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david1300 26th May 2016 00:51

Should Vegans climb High Mountains?
An Australian couple, both vegans, had a private crusade to show that vegans can do anything meat-eaters can, including climbing Everest. Unfortunately they have proved the opposite, with the wife (Dr Strydom, 34yo lecturer) succumbing to altitude sickness after being too weak to continue, and her husband (Dr Gropel, a Vet) having to be medivacced out for the same reason.

This probably qualifies her for a Darwin Award and him for an honourable mention (I don't believe they had any children).

"Dr Strydom, a lecturer at Monash University’s Banking and Finance Department, had previously climbed Denali in Alaska, Aconcagua in Argentina, and Kilimanjaro in Africa.

She and Dr Gropel aimed to be the first vegans to reach the summit of Everest.
Operational manager Furtengi Sherpa told News Corp Australia that on Friday Dr Strydom had almost made it to the top.

But she suffered from a “lack of energy and weakness” he said and had to turn around and start back while the rest of the party reached the top.

Furtengi Sherpa said Dr Strydom and her personal sherpa got back down to Camp 4 that night and had started to head back down the mountain again on Saturday.

But her tiredness and lack of energy continued despite being given oxygen.

Finally, at an altitude of 7800 metres, “She could not resist any more. She stopped breathing right there,” he said.
Dr Gropel also had high altitude pulmonary oedema."

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rotornut 26th May 2016 02:04

Too bad Sir Edmund isn't around to have say something about that!

TWT 26th May 2016 02:23

Plenty of carnivores have succumbed to altitude sickness on Everest,so just being vegans may not have had anything to do with their predicament.I read somewhere that there's approx. 200 corpses still in situ on Everest.

Clare Prop 26th May 2016 02:59

How do "they" know what diet every single climber ate?

Tankertrashnav 26th May 2016 09:52

I'm a dedicated meat eater and these days I often "succumb to weakness" when I'm walking up the hill back to the carpark in Helston. My daughter on the other hand who was a vegan until recently (now she's "only" a vegetarian) is as strong as an ox (an animal she would never eat!)

charliegolf 26th May 2016 11:45

An Australian couple, both vegans, had a private crusade to show that vegans can do anything meat-eaters can
Wouldn't they have to eat meat to do that?


chuks 26th May 2016 11:58

Ooh, logic!

Our daughter flirted with vegetarianism for a few years, from age about 15. At the same time she was dancing in competitions with a local team, which meant something like 4 or 5 minutes of great exertion at a time, all the while grinning like a maniac. My meat-eating self would not have managed that level of exertion at all, not even the grinning.

We made sure that she got her protein from other sources, so that she grew up big and strong. The schoolmate who got her into this, however ... he just stopped eating meat without thinking about still getting a complete diet, so that compared to his siblings and his parents he's obviously the runt of the litter, half a head shorter than the rest of them.

What really torqued our daughter was out-growing her schoolmate, since he was her dance partner. He ended up swapping her out for a skinny little blonde slip of a thing that he could toss around in the required manner, leaving our daughter on the bench! "Hell hath no fury .... "

The Australian veggie died of altitude sickness, which can kill anyone, carnivore or vegetarian, as noted here previously. Her diet would probably not have come into her demise.

PLovett 26th May 2016 12:17

As an aside, did anyone here happen to read at what altitude she died? I have heard that they are recovering the body but that was relatives in Australia who may have been wishful thinking.

My understanding is that if you die on Everest above a certain height, again from memory it may be 26,000' you are left there. Its too dangerous to recover the body.

chuks 26th May 2016 12:24

The article linked above has her death occurring at 7,800 meters, approximately 25,600 feet.

treadigraph 26th May 2016 13:13

PLovett, Everest is certainly littered with bodies of those who didn't make it over the years, above what altitude I don't know. I've heard there is an area nick-named "Rainbow Valley" for the brightly coloured survival gear enshrouding quite a number of remains.

maliyahsdad2 26th May 2016 13:19

Website dedicated to identifying the bodies!

Bodies left on Everest - Album on Imgur


onetrack 26th May 2016 14:19

My father flirted with 7th Day Adventism (along with numerous other religions) and tried out the vegetarian diet advocated by the SDA church.

A very fit, strong man (according to the Doc, he had the body of man 20 yrs younger than him, when melanoma struck him down at age 81), he said he found he didn't have the necessary stamina for hard physical work, when on a vegetarian diet.

This was a bloke who built his own house from scratch, on his own - even making all the (concrete) bricks with a hand-operated brick-making machine - but this was when he was on a diet containing plenty of red meat.

I have no doubt numerous people survive admirably on a vegetarian diet - but don't supply them to me for labour, when hard work involving strong physical work, and good stamina, is called for.
(posted as one who enjoys a top-class piece of steak on a regular basis, eats meat with most meals, and who still does physical hard work, despite pushing 70)

wings folded 26th May 2016 14:27

Should Vegans climb High Mountains?
If they want to. But they may not come down again

Contact Approach 26th May 2016 14:45

Many people die on Everest. Not sure a juicy steak would have saved the countless dead that are still left up there.

alwayzinit 26th May 2016 14:51

I would suggest it was hubris rather than anything else that proved to be fatal....................

Tankertrashnav 26th May 2016 15:03

I have no doubt numerous people survive admirably on a vegetarian diet - but don't supply them to me for labour, when hard work involving strong physical work, and good stamina, is called for.
Sorry but that is just ill informed. My own daughter (see above) would have no trouble doing hard physical work for you (if she didn't already have a good professional job). She'd have no problem with dealing with any remarks from your blokes either, any of them who tried it on would find themselves nursing a sore jaw sharpish! In fact her main problem on her diet is keeping her weight down - she's far from the stereotypical image of the pale skinny vegetarian

SilsoeSid 26th May 2016 15:41

Yea, like you'd never get a veggie Olympic Gold Medallist would you :rolleyes:

B Fraser 26th May 2016 23:26

One of my hobbies is shovelling coal into steam locomotives hauling 350 tons up steep gradients. I have compared my performance after different breakfasts and a full English beats 5 weetabix every time.

My neighbours on the other hand eat far more veggie dishes and are long distance runners.

Horses for courses I guess.

B Fraser 26th May 2016 23:30

Thinking about vegans and mountains, it's a bad idea. The ozone layer has not yet recovered so releasing large amounts of corrosive gas at altitude is not going to help.

onetrack 27th May 2016 01:38

Yea, like you'd never get a veggie Olympic Gold Medallist would you
Yes .. but .. I just wonder who provided proof and ensured that these so-called "vegetarians", never ever, partook of a food item containing meat products? Hmmm?

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