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Smeagol 7th Dec 2017 15:38

I cannot believe that we are on page 2 of this thread and no-one has mentioned a CORNISH PASTY.

Always have great difficulty walking up Market Jew St in Penzance without partaking of at least one offering, having to walk past Warren's (2 branches), Rowe's, Pellow's and The Mounts Bay Pasty Co. the choice is just too great to resist.

On balance I do prefer Pellow's.:):):)

Ancient Mariner 7th Dec 2017 15:51

Originally Posted by Barksdale Boy (Post 9981749)
Kinilaw Tanguini - only good dish to come out of the Philippines.

Can't find kalimansi where we live. Makes a nice lemonade too.

FLCH 7th Dec 2017 17:13

There's only one good provincial food:

Guinness ! :)

gingernut 7th Dec 2017 18:10

"Large Shish" from Shezans, Wilmslow Road, Rusholme.

"Shami Kebab" whilst waiting, (yoghurt and chilli sauce.)

If you are a bit big and daft looking, with big feet, you'll get a "Police Discount" as well.

Just nod, without questioning things too much.

Unless the "TAG" team are all lined up at the counter.

cavuman1 7th Dec 2017 19:32

My Bride and I pride ourselves on our homemade chili, a thick and delicious admixture featuring cubes of sirloin steak, smoked chili powder, corn, tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, and eleven other ingredients which I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you! It is a rib-sticking variation of a Texas 5-alarm dish that we don't make quite so hot; my bald head would otherwise erupt with sheets of perspiration.

On the other end of the scale is Cincinnati chili, a delicacy known in and around our town. It is served over spaghetti, hot dogs ("coneys"), or by itself in a bowl. Like our Texas chili, it is best served with a generous serving of shredded cheddar cheese, a big dollop of sour cream, and a few shots of Tabasco. Several of the "secret" ingredients include chocolate, cinnamon, and allspice. It is almost a watery liquid, but is, at once, delicious and addictive. Two local chain restaurants, Skyline (pronounced jokingly as Sk-Leany) and Goldstar, serve millions of gallons each year. If you're ever in "Porkopolis", it is a must-try. Or give us a call and join us for some Texas chili, pardner! (Though my better half has mastered a perfect simulacrum of Skyline's version if you insist.) NOM-NOM-NOM! :} :eek: :ok:

- Ed



gileraguy 8th Dec 2017 03:16

Originally Posted by Seldomfitforpurpose (Post 9982078)
Ours is not in a glass jar, its in a plastic squeezy container and states on the front of it do not refrigerate.

Incredible levels of salt in Marmite (& Vegemite!!!) means that the product does not require refridgeration IF you use a clean utensil.

Vegemite runs 7% Sodium, (FYI Bonox runs 22%!!!!)
(I don't have any marmite, however I am informed that the product sold down under as marmite is quite unlike the UK product, which a chef friend informed me is sold in some supermarkets in Australia as "Our Friend". I found some "Our Friend" and it's a lot sweeter than Vegemite.)

ChrisVJ 8th Dec 2017 04:02


Black pudding

Peas pudding, hot, cold or three days old.

Animal Mother 8th Dec 2017 08:22

Hot welsh cakes with loads of butter.

Toasted Bara Brith with loads of butter.

gemma10 8th Dec 2017 11:32

Do I detect a lot of overweight folks here? Best stick to marmite on toast, or marmite on crumpets [pikelets].

cargosales 8th Dec 2017 20:15

Bortsch (or Bortscht if you prefer)

In Helsinki - apparantly the best place for decent authentic Russian food. Absolutely fabulous, with nothing more than bread to go with it. Well perhaps the odd shot or two of vodka to wash it down ;-)

5000 metres 8th Dec 2017 21:01

One whiz wit.
(Said in proper Broad & Jackson accent.)

Um... lifting... 9th Dec 2017 02:13

Bortsch (or Bortscht if you prefer)
Without smetana? (sour cream) Barbarism.

Pâté de Campagne with a baguette and red wine made on the premises.

Ancient Mariner 9th Dec 2017 08:56

Originally Posted by cargosales (Post 9983843)
Bortsch (or Bortscht if you prefer)

In Helsinki - apparantly the best place for decent authentic Russian food. Absolutely fabulous, with nothing more than bread to go with it. Well perhaps the odd shot or two of vodka to wash it down ;-)

Just stay away from those oh so very Russian tourist traps. Expensive and lousy food. If the guest don't speak mostly Russian or Finnish, turn away.
Based on bitter $$$ experience.

ImageGear 9th Dec 2017 09:49


I see your Bobotie and raise you a Potjiekos. (or a bunny chow if it was Cape Malay) :ok:

Could not do walkie-talkie's personally, but the BOL couldn't make them fast enough in Lady Grey. They went into Transkei by the bakky load. (He's a butcher)


Windy Militant 9th Dec 2017 16:03

Originally Posted by Animal Mother
Hot welsh cakes with loads of butter.

Better still Cold Welsh Cakes with loads of home brew! :\

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