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Pontius Navigator 16th Dec 2018 18:31

At around the age of 10 I was despatched on the local bus to the gas works to have the creosote flaggon, cylindrical metal tin with conical top, a ring handle and cork bung, refilled and return by bus.

Helped father paint the fence, the pavement and myself.

We survived.

Ancient Mariner 16th Dec 2018 19:26

Used above in two bathrooms, one in which we shower directly onto the wood. The one used is called Radiata. Needs a little coat of oil once a year to maintain the lustre.
Also used for a terrace, no maintenance required, taking on a nice teak silver gray.
Only thing, holes must be pre-drilled.
If I remember correctly they'll give a 30 year guarantee.

IFMU 17th Dec 2018 21:07

DIY landing gear fairings.
These were a pain to polish. Apologies for aviation content.

Waiex 191

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