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idle stop 21st Mar 2017 20:16

Breitling Aerospace woes
Anybody had this problem or know the solution, please?
My Aerospace kept perfect time and was seemingly fine until a few weeks ago when it showed classic signs of battery run down. Sort of died during coldish night, revived when worn again. And yes, 2.5 to 3 years since last battery change.
Sent off through well-known High Street jewellers to Breitling. Breitling insisted it needed a service, as last full service 6 years ago. Would not just do a battery change. Oh and 'recommended' options, along with service would take the bill from £510 to £810! Decided: to hell with the full service history, would get a local jeweller (who had a repair man who seemed to know it would need pressure testing) to do the job.
Watch came back...all digital displays lit, top and bottom, and what seems to be an error code on top digital display.
Local jeweller cannot clear...
Call me paranoid, but is this some kind of 'maintenance mode' known only to Breitling workshops?
Any advice gratefully received....

Prionsias_Ag_Eitilt 21st Mar 2017 20:27

Someone is making a huge killing. You could do a major service on a car for €800.

Piltdown Man 22nd Mar 2017 00:18

I had a similar error code two years ago. It went off to Breitling and the Full Monty service cost £325. On return, I noticed new hands and functions I'd never seen before. The service consisted of new hands and totally new guts. Mine went in via Northern Goldsmiths in Newcastle.

beerdrinker 22nd Mar 2017 12:34

There is a long discussion on this subject on the Breitling Thread on the Military section.

TowerDog 22nd Mar 2017 13:26

Had my Aerospace for 29 years with only 1 major service, about $400 in the US.
Changed battery probably 7-8 times, but never seen no error codes, it just keeps on ticking and can take a licking:)

wrenchalot 22nd Mar 2017 15:07

Try this site: forums.timezone.com
The Breitling brand has a few knowledgable people.

idle stop 24th Mar 2017 19:23

Thanks for responses so far. Any more gratefully received. Will also follow up suggestions.

Miles Magister 26th Mar 2017 21:07

Which country are you in?

I send mine directly to the UK service centre, not cheap but a fraction of the price asked by high street jewellers and faster turn around time.

They do not publish their address as far as I know and it and the envelopes are discreet.

idle stop 26th Mar 2017 21:15

Thanks. U.K.
Have had a lot of help on the forum elsewhere on pprune recommended here..
One option is service by authorised Breitling service centre from whom I bought watch second user nearly 7 years ago.
And yes, seems it was returned from Breitling in 'test mode'. I know now how to reset. But now away with local jewellers who said they could but cannot, so cannot progress until watch comes back this week. So obviously they can't even do the test mode reset! Aaaagh!

Lou Scannon 2nd Apr 2017 11:49

I have to question the wisdom of paying high prices for what are clearly badly built watches that need servicing frequently. Perhaps, as certain ladies used to say of RAF aircrew:

"Big watch, small p***s, pay by cheque...must be air force officer!"

I have a decades old Seiko and it still tells the time accurately with only the battery needing changing every few years.

wrenchalot 2nd Apr 2017 15:39

I've had my Super Avenger for over 13 years now, and it works just like the day I bought it; no servicing required yet...

idle stop 18th Apr 2017 19:05

Via another thread I came across a chap called Sean Yates who seems really to know his stuff and to whom the watch will go as and when I have any more problems. Meanwhile said Aerospace came back on 27 March from local jeweller's repair man, who said he could do nothing with it, in seeming perfect order, has kept perfect time since, and had 2 time zone resets as result of work trip to Canada: so curiouser and curiouser! Methinks perhaps somebody did a battery change and then forgot to put the dud one back in before returning the watch! I use my old Casio for swimming and sailing, so will not trust waterproofing 100% until after the next battery change.
Thanks to all for your help.

idle stop 26th Apr 2018 18:57

A PS: a year on from last post above. Still keeping perfect time!!

LTNman 28th Apr 2018 06:57

I guess wearing a Breitling watch is all about people just making a statement. My Citizen eco drive watch, which is powered by the sun so doesn’t even need a battery, is around 6 or 7 years old. Running costs to date are zero. When it eventually dies I would never consider any watch that would require a battery change. Just seems like yesterday’s technology.

India Four Two 9th May 2018 15:15

I bought a $100 Seiko a few years ago, based on a recommendation by Genghis (I think).

Iíve been very happy with it and its performance is well within chronometer specs. For the last 18 months, itís been gaining three seconds a month!

ShyTorque 9th May 2018 20:36

Originally Posted by LTNman (Post 10132273)
I guess wearing a Breitling watch is all about people just making a statement. My Citizen eco drive watch, which is powered by the sun so doesnít even need a battery, is around 6 or 7 years old. Running costs to date are zero. When it eventually dies I would never consider any watch that would require a battery change. Just seems like yesterdayís technology.

My Citizen Ecodrive was given to me as a birthday gift in 1998. It has never been serviced, only given a scrub in soapy water every so often, or if it's really dirty, a dip in my ultrasonic cleaning bath. It keeps time that's perfectly adequate for my job, a few seconds gain every couple of months.

I keep my Breitling in my sock drawer; nice to look at but not so practical and too complicated for my liking.

Parson 18th May 2018 12:12

ShyTorque - why did you buy it then?!

flash8 3rd Jun 2018 02:12

ShyTorque - why did you buy it then?!
Perhaps was a gift?

Purchased back in 2006 a Tissot T-Touch (with bright Orange strap) for $800 US and was too scared to mark it and also had second thoughts about the Orange strap, couldn't return it as shops in Moscow rarely allow this (and if they do a huge fuss), ended up somehow in its box to the present day in my wardrobe, dead battery (I assume), somehow can't get myself to wear it, but can't bear to part with it.

Duchess_Driver 22nd Jun 2018 07:02

also had second thoughts about the Orange strap,
Most watches come as part of a range of.... Not sure about the T-Touch but you might be able to select another strap, either from the manufacturer service Centre or possible a local specialist.

beamer 20th Aug 2018 08:10

I got my watch from Argos, cost £35 - tells the time and even has an illumination feature. Never understood this 'big pilots watch' thing - a bit like personalised number plates, pure vanity !

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