you're the team that scored.

Tomorrow, New Zealand play reigning European champions the Netherlands and Group F gets under way with Chile vs Sweden and USA vs Thailand.

Overall I've been reasonably impressed with this tournament so far. As with all tournaments you'll get some games that are better than others but the quality of this one seems to be better than Canada 2015, and fairly open given how Japan struggled against Argentina.

The handball rule adjustment has done nothing to clarify the rules and VAR remains its usual law unto itself. Several goals have been chalked off for offside so long after the event (but without the intervention of VAR) that the assistant referee could have been in a different time zone.

Anyone else?

KelvinD 10th Jun 2019 23:10

I watched a fair bit of the France v South Korea game. I think I gave up when it became obvious it was like watching lambs to the slaughter!
And I watched bits of the England game and that was the proverbial game of two halves! The second half saw a team of women who looked remarkably similar to the team that played the first half, yet acted as though they were a totally different team! I reckon Phil Neville has done a good job since he took over.
I think it is fair to say the overall standard of the women's game has improved immensely over the last 10 years or so. It has become a lot more watchable now and I hope it continues to improve in the future.

UniFoxOs 11th Jun 2019 07:30

And I gave up when the teams didn't swap shirts at the end of the match.

chevvron 11th Jun 2019 10:53

Originally Posted by UniFoxOs (Post 10490961)
And I gave up when the teams didn't swap shirts at the end of the match.

That's the best bit!https://www.pprune.org/images/infopop/icons/icon6.gifhttps://www.pprune.org/images/infopop/icons/icon14.gifhttps://www.pprune.org/images/icons/46.gif

Dan Gerous 11th Jun 2019 11:28

Watched some of it, and I'm afraid I find it a bit too slow.

NRU74 11th Jun 2019 12:01

Anyone watching ?
Although I’ve been in Nice for a week - No !
Did see a few fans in the Plongeoir Restaurant a few days ago and a BBC lady trying to drum up some enthusiasm in Nice Port, but - afraid - No

TLDNMCL 11th Jun 2019 13:30

I have watched some, and it has been reasonably entertaining; the downside is that the women are now beginning to emulate the embarrassing aspects so common in the men's game. In terms of general public interest, I would guess it falls down as a result of the unfamiliarity of the players to most of us.

PilotRoger 11th Jun 2019 14:05

I was in Nice last week, watched the opening game in the Fan Fest which it was empty, wanted to watch the ENG-SCO on Sunday, but the ticketing sale was a mess, so went to the beach instead.
Tickets are crazy cheap, from 9 to 30 eur for the stage 1, still the stadiums are empty. Is a pity, hope this will improve for the future.
It was funny that there were so many football games this weekend, everyone got confused what was what (Euro Qualifications, Nations League and world cup)

Planemike 11th Jun 2019 14:30

No, but I don't watch men's football either......!!

EnglishMartyn 11th Jun 2019 19:28

Originally Posted by UniFoxOs (Post 10490961)
And I gave up when the teams didn't swap shirts at the end of the match.

There's always one...

Nervous SLF 11th Jun 2019 22:04

I know that this will upset some but I find women's Football and Cricket as tedious as I find Rugby.

So in answer to the original question no I won't be watching it. I do watch some women's Netball
games on TV.

Also I do stay up until 01.00 to watch the first innings of the men's Cricket WC matches.

I know several very keen Football fans besides myself and they can't be bothered to watch women's
Football either.


Slow Biker 11th Jun 2019 22:38

Arsenal could do with Jill Scott in the Premiership team.

yellowtriumph 11th Jun 2019 22:38

The cynic in me says that those really behind women's soccer, the men in suits, have decided that women’s football is a reasonably untapped revenue stream. They pretend it’s all about gender equality and all that sort of thing, but in reality it’s all about more tv rights to sell, more profits on bets to be placed for the betting companies.

Jack D 12th Jun 2019 00:43

Generally only watch womenís volleyball ... football, cricket and rugby seem to attract a rather dykey element both among the players and particularly spectators ..
Im sure the players enjoy it and thatís what matters I suppose but as someone said itís just another revenue stream to be tapped no pun intended !

Fliegenmong 12th Jun 2019 00:49

Women's World Cup - anyone watching?

WingNut60 12th Jun 2019 05:49

I might have a look once this paint finishes drying.

obgraham 12th Jun 2019 06:25

Worst sportsmanship ever from the US women.

I hope the Frogs wipe the floor with them.

Fareastdriver 12th Jun 2019 08:17

For the sake of the US Women's team I hope none of the Thai girls commit suicide because of the way they were deliberately humiliated.

Bob Viking 12th Jun 2019 08:26

USA vs Thailand
I just watched the highlights. Itís not a great advertisement for the womenís game to be honest.

The poor Thai goalie looked like a child in the full size goal. Maybe shrinking the goal along with the pitch would make for a better spectacle.


Steepclimb 12th Jun 2019 10:11

No but I barely watch any football or sports in general. I like a couple of sports though oddly enough both are gender neutral as it were.

Women's sports are generally being promoted of late, quite rightly it must be said in terms of encouraging girls to take up sport. But as a spectacle it will never match the men's games for a male audience and in reality women are simply not interested for the most part in any sport. So a huge potential audience simply ignore it completely.

Which is a little unfair because of course the skills on show are as often as good as any man. But in the real world the women's game will always be a minority interest among football fans who are in fact a minority themselves.

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